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Since it's existed for more than ten years and has a dev team that loves to get in on the fun, it's no surprise that World of Warcraft has as many memes as it does.

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    General and Pre-World of Warcraft 

  • If Saurfang killed himself, everyone else would die instead.Explanation 
    • Only Hogger would stand a chance against him.Explanation  Or they could team up and look for Mankrik's wife. Explanation 
      • The Mankrik meme has reached ascended status: in a quest in Thousand Needles, the player has become haunted by a troll's ghost; in one of his randomly appearing monologues, he reminisces about the Barrens, then asks, "Hey, did they ever find out what happened with Mankrik's wife?"
      • And this repeated itself come Warlords of Draenor - child!Mankrik asks the player to find his girlfriend, who's actually alive this time... but standing next to the corpses of her parents and dog when she's found.
    • Saurfang? Pfft. Lord Darius Crowley cleaves with his fists.Explanation 
      • Saurfang can do the same, he just uses the less powerful axe so we can still have a world to play in.
      • Crowley already cleaved the world in half, then he cleaved it back together.
  • "Skinning a bear should aggro every bears in a 40 yard radius. It makes sense, you are skinning their best friend." Explanation 
  • Anal [link ability]
    • reported
      • reported for reporting
      • reported for reporting a report Explanation 
  • Movie titles are better with Murlocs Explanation 
    • Murlocs in general are an absolute Fountain of Memes due to their goofy appearance and hilarious battle cry combined with a surprising lethality in numbers that makes them Lethal Joke Characters - murlocs tend to stick together, making it difficult to draw one of them alone, and will flee when on low health, likely drawing even more murlocs into the fight. Due to all this, murlocs are one of the most iconic and recognizable creatures in Warcraft lore despite their almost non-existent importance in the lore.
  • "I Am King of the Sea/but I'm not Aquaman!"
  • Hammer of Vindication is overpowered!
  • Jingle bells, (humans/Forsaken) smell, a (night elf/tauren) laid an egg; (gnomes/trolls) are n00bs and (dwarves/orcs) are boobs and (draenei/blood elves) can't get laid!
    • A mock Christmas carol highlighting cross-faction feelings.
  • LF rouge to unlock (lockbox)!
    • Why do you need a French communist for that?
    • Rouges are overpowdered!Explanation 
  • Everyone is necrophiliac for Sylvanas.
  • King Varian Wrynn: Lord of the Chin.
    • CHINTERCEPTED! Explanation 
    • King Varian Chynn.
  • TOO SOON! IT IS TOO SOON!! Explanation 
    • This one reached Ascended Meme status in Lich King; one of your Wolvar companions in Scholazar Basin repeats the line, and several other infamous/famous boss quotes, as you quest with him. Evidently he heard them when adventurers such as you told him about the encounters.
      • It was "ascended" as early as Burning Crusade; in the Hewn Bog of Zangarmarsh, one of the ogres overseeing the operation has a chance of saying "Too soon! You are slacking off too soon!"
    • Ragnar-Os! "Two scoops, Executus, two scoops!" "By fiber be purged!"
  • It's [color] and looks [something]er than your average [category] or [category].
  • "This (change/statement) is a slap in the face to (affected class/players)."
  • Hello, Barrens Chat! Explanation 
  • The ice stone has melted!
    • The ice stone has melted!
    • The ice stone has melted!
    • The ice stone has melted!
    • The ice stone has melted! Explanation 
      • This one has reached Ascended Meme status as of Warlords of Draenor, where one of the lootable treasures contains a piece of ice with a 30-second duration. After 30 seconds, "The ice stone has melted!" pops up across the screen.
  • Tauren and Draenei rogues exist, they're just so good at stealth that even their class selection button is hidden at the character creation screen. Explanation 
    • When you go to loot a mob you killed and nothing is there? Tauren rogue (or draenei rogue).
    • If you fell off Aldor Rise, a draenei rogue pushed you. If you fell off Thunder Bluff, a tauren rogue pushed you.
    • Have you ever seen a tauren rogue? (No.) Exactly!
    • Officially an Ascended Meme as of Mists of Pandaria thanks to Mishka who is not only a Draenei Rogue, but also a Rogue Healer using Bandages.
    • Also mentioned in Hearthstone with the "Master of Disguise" card which represents a beautiful female blood elf and the description is "In truth, it's a tauren."
    • Even more amusing when you realize that Tauren technically can use Rogue-esque abilities... as long as they're Druid in cat form.
    • Now you see, the Ogres are the biggest guys on the field. There's nobody on the field bigger than the Ogres, that's why they're the biggest guys on the field. Explanation 
  • When's that new feature coming? SoonTM. Explanation 
  • "Why Am I Ticking?"
    • "Because you are the bomb. Run!" Explanation 
  • WORKING AS INTENDED. Explanation 
  • Did he drop any good loot? Explanation 
  • You will melt faces as a shadow priest in PVP. Explanation 
    • You will melt faces as a shadow priest in PVP. Explanation 
  • check patch notes Explanation 
  • WoW is hard. Explanation 
  • "Can I have your stuff?" Explanation 
  • Horde bias! Explanation 
  • "<insert character name here> was/is right".Explanation 
  • "Zarcrawler", the lovechild of the developer Greg Street (aka Ghostcrawler) and community manager Zarhym. Witness its origins here.
  • "We could do that, but it'd cost a raid tier."Explanation 
    • Became an ascended meme. In the Alliance garrison, there is a gravestone with "Ray D. Tear" on it. That was in an expansion that actually had one fewer raid tier than expected.
  • Khadgar is a pretty shit wizard. Explanation 
  • Kek. Explanation 
    • Topkek. Explanation 
  • Zul'Again / There must always be a Troll Dungeon.Explanation 
  • Once you go troll, you never reroll explanation 
  • HUMAN. PALADIN. explanation 
  • Another fucking horse! explanation 
    • Alternately, World of Horsecraft.
  • Small indie company. explanation 
  • Hotline Jaina explanation 
  • "Glad you could make it, Uther" / "Glad I could make it, Arthas" explanation 
  • Work is da poop! No more! explanation 
  • fun detected explanation 
  • Continuity exists to enhance a story, not to tie the hands of creators. explanation 
    • "We didn't feel like talking about it" explanation 
  • Lawyered. explanation 
  • BREWMASTER. ONLY. explanation 
  • The Adventures of Associate Professor Whom/Timelord Grundlebash explanation 
  • wipe it explanation 
  • "You think you do, but you don't." explanation 
    • Hilarious in Hindsight with the announcement of WoW: Classic at Blizzcon 2017, done on stage by none other than Brack, which fans have half-jokingly interpreted as him 'eating crow' for that infamous answer.
    • Became an Ascended Meme at Blizzcon 2019, where Brack mentioned there was vanilla ice cream available at the show, adding that "You think you want it, and you probably do."
  • This entire city must be purged. explanation 
  • Click the fucking Lightwell explanation 
    • This one also became an Ascended Meme (in the more family-friendly form of "Click on the Lightwell!") as a loading screen tip.
  • Breath. Of. SINDRAGOSA. explanation 
  • Imagine going to McDonald's...explanation 
  • Can we PLEASE get a Tinker class?!explanation 
  • Warcraft III: Refunded explanation 
  • Rogues do it from behind explanation 
  • A lot of people love comparing the scene where Grommash drank the demon's blood to the merger between Activision and Blizzard, stating Blizzard would've thrown away the cup... only to down the whole pot due to how one-sided the merger is for the former in the long run.
  • I agree, nerf DH.explanation 
  • Draenei pilots explanation 
  • Free with six months subscription!explanation 
  • Sad Thrall explanation 
  • ENOUGH! explanation 

    Vanilla and World of Warcraft: Classic 

  • Lapdogs! All of you!Explanation 
  • Blades of light!Explanation 
    • "At least I have chicken." Explanation 
  • A certain rather (in)famous and narmful video featuring a rather loud raid leader named Dives went viral after a battle against Onyxia went pear-shaped. Highlights include:
    • "More DOTS. Throw more DOTS. OK Stop DOTS!"note 
    • "Crushim was feared into-" "WHO THE FUCK WAS THAT? CRUSHIM, WHAT THE FUCK?!?"
    • Hearthstone also referenced this one in the form of the Raid Leader minion, whose quotes and flavor text are references to the video.
  • Onyxia deep breathes more! Explanation 
  • doodad_nox_door_spider02 Explanation 
  • The Ashbringer... Explanation 
    • The Ashbringer...Explanation 
    • Becomes an ascended meme in Legion: Retribution Paladins will get to wield it after Tirion is killed.
  • Your heart... will explode... Explanation 
  • AWW DUDE Four STR, four STAM leather belt?! AAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! Level 18? UUUUH, OHHHH~ (Used in Ventrilo harassment) Explanation 
  • Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker
  • "It's white and looks longer than your average cloak or cape." Explanation 
  • Иммолейт. Импрувед. Это означает, что возможность его резиста КРАЙНЕ! МАЛА! Translation  Explanation 
  • Tell me about those Conqueror shoulders again? / TWO FUCKING ATTACK POWER Explanation 
  • HUNTER WEAPON! Explanation 
  • The best reason to play a paladin Explanaion 
    • Bubble + Hearthstone Explanaion 
  • Mataus the Brocaster Explanation 
  • FRAWST SHAWK Explanation 
  • I am THEX! explanation 
    • This one quickly became an Ascended Meme as shortly afterwards a new build on the Live Public Test Realm for 8.2.5 added Thex as an NPC in Orgrimmar.
  • Andrew Luck retired to play WoW.explanation 
  • Cookie's Coveexplanation 
  • Black Lotus Mafia explanation 
  • I'm regenerating 5 HP per second and there's nothing you can do about it!explanation 

    Burning Crusade 

  • "YOU ARE NOT PREPARED!" Explanation 
    • In an Easter Egg, the Well of Eternity dungeon has unique voiced dialogue for Past!Illidan if you run the dungeon wielding his signature Warglaives of Azzinoth. "Curious weapons you wield... such power. You seem prepared."
    • Becomes an Ascended Meme in Legion, when Illidan tells his Illidari demon hunters that they "are prepared" in a lore video, and "Prepared" is one of the Demon Hunter's talents.
    • Same expansion, Gul'dan is killed by Illidan after thinking he could manipulate him. In the same way Gul'dan killed Varian too. Alas, Gul'dan is not prepared.
  • I know what you're thinking. But Tempest Keep was merely a setback! Explanation 
  • /waggle Explanation 
  • Lor'themar Theron.
    • Who? Explanation 
      • He was given an important part in the quests surrounding the Isle of Thunder and Mogu excavations during Mists of Pandaria and rose from obscurity to be a capable leader who cares for his people and questions Garrosh's reckless warmongering.
      • But sadly, in perhaps the ultimate irony, players most likely still don't know his name, as most NPC's refer to him by his rank, Regent Lord.
  • I hate you so much, Cookie. Explanation 
  • Say it with me now; I will not move when Flame Wreath is cast or the raid blows up.Explanation 
    • And then it returns for Legion... prompting some people to start repeating it.
  • Follow me, stranger. This won't take long. explanation 

    Wrath of the Lich King 

  • Not one, but two Jormungar Worms! Explanation 
    Vegeta, what does the scouter say about the Jormungar count?
    WHAT? TWO?!
  • Press 1 for horse Explanation 
  • "This pear... so delicious." Explanation 
  • Also similar to Kael'thas' line, Sindragosa's "SUFFER MORTALS, AS YOUR PATHETIC (insert whatever here) BETRAAAAAAAAAAYS YOU!" Explanation 
  • "We named him Dranosh..."
    • It means "waste of 90 seconds" in Orcish. Explanation 
  • Bolvar's dialogue with Tirion at Icecrown Citadel is very exploitable. One of many examples:
    Akama: Without it's master's command, the Illidari will become an even greater threat to this world. Control must be maintained... There must always be... [dramatic fel lightning] a Lord of Outland!
    Maiev: The weight of such a Burden... it must be mine! For I need job now anywa-
    Bolvar Fordragon: The dragons' flame... sealed my fate. The world of the living can no longer comfort me. Place the horns upon my head, Maiev. Forevermore - I will be the Lord of Outland.
    Akama: What the heck are you doing here?!
    Bolvar: Icecrown is nice and all, but I heard there are concubines here!
    Tirion: [shocked] Bolvar... by all that is holy...
    Bolvar Fordragon: Tell them only that they are not prepared...
    Bolvar Fordragon: and that Bolvar Fordragon is on vacation...
    Maiev: But...
    Bolvar Fordragon: [/flirts at Mother Shahraz] NOW GO. LEAVE THIS PLACE – AND NEVER RETURN.
  • Good news, everyone! I fixed the poison slime pipes! Explanation 
  • The new loading screen for Northrend features a very exploitable picture of Bolvar, which quickly resulted in this thread.
  • CITIZENS OF DALARAN Explanation 
  • I'll get you next time, Gadget!! Explanation 
  • No king rules forever. Explanation 
    • I see only X before me. Explanation 
  • Additional instances cannot be launched, please try again later. Explanation 
    • Additional instances cannot be launched, please try again later.
    • Additional instances cannot be launched, please try again later.
    • Additional instances cannot be launched, please try again later.
    • Additional instances cannot be launched, please try again later.
    • The Ice Stone has melted!
    • Additional instances cannot be launched, please try again later.
    • Additional instances cannot be launched, please try again later.


  • Gamon will save us! Explanation 
    • Since becoming a minor raid boss, it is possible to wipe entire Alliance raids by kiting Gamon into them.
    • Has reached Ascended Meme status when Gamon helps in the fight against Nazgrim in the Siege of Orgrimmar. The achievement for having Gamon give the finishing blow is even called "Gamon Will Save Us!"
  • Basic Campfire for Warchief! Explanation 
    • "Don't blame me, voted for Basic Campfire."
    • Vol'Jin for Warchief 2012 Explanation 

  • Genn. Motherfucking. Greymane. Explanation 
    • "I didn't know that Genn could actually fight!" explanation 
  • I remember it well. It was a bright, shiny day... I was just mindin' my own business, when all of a sudden, Deathwing appeared! I said to myself, "I'm gonna punch that dragon in the face!" explanation 
  • With the Twilight's Hammer cult being a major antagonist in Cataclysm, the advent of the Twilight Dragonflight and the addition of the Twilight Highlands, people have taken to making (largely mocking) Twilight references whenever one of these comes up.
    • The game itself does as well... one of the worgen /silly jokes is 'At least we don't sparkle...'
  • My body is clad head to toe in heirlooms! Look at your armor, now back to mine. Yes, my horse is made of stars!
    • For Twinkles! A more loyal star pony has never been seen.
  • The Rainbow Generator item, which shoots rainbows at enemies. It does very weak damage, but it's become very popular to show people firing this thing off, one image even showing somebody hitting The Lich King with it.
  • I tried to make an entry here...
    • ...but I couldn't, because Hungering Cold has a cast time. Explanation 
  • Watch your clever mouth, bitch! Explanation 
  • GO'EL, GO'EL, GO'EL, GO'EL... Explanation 
  • POWAH! Explanation 
    • Darth Benedictus. Explanation 
    • Lord Voldemort references are a decent second in popularity, due to the "there is no X or Y - only power" speech being almost identical to Voldemort's speech in the first Harry Potter movie, although far from the only obvious Shout-Out by raid bosses.
  • "Break yourselves upon my body. Feel the strength of the earth!" Explanation 
  • HUSH TYRANDE!!! Explanation 
  • The Elevator Boss.Explanation 

    Mists of Pandaria 

  • The Mists of Pandaria cinematic was revealed, and the scene where the unnamed human hands the unnamed orc his spear while the pair stares at Chen Stormstout has become a meme.
    • The unnamed human has been dubbed "Captain Mustache" by some and is being hailed as a Memetic Badass on par with Saurfang and Crowley. Others seem to think he's Jaina's (possibly non-canon) brother Tandred.
    • Towards the end of the expansion, Blizzard released a follow-up cinematic featuring the characters drowning their sorrows at a tavern after getting their asses kicked. The short's two sole lines of dialogue have already reached memetic status in the community.
    Human: was a bear?
    Orc: In a HAT!
  • Arise, my champion! Explanation 
  • how u mak pnada Explanation 
    • how u mak pinata
    • where u go 2 betle pets Explanation 
  • The Sha of Happiness has taken the official forums by storm. {◕ ◡ ◕}
    • The horror and terror in this thread is unfathomable! I must put a stop and en... {◕ ᵥ ◕} *blinks* Stand strong adventurers, its reign shall end shortly. Explanation 
    • {◕ ◡ ◕}{◕ ◡ ◕}{◕ ◡ ◕}{◕ ◡ ◕}{◕ ◡ ◕}{◕ ◡ ◕}
    • Became an Ascended Meme in Battle for Azeroth where the pet awarded for completing Raiding with Leashes VI is Happiness, a miniature prime Sha.
  • 28g 50s Explanation 
    • "Got gold."/"Gold. FUCK!" are common things to hear at the end of every fight. Never in the history of capitalism have so many people been so angry to get so rich.
      • And with the new random Legendary item drops in Legion, one suspects that ''"THE FUCKING RING!"'' and variants thereof will be joining that phrase for a while.Explanation 
  • "The WILL...of the a turtle!"Explanation 
  • Me gonna ook you in the dooker! Explanation 
    • The hozen speak in a weird mixture of Engrish and Poirot Speak, so this was to be expected. Riko in particular:
    "I'm back, you DOOKERS!"
    "Grook dem florkin' wikkets!"
  • Jaina is a Dreadlord. Explanation 
    • "X" is a Dreadlord. Explanation 
  • "X" was a legitimate military target. Explanation 

    Warlords of Draenor 

  • In Warlords of Draenor, explore the savage world of Draenor, as you savage the savages of the savage jungles and savage deserts and savage mountains and savage the savage races with savage savage savages. #Savage Explanation 
  • KaraSpire 2014! Explanation 
  • "I really wish they didn't kill off this new 'Prophet Velen' character they added for Warlords before Killing him off."Explanation 
    • "You'd be forgiven for thinking Velen was a brand new character for Warlords of Draenor".
  • RISE, MOUNTAINS Explanation 
  • Khadgar gets angry. Madgar.
    • Khadgar stands in the fire and dies. Badgar.
      • Khadgar is going to be a father. Dadgar. Explanation 
  • "Times change." explanation 
  • I just finished all the Alliance storylines in Draenor but I still have no idea who this spooky undead axe midget from the loading screen is. Does he only show up in Horde quests?
    • That would be Durotan's crotch
      • just fuck me up now Explanation 
  • DRAENOR IS FREE!explanation 
  • Get back in the mines, Lantresor. Explanation 
  • MOAR SPIKES explanation 
  • Everything. explanation 


  • In case of sub loss, break glass. Explanation (Spoilers) 
  • "An illusion!? WHAT ARE YOU HIDING!" / "Something's not quite right...." / "Who goes there?" Explanation 
    • As if sort of apologizing for this one, patch 7.1 introduced a quest that allowed the players to take revenge against the nightborne loyalists by subjecting them to the same treatment. Now, if only there was a repeatable version of this...
    • Also referenced in an Argus quest that puts you in stealth, with ethereals saying "A dissimulation? What are you concealing?"
  • Nomi's tendency to burn food has become legendary. explanation 
    • Became an Ascended Meme by being referenced in one of Blizzard's hotfix notes.
    Blizzard hotfix note: Nomi will now also check your bank to see if you have any Silver Mackerel for him to burn.
    • A common joke is that Sargeras is renaming his forces the Nomi Legion.
    • Nomi's Ascended Meme status peaked during April Fools 2017 in the open beta, where Blizzard made all of Dalaran attackable... and gave Nomi world boss-tier stats. Cue entire raids dedicated to fighting Firelord Nomi.
    • Has reached the real world in a review for the World of Warcraft Cookbook.
    • Nomi was later introduced in the Hearthstone expansion Rise of Shadows... with an ability that turns his burnt food into fire elementals.
  • Vol'jin didn't make Sylvanas the Warchief, the writers did. explanation 
    • Vol'jin died to a trash mob explanation 
  • Illidan did nothing wrong! Explanation 
    • MY DESTINY IS MY OWN! explanation 
  • Time to feed the junkies. explanation 
  • These are drogbar rocks. DROGBAR STONES! explanation 
    • PUNY KARKUN. SHOULDN'T BE HERE. explanation 
  • After Antorus, some fans suggested Sargeras raped Azeroth. explanation 
  • Get into the vat and jump on the fruit! explanation 
    • This was referenced when the Nighthold was revamped as a neutral zone for playable nightborne in 7.3.5.
    Sylverin: I brought samples to dispel the unfounded rumors that our wine tastes too footy... I mean too fruity!
  • "So says the shadow of Xavius!" explanation 
  • DEADLY: Withered J'im explanation 
  • A tank's worst enemy: seagulls explanation 
    • Has become an Ascended Meme as shown by the Legion Dungeon Event's picture in being a draenei hunter being attacked by a pair of seagulls while the rest of his party fights Serpentrix.
    • In Patch 7.1.5, a special Brawler's Guild encounter was introduced featuring a boss seagull called "a Seagull", titled "The Real End Boss", and who has an ability called "Fury of Gull'dan" which is described as "You have angered the seagull. This is an error. Damage inflicted increased by 100%. Forever. Or, at least, until you're dead."
  • X ruins the fjarnskaggl.explanation 
  • "I've sacrificed everything! What have you given?" explanation 
  • GIVE US THE BANSHEE QUEEN!explanation 
  • I've got your back, Archdruid! explanation 
    • I've got your back, Archdruid!
    • I've got your back, Archdruid!
    • I've got your back, Archdruid!
    • I've got your back, Archdruid!
  • What rogue class hall?explanation 
  • The Pimple Popper DKexplanation 

    Battle for Azeroth 

  • The real reason for Battle for Azeroth Explanation 
  • Maps of uncharted islands Explanation 
  • Zappyboi Explanation 
  • T'PAARTOS! Explanation 
  • The [blank] is waiting for you explanation 
  • NAARU VULT!/LUX VULT! explanation 
  • HUMAN POTENTIAL explanation 
  • Tier sets died for this. explanation 
  • Morally grey. explanation 
    • The Alliance can do no wrong. Explanation 
    • BURN IT! explanation 
    • "free will". explanation 
      • Undeath changes you. explanation 
    • Faction Pride explanation 
    • Brennadam explanation 
    • Mistweaver Nian explanation 
    • "The Horde fights with honor. Can you say the same?!" explanation 
    • "Can you say the same for Teldrassil?" explanation 
  • The Three Sisters explanation 
  • "Highmountain tauren, Highmountain tauren, Highmountain tauren." explanation 
  • #ShouldersForSaurfang #NoHonorNoShoulders #ShouldersForZappyboi explanation 
  • "Wakanda forever!" explanation 
  • X Allied Race confirmed! explanation 
  • ​​A :turtle: TURTLE :turtle: MADE :turtle: IT :turtle: TO :turtle: THE :turtle: WATER :turtle: explanation 
    • Like "What are you hiding?" in Legion, this later received an 'apology' World Quest in which you play one of the crabs and have to stop the turtles from getting to the water. The AI in charge of the scroll is very trigger happy though and turtles are guaranteed to slip through, resulting in "Another turtle made it to the water!"
  • Beta for Azeroth explanation 
  • The boat that doesn't float explanation 
  • Garrosh 2.0. explanation 
    • Musical Warchiefs explanation 
  • Baine, the Great Devourer explanation 
  • Comrade Umbric. explanation 
  • Those who lack loyalty also lack honor explanation 
  • WOONS explanation 
    • Ascended as of Shadowlands, where the Night Fae recap play of the events of the expansion has the character playing Magni spell it 'woonz'.
  • IS HE THE BOMB THIS TIME!? explanation 
  • Broken Water Striders explanation 
  • World of Hordecraft / Battle For the Hordeexplanation 
    • "The War between the Horde and the Horde is heating up, and the Alliance is there too." explanation 
    • "Better to be ignored than harmed" explanation 
  • "This world... looks good. But it's... wrong... broken... fallen apart." explanation 
  • "World of Sadcraft"explanation 
    • Sadfangexplanation 
  • Something has spooked one of de brutosaurs, sending it into a panic. Dis chaos is de last thing de city needs. Help de merchants by rescuing the cargo before you get stomped on! explanation 
  • Step 1: Take the Deeprun Tram explanation 
    • Step 2: Take the Deeprun Tram
    • Step 3: Take the Deeprun Tram
  • Bannerbae/Flag Girl Explanation 
    • [TING TING] Explanation 
  • Worst. Brewfest. Ever. explanation 
    • The Mag'har joined us in Brewfest. explanation 
  • Gods, he was so strong then.Explanation 
  • Jaina had to let it go.Explanation 
  • "I really like this Lor'themar Theron character they added to the game." Explanation 
  • MoP 2.0. explanation 
  • Ratchet & Clank are joining WoW!explanation 
  • Diaper gnomes. explanation 
  • WRYNN PUNCH explanation 
  • Nomi joined the Horde because he heard they liked burning things. explanation 
  • Vuwpewa explanation 
  • MAKE :clap: ESSENCES :clap: ACCOUNT :clap: WIDE :clap: explanation 
  • The Red Alliance explanation 

  • Shadowblands. explanation 
    • Systemlands explanation 
  • When Invincible doesn't drop one too many times. explanation 
  • Bolvar hasn't kept up with class changes. Explanation 
    • Jokes about Bolvar jobbing in general.note 
  • I hope we meet _____ in the Shadowlands. explanation 
    • Aren't they dead though? explanation 
  • _____ is the Jailer explanation 
  • "Though shunned by the living, you tirelessly strive to protect them."explanation 
  • Trashlooms. explanation 
  • AWESOME IN-GAME EVENT. explanation 
  • #PullTheRipcord explanation 
  • Ol' Reliable Garrosh explanation 
    • Garrosh is still being farmed in the afterlife.explanation 
  • "SYLVANAS!" explanation 
  • "Nothing escapes the Maw." explanation 
  • Winged Kyrians transporting the player character. explanation 
  • Your mount ignores your call within the Maw. explanation 
  • Buttons!
    • Mrazz! explanation 
  • 35 Anima. explanation 
  • "Alt-friendly". explanation 

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