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  • Badass of the Week is a whole website devoted to profiling historical and fictional bad-asses, from Erwin Rommel to Ash Williams. They've even covered beef jerky, the B-2 Bomber, the country of Australia, and This Huge-Ass Beetle.
  • Most Internet forums have a tendency to make out their Admins and Moderators into this very thing if they're around for any solid stretch of time (see also Forum Pecking Order).
    • On Golden Sun Realm, pretty much anything is fair game. It ranges from a moderator's beard, to a regular's fedora, to even an otherwise unknown Japanese old lady. And they're all out to kick your ass.
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  • Dr. Tran has a PhD in KICKING YOUR ASS!
  • You gotta hack teh gibbson if you are anything like a 1337 hax0r.
  • Wands don't kill people. Jason Frost kills people.
  • John Freeman in Half-Life: Full Life Consequences, particularly as a result of the Djy's machinima adaptation of Free Man, which shows him pile driving a train, among other feats. In the climax of Free Man, he keeps killing Combines despite being shot with rockets and stabbed, (using his "bear hands" because bullets aren't fast enough).
  • In Stray, Big Boss is a Memetic Badass to the rest of FOXHOUND. Of course, he is a formidable warrior, but the rumors about his missing eye alone get into mythic territory.
    According to Wolf, it had been given as down payment to a demon in exchange for invincibility in battle, and the day it came back for the other was the day he would die.
  • Nobody Dies makes Shinji Ikari one in-universe after being the only one left concious after a Bar Brawl. ...It's a long story.
    • Specifically, a Bar Brawl at a UN banquet, where the two main combatants were Gendo Ikari and the President of the United States... Who in this fanfic is Stephen Colbert.
    • Let's not forget Shinji And Warhammer 40 K.
  • In Magica Madoka Veneficus Puella, Homura is becoming this (after being Brought Down to Normal no less).
  • A Hero: Chuck Norris Facts are fictional and wishful thinking. Dalek Inquisitor General Facts are real.
    • The fact that its canonical accomplishments (scares other Daleks, survived an Earth-Shattering Kaboom that killed a fleet...) sound like Chuck Norris facts does not help matters.

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