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  • These people have perfected a form of mind control that destroys ones ability to perceive fiction and reality the same way anymore, and any mind exposed to it or will ever be exposed to it is forever altered.
  • According to hbi2k, Rex Griswold is our true overlord.
  • In Cardiff University, graffiti started appearing on the desks a few years ago bearing the name Dan Towers. Who he was we had no idea, but the fact he had so much graffiti in several different people handwriting lead us to add our own such as "Dan Towers stole my sandwich", "Dan Towers got me pregnant just by looking at me", "Dan Towers is watching Big Brother watching you", and "Dan Towers is the Stig." In the end they had to re-furnish the lecture theater to kill the meme.
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  • At UMaine Farmington, there is a simple, unassuming Political Science teacher named Louis Sell. Louis Sell is a retired U.S. Diplomat who single handedly outed over 100 alleged Soviet spies (the Soviets maintain it was to neuter their basketball team). Louis Sell drove around the remains of the Soviet Union, granting political recognition to all of the successor states. Louis Sell has spent most of his life in countries that don't exist anymore. Louis Sell was once challenged to a drinking match with a member of the KGB, and won. Everything about him is larger than life. If you can think of something, Louis Sell has done it twice, in a different language.
  • Cockroaches have the reputation for surviving even the most hostile conditions. A longstanding joke is that they would be the only survivors of a nuclear holocaust. In reality, cockroaches are tropical insects that need warmth. That's why they want to get into your house so badly. After a nuclear holocaust, urban cockroaches would freeze. Even Bayo-fucking-netta, who could be a Memetic Badass herself said that the only things she hates and or fears are Cockroaches and crying babies. And that a crying baby cockroach would be murder.
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  • Wendy's has recently been getting this reputation.
  • The only reason Waterbears haven't achieved Memetic Badass status is because there is nothing they can't survive. They're also just too cute to really be considered "badass". D'Awww, whoozha cute wittle indestructible microscopic animal phylum? You are! Yes you are!
  • Bikecat, Emperor of Japan!
  • Gavin Gunhold.
  • Bob Ross can paint anything as "happy and little", not just trees. Bob Ross can paint Universe. in the smallest frame.
  • John Cena. He can overcome any odds. EVER. Thanks to his particular fighting style, it can truly be said the only thing he sells is merchandise.
  • Michael Angelo Batio. He plays a double guitar like it's nothing and not happy with that he lifts it over his head while playing both sides with one hand in each guitar neck. He's still way faster than your regular guitar player while doing that?
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  • Mantis shrimp, they can see your soul, then punch it to death...
  • And, from the United States Military, Staff Sergeant Max Fightmaster.
  • Although he hasn't ascended to fame, BIONICLE's Mantax has his facts topic.
  • Pecos Bill, the classic tall tale hero.
  • Baron Munchausen, star of books, movies, and real life. How strong was he? He could lift himself three feet in the air by his hair. He was attacked by a bear and escaped by throwing one flint down its throat and one up its ass, and when the two connected, the bear EXPLODED. He accidentally threw his axe onto the moon, went to get it, and climbed home using a rope made of moon straw. What happened when it didn't reach? He cut the top part down and tied it to the bottom. He rode his horse across the bottom of the ocean, and only came out because he found the lack of air "inconvenient."
  • Brian Perkins, the Godfather of Radio 4. At least according to Dead Ringers.
    "The News Quiz will not be on next week. Simon Hoggart wanted me to read one funny cutting too many, and I blew the mother away."
  • When Helen Boaden became controller of Radio 4 in 2000, her official statement of what she planned to do featured Culshaw's Perkins declaring that he controlled Radio 4, and she was his bitch.
  • Nokia phones. There is little they won't survive intact.
  • Anything made of Nintendium.
  • Duct Tape. Is there anything it can't do, except seal ducts?
  • Jon Skeet as seen on Stack Overflow can divide by zero. When his code fails to compile the compiler apologizes. He can can recite π. Backwards. And a whole bunch of other things that he has probably one-upped by the time this was written. Only Jon Skeet knows how awesome Jon Skeet is.
  • Falcomaster3000 is a masked gamer who participated in a Super Smash Bros. Melee Tournament in Edmonton, Alberta. He spent the entire time with his mask on without speaking, and a few hours later, he won the damn thing. When the audience bellowed for him to "take it off", he merely gave a thumbs up before leaving. Someone even created an anime opening in his honor.

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