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Memes / The Amazing World of Gumball

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"Memes. Fails. Kittens."
  • "Calm down sis, it's just a toy". "NO IT'S NOT." Explanation 
  • "I want more kids!" Explanation 
  • "This plan already reeks of failure..." Explanation 
  • "Sorry, I've got a medical condition, called laziness." Explanation 
  • "Banananananananana...." Explanation 
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  • "What the WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?" Explanation 
  • "The Face", a mostly nervous grin done recurringly by characters since Season 4.
  • The scream from "The Internet".
  • "It's Baby Anais, the living baby doll!" Explanation 
  • "IT'S THE ANAIHILATOR!" Explanation 
  • "My fellow Americans... I think we all know where this is going so let's just skip to the end." (presses button for explosion)explanation 
  • Carlton and Troy's introduction poses in "The Sweater" has become a source for 'draw your OTP' memes.
  • "Hey duuu... do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do..." Explanation 
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  • Gumball's HowToBasic recipe in "The Traitor".
  • Many people have had characters from other series recreate the "I am a man!" scene in "The Castle" where Darwin lets out high-pitched shrieks of anger in response to Gumball mocking his voice.
  • "Bob, bob! Bo-bo-bob, bob! Bo-bo-bo-bo-bo-bo-bo-bo-bo-BOB! Explanation 
    • "Rob, rob! Ro-ro-rob, Rob!
  • Alan's realistic saint face in "The Saint".
  • "Ohh-kaaaay?" Explanation 
  • Yeeh! Gworp! Explanation 
  • Saxophone Chihuahua. Explanation 
  • "Mmm...Buttersmear, makes everything taste a little bit butter. If you're watching this video, please call an ambulance." Explanation 
  • "I'm on my way to buy some ketchup, i'm feelin' pretty good..." Explanation 
  • "I said CLOSER. CLOSER. I SAID-" Explanation 
  • C-C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER! Explanation 
  • "By the power of cheese! By the power of bacon! By the power of processed meats! By the power of carbs and deep-fat frying! I give you… The Sluzzle-wurst!" Explanation 
  • The puppets from "The Spinoffs" with a guy dancing on middle of them.
  • "Darwin is no longer my best friend. Best friendship is begun with Ocho" Explanation 
  • "Bacon man, I'm made of bacon!" Explanation 
  • Grandpa Gumbo. Explanation 
  • Nicole died in "The Choices". Explanation 
  • "32 donkeys playing on a sled, one fell off and hurt his leg..." Explanation 
  • "Make me a cake and fill it with brisket..." Explanation 
  • "Sure, what seems to be the problem?" Explanation 
  • Gumball's "slogan" in "The Candidate", which is actually just a bunch of random faces.
  • "I like cheese and internet memes". Explanation 
  • "This just went from unconfortable to unnaceptable". Explanation 
  • "What? Weirdo." Explanation 
  • "And you will always love me..." Explanation 
  • "Press me, hold me, squeeze me..." Explanation 
  • "BONELESS CHICKEN!" Explanation 
  • "Piercings! YOLO! Hashtag! MP3! Tweets! Selfies! Skinny jeans! L-O-" Explanation 
    • "That is so refrigerated! You guys are riddled with disease! We should very much be suspended in an exterior environment."
  • "Take that! Mega-happy ending, thank you everyone, thank you Elmore! BOOM!" Explanation 
  • "You gotta find the good that's in this great big load of (raspberry)" Explanation 
  • "Memes. Fails. Kittens." Explanation 
  • "All i want now is my memes dank, and none of that cheezburger weaksauce". Explanation 
  • "THE FUN WILL NEVER END!" Explanation 
  • "Oh heck noooo". Explanation 
  • "Ba-da-ditty, i'm just filling time. I'm not even gonna make it rhyme." Explanation 
  • I am a dill dill dill, and i'm working at the till... Explanation 
  • This scene from "The Intelligence":
    Gumball: Any last words?
    Internet: YOLO.
  • Little Teddy in "The Safety", a Stylistic Suck video about a teddy bear who keeps getting in trouble for not being safe. Plus, the kids' reactions to it.
  • This comic where a Boo puts the crown to become "Booette", and turns out becoming Carrie. She gives a Flat "What" after it. This also references her early design resembling Boo.
  • "GB644", the production code for the series finale note . Fans jokingly say something will happen in the finale, like "Ocho dies in GB644" or "Rachel comes back in GB644".
  • "THIS BIRD IS OUT OF CONTROL!!!" Explanation 

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