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Don't forget me, indeed...


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  • "Chu-Chu dies for your sins!"
  • "Master, Sir, did you just see my MAD SKILLZ?!"
  • Interpretations of what the random English voice clip is saying during boss music. Sometimes it's "Total sentence imposed ten years" (which is what the clip is actually saying) but sometimes they come off as "Total sets in the gas chamber", "Having sex in the trash chamber", or "Sex in front of trash can"
  • To a lesser extent, "This video has violated YouTube guidelines".Explanation 
  • Memetic Molester: While Miang's experiments as Karen are stated in the story to be for the purpose of finding the Contact, one can't help but wonder whether some of the probing she did to Fei as a child was really necessary... On top of that, she comments on how "handsome" Fei is when he participates in the martial arts tournament, knowing that he's that same child who grew up. And don't think the girls are safe from her, either. Miang saves Elly from Dominia's wrath, only to get alone in a room with the Gebler-officer-turned-traitor and... admire Elly's eyes before hypnotizing her. We know about Miang's "arrangement's" to sabotage the Yggdrasil's engines using Elly, but were those the only ones?

  • You will not be able to hang around Xenosaga forums or watch Xenosaga videos for very long without hearing "SHION. MY APPEARANCE IS DOWN 5%. I NEED TO BE CLEANED." You just won't. She keeps the line as a joke in all of her crossover appearances.
    • Namco Bandai even hopped on the bandwagon with Tales of the Abyss. There is a doll that Anise can get (the Artificial Life Form) that gives Tokunaga KOS-MOS's visor, the X-BUSTER arte/attack, and the end battle quote of "Enemy appearance down 5%. They are nothing."
  • Helmer's "UUUUUUUUUUUU-DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" line from Episode I has gotten a lot of this, particularly in LPs.
  • A good chunk of Albedo's dialog, with Ma Belle Peche being to most notable.
  • Memetic Molester: Albedo is a little too fond with MOMO.

    Xenoblade Chronicles 
  • Reyn's English battle quotes surely clicked with the internet.
  • "Now it's Reyn Time!" Became an Ascended Meme as of Shulk's inclusion in Super Smash Bros.
    Shulk: Now it's Shulk time!
  • "Man! What a bunch of jokers!" With the release of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, this has become an Ascended Meme too.
    Pit: Makes us look like a buncha jokers.
    • It ascended even further with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, as now Shulk can quite literally battle a bunch of Jokers.
  • "The true final boss is Reggie of Nintendo of America". Explanation 
    • To a lesser extent, "The true final boss is Gamestop." Explanation 
    • "The true final boss is eBay or Amazon." Explanation 
  • Want to know if someone else is a Xenoblade fan? Start with the first line of Dunban's "Blossom Dance" poem, and sure enough they'll be rushing to finish it for you.
  • Shulk's "I'm really feeling it!" has become this as of Super Smash Bros., where he's saying it in his introduction trailer and as one of his taunts.
  • "Do you know if Egil is part onion?"
    • Someone attempted to follow that one up with "Do you know if Shulk is biologically related to paper?", but it didn't catch on quite as well.
  • Using the names Zanza, Bionis, and Meyneth in the manner of Oh My Gods! tends to be frequent as well.
  • "BESTEST", the description given to Riki by a nopon child shortly after returning from the battle with the Telethia, has also recently been approaching memetic levels as well, particularly among the YTP community. Other oft-quoted lines from Xenoblade YT Ps include:
    • "What's that you say?" / "Put a sock in it!"
  • "POOR MELIA" caught on after Chuggaaconroy exclaimed it several times in his Let's Play, to the point that director Tetsuya Takahashi referenced it in an interview for Definitive Edition!
  • You Will Know Our Names goes with everything. Explanation 
  • "Justice for Melia!" and "Melia's out for revenge!" caught on once the "Future Connected" epilogue for the Definitive Edition was announced and Melia was all over the material for it, including the key art (which appears to show her with a Monado staff). The joke became that this was revenge for her getting the somewhat short stick of the story in the original game. Even the developers have mentioned in an interview that that's why she was included.
  • "Melia's got weird eyes?!" Explanation 
  • "Is Jenna Coleman back as Melia?!?!" Explanation 
  • "Boy, puberty hit Melia like a truck." Explanation 
  • Duncan and Rain Explanation 
  • Egg McMuffin inside of ham. Explanation 
  • Running away is a valid tactic. Explanation 
  • You'll Pay For Your Insolence! Explanation 
  • "Summon... COFFEE!" Explanation 
  • Colonel Vangarre\Squaretache Explanation 
  • Shulk's Junk Sword. Explanation and Spoilers 
  • "That's Dunban over there!" Explanation and Spoilers 
  • "I want you to kill George."Explination 

    Xenoblade Chronicles 2 
    • Has become an Ascended Meme as of the introduction of Challenge Mode, at least in the English version. The description of one of the challenge battles is this: "Imperials mostly small fry, get forgotten easily. But these ones not done! Friends think friends can take them?"
  • Blushy-crushy. Explanation 
  • The shot of Pyra drinking tea in Chapter 4 has also been pretty exploitable, such as a reaction image for criticisms of her design.
  • This picture of Mòrag is often used alongside the phrases "This is the culmination of years of training!" and "There's a reason why I'm Special Inquisitor."
  • "I am Roc! Always have been, always will be!" Explanation 
  • "I often wonder whether we are growing as a people... or in fact, regressing." Explanation 
  • "These 'I got KOS-MOS!' posts keep getting smarter/subtler..." Explanation 
  • "I'll bash you up proper next time, I swear!" Explanation 
  • "I love you, and all you guys!" Explanation 
  • "Rogue! Rogue! Rogue! Rogue! Rogue! Rogue! Rogue! Rogue! Everbero! Rogue! Rogue! Rogue! Rogue! Rogue!" Explanation 
  • Malos the Tank EngineExplanation 
  • The Spirits image for Mythra in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has a fair bit of Adaptational Modesty, covering up her cleavage and giving her black leggings. Though some fans have complained about the censorship, other fans turned out to like the redesign overall, and others have noted it looks a lot like Ely's outfit. It was later added into both the main game and the expansion as an Aux Core for Mythra in an update a week before Smash's release.
  • "In Indol, there are a great many paintings that depict all manner of hells... but I think... real hell... might be closer to something like this." Explanation 
  • Simpleton. Explanation 

    Xenoblade Chronicles X 
  • When Van Damme's name was revealed, people proceeded to make references to the actor Jean-Claude Van Damme. These same people are apparently unaware that "Van Damme" was the original Japanese name for Vangarre from Xenoblade. The English localization ended up naming him Vandham.
  • "BLACK TAR" Explanation 
  • "Man, this soundtrack sucks." *20 hours later.* "Huh, maybe it's not so bad..." *50 hours later.* "I CAN'T HEAR YOU! I CAN'T SEE YOU!" Explanation 
  • "Asscaves", thanks to one of L's remarks about the Ganglion.
  • "It's a horse eat horse world out there." Also from L's attempts to use human slang and expressions.
  • "L + A", the way how to favorite Free Report posts.
  • I miss Riki.Explanation 
  • While this is also prevalent in other Nintendo games and others like it, a common meme on Tumblr is taking a screenshot of a hilarious dialogue choices. Some notable examples is the one that says that they are dead inside, and the one who mocks by playing the World's Smallest Violin.
  • Due to how Free Reports are shown in-game (displaying the ones with the most "yeahs" on Miiverse) the following have become memes due to the reports flashing on players' screens almost endlessly since the game launched, occasionally causing discussions of the game to devolve into just quoting the constantly recurring Free Reports.
    • "Just killed a tyrant turkey. Dinner anyone?"
    • "I Miss Riki ;-;"
    • "BotanicSage more like BotanicShulk, amirite?"
    • "Oh good, Alvin and the Man-on."
    • "I love it! I love being a BLADE!"
    • "Tatsu demands report. So JUST DO IT!"
    • Superior Trash Talk
  • Elma has been compared to Elmo due to their similar name and their red appearances.
  • The Superior Form holofigure is very memetic, for having H.B. pose in a Shirtless Scene.
  • This damn weather. Somebody fix this! Explanation 
  • "It's this planet. It's something about this planet!" Explanation and spoilers 
  • Elma's legs Explanation 

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