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Don't dead, memes inside this page.

With a series as popular as The Walking Dead, the horde of memes it has spawned is just as numerous as the hordes of walkers. Or the times Rick calls for his son Coral.

In General
  • CORAL.
  • A bit of Fridge Logic that went memetic: how does the grass stay perfectly cut during the zombie apocalypse?
  • If Daryl dies, we riot. When Carol exploded in popularity in Season 5, there's also a "If Carol dies, we riot" meme going around as well.
  • Lemme ask you sump'n!
  • Daryl and Abraham are the core Fountains of Memes among the cast.
  • Some characters like Bob or Jesus are also the sources of a Hurricane of Puns.
  • Hershel has the cheat code manual for the apocalypse, after he had Bottomless Magazines in the season 2 finale and could easily drive missing a leg in late season 3.
  • "X is better mom than Lori." A jab at Lori's Scrappy status and her trouble in taking care of her son. Usually accompanied with a picture of character who isn't Rick or Carl babysitting Judith, the character is almost always male such as Daryl, Tyreese, or Negan. For female characters, there are Beth, Carol, Lizzie, or Michonne. A variant of the meme is "better driver than Lori", thanks to her crashing a car at one point.
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  • Various jokes about how beardless characters become bearded (or growing hair in other body parts) after some time passed, such as how Daryl will be like Chewbacca in Season 20-ish. When Rick had his Badass Beard for the first time, some fans joke that he tracked down the inexplicably-not-so-dead Jim to borrow his beard.

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3


Season 4

  • Hershel's proposal of having Spaghetti Tuesday every Wednesday.
  • Daryl vs Tank. Daryl wins.
  • "112 ounces of pudding."
  • "Just look at the flowers."

Season 5

  • Bob-BQ, after Bob Stookey is taken by the Hunters.
  • Here lies Abraham's hopes and dreams.note 
  • Everybody Hates Noah, reflecting Noah's Scrappy status after only being in the show for a few episodes.
    • "Everybody ate Chris!"
  • Abraham's "Who's Deanna?!", which reached Ascended Meme status a year later when he demands to know "Who's Negan?!", just for the fans.
  • "...or you can have cookies!"
  • Rick got Mich-OWNED. note  "Mich-OWNED" has also gone on to be a meme basically anytime Michonne takes someone down.
  • "Morganangello" note , a reference to Morgan's sudden ninja skills. He also gets compared to a Jedi or Sith, especially the latter since "Darth Morgan" sounds more like "Darth Maul". He's also gotten comparisons to Rafiki, especially after he fights off numerous enemies that surround him with his stick (helped by the fact that said enemies cackle like hyenas when they kill people).

Season 6

  • An absurd amount of eye-puns have spawned all over the Internet in regard to Carl's Eye Scream after "No Way Out."
  • Because of what happened to Glenn in "Thank You," some fans have jokingly elevated the dumpster to Memetic Badass status, and it is now a Running Gag to say that Nicholas died rather than whatever person is being killed onscreen, and that said person survived due to the assistance of a dumpster.
  • "Sex was so good, we saw Jesus." A joke about Rick and Michonne's Relationship Upgrade and how Jesus (the character) suddenly bursts into their room after they had done the deed.
  • "Negan's Angels." A nickname for the group of mostly-female Saviors challenging Rick's group during "The Same Boat."
  • The iconic scene in the Season 6 finale has spawned quite a few memes.
    • "OMG, Negan kills the cameraman!". Thanks to the episode ending in a Cliffhanger with the execution only being shown through the victim's P.O.V. Cam.
    • "Negan swung his bat so hard he killed himself."
    • "Negan was really killing a squirrel, a spider, a dumpster, etc."
    • "Negan didn't kill anybody. If you look closely, you'll see Nicholas' body fall down in front of the bat.".

Season 7

  • Plenty of baseball memes to go around now that the cliffhanger has been resolved.
  • Even more eye-related puns following Glenn's Eye Scream after Negan strikes him with Lucille. Such as comparing him to Sloth.
  • Several fans have joked that Daryl will be forced to play slave Leia to Negan's Jabba the Hutt. This got some traction when in "The Cell", Daryl is shown to have been stripped and left naked in his cell for days, and the revelation about Negan's Paid Harem.
  • "Easy Street".note 
  • Negan's Spaghetti.note 
  • The totally real, 100% not fake deer. Explanation 
    • [X] Looks more realistic than the deer. Explanation 
  • Jeffrey Lean Morgan. Explanation 
  • Ezikiel: Shiva, I told you to attack Negan! Shiva: He was Negan
  • Negan flipping the bird to the army attacking him as he flees in a truck has become a popular reaction image/GIF.

Season 8

  • "I'M A GOD DAMN CAT!" Explanation 
  • "You know what it is." Explanation 
    • To a lesser extent "You were supposed to!" Explanation 
  • After Simon's death, many Grand Theft Auto V jokes were created, due to the actor having a role in this show, and the aforementioned video game.
    • Editing the death scene by placing the red words "Wasted" when Simon's windpipe is snapped.

Season 9


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