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Memes / The Amazing World of Gumball

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"Memes. Fails. Kittens."
  • "Calm down sis, it's just a toy". "NO IT'S NOT." Explanation 
  • "I want more kids!" Explanation 
  • "This plan already reeks of failure..." Explanation 
  • "Sorry, I've got a medical condition, called laziness." Explanation 
  • "Banananananananana...." Explanation 
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  • "What the WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?" Explanation 
  • "The Face", a mostly nervous grin done recurringly by characters since Season 4.
  • The scream from "The Internet".
  • "It's Baby Anais, the living baby doll!" Explanation 
  • "IT'S THE ANAIHILATOR!" Explanation 
  • "My fellow Americans... I think we all know where this is going so let's just skip to the end." (presses button for explosion)explanation 
  • Carlton and Troy's introduction poses in "The Sweater" has become a source for 'draw your OTP' memes.
  • "Hey duuu... do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do..." Explanation 
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  • Gumball's HowToBasic recipe in "The Traitor".
  • Many people have had characters from other series recreate the "I am a man!" scene in "The Castle" where Darwin lets out high-pitched shrieks of anger in response to Gumball mocking his voice.
  • "Bob, bob! Bo-bo-bob, bob! Bo-bo-bo-bo-bo-bo-bo-bo-bo-BOB! Explanation 
    • "Rob, rob! Ro-ro-rob, Rob!
  • Alan's realistic saint face in "The Saint".
  • "Ohh-kaaaay?" Explanation 
  • Yeeh! Gworp! Explanation 
  • Saxophone Chihuahua. Explanation 
  • "Mmm...Buttersmear, makes everything taste a little bit butter. If you're watching this video, please call an ambulance." Explanation 
  • "I'm on my way to buy some ketchup, i'm feelin' pretty good..." Explanation 
  • "I said CLOSER. CLOSER. I SAID-" Explanation 
  • C-C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER! Explanation 
  • "By the power of cheese! By the power of bacon! By the power of processed meats! By the power of carbs and deep-fat frying! I give you… The Sluzzle-wurst!" Explanation 
  • The puppets from "The Spinoffs" with a guy dancing on middle of them.
  • "Darwin is no longer my best friend. Best friendship is begun with Ocho" Explanation 
  • "Bacon man, I'm made of bacon!" Explanation 
  • Grandpa Gumbo. Explanation 
  • Nicole died in "The Choices". Explanation 
  • "32 donkeys playing on a sled, one fell off and hurt his leg..." Explanation 
  • "Make me a cake and fill it with brisket..." Explanation 
  • "Sure, what seems to be the problem?" Explanation 
  • Gumball's "slogan" in "The Candidate", which is actually just a bunch of random faces.
  • "I like cheese and internet memes". Explanation 
  • "This just went from unconfortable to unnaceptable". Explanation 
  • "What? Weirdo." Explanation 
  • "And you will always love me..." Explanation 
  • "Press me, hold me, squeeze me..." Explanation 
  • "BONELESS CHICKEN!" Explanation 
  • "Piercings! YOLO! Hashtag! MP3! Tweets! Selfies! Skinny jeans! L-O-" Explanation 
    • "That is so refrigerated! You guys are riddled with disease! We should very much be suspended in an exterior environment."
  • "Take that! Mega-happy ending, thank you everyone, thank you Elmore! BOOM!" Explanation 
  • "You gotta find the good that's in this great big load of (raspberry)" Explanation 
  • "Memes. Fails. Kittens." Explanation 
  • "All i want now is my memes dank, and none of that cheezburger weaksauce". Explanation 
  • "THE FUN WILL NEVER END!" Explanation 
  • "Oh heck noooo". Explanation 
  • "Ba-da-ditty, i'm just filling time. I'm not even gonna make it rhyme." Explanation 
  • I am a dill dill dill, and i'm working at the till... Explanation 
  • This scene from "The Intelligence":
    Gumball: Any last words?
    Internet: YOLO.
  • Little Teddy in "The Safety", a Stylistic Suck video about a teddy bear who keeps getting in trouble for not being safe. Plus, the kids' reactions to it.
  • This comic where a Boo puts the crown to become "Booette", and turns out becoming Carrie. She gives a Flat "What" after it. This also references her early design resembling Boo.
  • "GB644", the production code for the series finale note . Before the actual series ending, fans jokingly said something would happen in the finale, like "Ocho dies in GB644" or "Rachel comes back in GB644". The actual finale is "The Inquisition". These two examples end up being Hilarious in Hindsight, since while the former didn't directly happen, everyone in Elmore supposedly died after the Void consumed it, and the latter happened in Darwin's Yearbook (clips from "The Party" with her are shown and Tobias says she's in college).
  • "THIS BIRD IS OUT OF CONTROL!!!" Explanation 
  • You have lost penis privilege Explanation 

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