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Yes! Splatoon, its sequel, and its threequel have enough memes to warrant their own page! It's all part of the Squid Invasion of TV Tropes! Mwahahaha!

Splatoon Commercials Memes

  • The North American commercials, with their Narm Charm and So Bad, It's Good lyrics, became a bit of a hit on the internet. To quote:
    • Referenced by Callie and Marie describing Camp Triggerfish:
      Callie: Being here makes me feel like a kid!
      Marie: Really? I feel more like a squid.
  • The silly looking middle stages of Inkling development seen here (especially the second-to-last stage) have become quite popular, maybe thanks in part for being prime targets for the whole "YOU'RE A KID YOU'RE A SQUID" thing.
  • A great example of this meme would be this parody of the "Man or Muppet" musical number from The Muppets.


General, Miiverse and Inkopolis Plaza/Square Memes

  • "My plaza is full of memes!" That's right, thanks to Miiverse integration, you can "enjoy" everything listed on this page and more just by walking around Inkopolis Plaza with the internet up...
    • There's a lot of Miiverse posts asking for hair styles, apartments, and especially pants to be added to the game.
    • There are recurring Miiverse posts about the game being really addictive, with "horror stories" of players staying up late (the usual time given is 3am), or posts like "Who needs sleep?"
  • Squid puns are everywhere. Most popular include lines like:
    • Are you Squidding me?
    • Japanese puns revolving around Ika.
    • Jokes (and Double Entendres) revolving around Ink also abound.
    • Calamariachi
    • Stop all the squid puns, you're Kraken me up!
    • The sheer volume of puns in the fandom can be said to be inkredible.
    • The official Squid Research Labs gets in on the flood of puns with the announcement of the H-3 Nozzlenose, with howlers in the hashtags like "one-hit krill", "krill possibility", and "you know the krill".
  • Squid ink can't melt steel beams.Explanation 
  • "The only thing better than Splatoon is Communism!" Explanation 
    • "Gender is a myth invented by the Church to stop you from eating all the Communion wafers." Explanation 
  • "Stay fresh!!!" Explanation 
  • The phrase "this game is fun my mom and dad have been fighting a lot" and its variants, first seen on the Miiverse board for Super Mario 3D World, saw a major resurgence with Splatoon.
  • Fans commonly joke about possible themes for Splatfest, ranging from Product Placement to more mundane topics. Due to the European Splatfests having especially weird themes, suggestions for European Splatfests are either about bizarre subjects or something lame, most prominently "Left Ear vs. Right Ear".
    • Dancing Queen Explanation 
    • "Team Science can't spell their team name right." Explanation 
    • "At least Team Science has jobs." Explanation 
    • CARS vs PLANES Explanation 
    • The late October 2015 Splatfest for Japan was Love VS Money. Cue the fanart from the international fandom, complete with jokes like "Loadsofmarie" making the rounds.
    • LoadsaMarie Explanation 
    • Callie wants the booty. Explanation 
    • Naughty Callie. Explanation 
  • "Woomy!" Explanation 
    • "Man-men-mi" (マンメンミ) Explanation 
    • "Ngyes!"Explanation 
  • Squid Parties. Explanation 
    • This has become a common celebration practice after a successful Salmon Run.
  • Squidbagging/Seabagging. Explanation 
    • Japanese players have come up with a similar post-splat taunt, wherein they drop a Squid Beakon on the spot where their opponent last stood, like a grave marker, before 'bowing' to it ironically (or respectfully).
  • 90's Nick: The Game. Explanation 
  • "This is the Octolings' revenge against us for taking back the Great Zapfish." Explanation 
  • Remember: October = Octob = Octo = OCTOLINGS CONFIRMED!!!!11!!one Explanation 
  • On This Very Wiki, with the Pirate versus Ninja Splatfest resulting in pirates winning by having a higher win rate despite ninjas having a popularity rank over 70%, many jokes about the Conservation of Ninjutsu being in full effect for team ninja ensued. The jokes about this only intensified when the Ninjas lost their second Splatfest to the Barbarians under nearly identical popularity/win rates.
  • Eternal Phalanx OmegaExplanation 
    • Final Crystal DustExplanation 
  • "I love the salt" Explanation 
  • Blue has Vulpix though! Explanation 
  • This image of an S+ E-Litre main is often used in the Splatoon community to mock min-maxers who spend hours of Save Scumming for perfect rolls to get pure gear for their builds Note , especially if said gear clashes horribly with each other and looks ridiculous as a result.
  • The prominence of Ranked Battle and all the Serious Business it entails helped to foster the use of common competitive/pro-gamer memery, from MOBA-style 'carrying' and the 'SALT' of losers with poor sportsmanship, to the aforementioned Squidbagging.
    • Let me call you Daddy, because like my actual Dad you always let me down.Explanation 
  • Tree House senpai noticed us. Explanation 
  • haunted callie calamari doll that drinks all your pepsi and calls you a bitch Explanation 
  • The furry wars. Explanation 
    • This meme saw a bit of a resurgence during the Vampires vs Werewolves Splatfest, where fanart and official art depicted Marina (representing Team Werewolves) in various states of furrydom.
  • "I wish [X] were real" Explanation 
  • Trans Pride Explanation 
  • #BringBackCallie Explanation 
    • #BroughtCallieBack Explanation 
  • If (Splatfest team) wins I will throw my Switch in a lakeExplanation 
  • Booyah back so I know it's realExplanation 
    • If you don't booyah back...Explanation 

Splatoon 2

    • PANTS CONFIRMED Explanation 
  • Abilities are no longer attached to clothing. THERE IS A GOD!! Explanation 
  • "Can't believe Callie is dead." Explanation 
  • Squidd VS Salmonn Explanation 
  • Splatoon 2 and Octo Expansion invited more puns into the mix:
    • "For eel?" Explanation 
    • Pearl threatens to cut a fish if anyone tried anything against Marina.
  • I'm actually a demon/Octoling. Explanation (PASWG Spoilers) 
  • #NotMySquidSisters Explanation 
  • "That's right, bitch!" Explanation 
  • And I brought this sweet new coat! Explanation (spoiler) 
  • Using the Switch to make photorealistic posts, thanks to the new way to draw pretty much forcing people into the 'hyper pixel' style. Explanation 
  • Team Plain/Mustard/*insert other condiments here*. Explanation 
  • Not-Miiverse. Explanation 
  • BLOODExplanation 
    • CUMExplanation 
    • PEEExplanation 
    • POOP Explanation 
  • Lesbian Pearl Explanation 
    • Naughty Marina Explanation 
  • "Your corporate-shill game is on point today." Explanation 
  • Toilet paper. Explanation 
    • "Who allowed Europe to choose the Splatfest theme?" Explanation 
  • The Great Zapfish is missing! Explanation 
  • We Overwatch now! Explanation 
  • "It's funny because we're all living in a simulation and free will is a lie." Explanation 
  • Dabbing Pearl Explanation 
  • East Coast vs. West Coast Splatfest Explanation 
  • Savage Marina Explanation 
    • #FIREPEARL Explanation 
  • "Veemo!"Explanation 
    • "Oomi!". "Weyo!" and "Ngweh!"note  also received memetic jokes as well.
    • *moans*Explanation 
  • "[Insert Mistake]— test failed." *Explosion* Explanation 
    • Then Perish Explanation 
    • EXPLODE CHILD Explanation 
  • Congrats on making it out, Agent 8! Now, pulp or no pulp?Explanation (Octo Expansion spoilers) 
  • The Octo Girl peek.Explanation 
  • Race war!Explanation 
  • The Octoboy afro.Explanation 
  • Referring to the Bloblobber as a toilet. Explanation 
  • Team SporkExplanation 
    • SpoonExplanation 
  • FRESH FISH Explanation 
    • Balloons not included. Explanation 
    • Cursed face in the sky...Explanation 
  • Friendship BraceletExplanation 
  • Final Splatfest is just Shin Megami TenseiExplanation 
  • Sheldon is a war profiteerExplanation 

Splatoon 3

  • WHAT DID YOU DO, PEARL?Explanation 
  • Splatoon hates FranceExplanation 
  • The World if Team Order WonExplanation 
  • Gender is goneExplanation 
  • The Train RideExplanation 
  • Little BuddyExplanation 

Crossover Memes

  • Team CatDog Explanation 
  • Can't we get beyond Kelp Dome?
  • Squid-themed Hat simulator Explanation 
  • When it comes to Miiverse, pretty much anything from SpongeBob SquarePants is fair game:
    • Squidward is particularly popular for obvious reasons.
    • "Don't shoot me!" -SpongeBob Explanation 
    • "Welcome to the Salty Splatoon, how tough are ya?"
      • This one has received a variant in the form of "Welcome to the Salty Splatoon, how fresh are ya?" This one is actually pretty clever in that it references the attitudes of the in-game shopkeepers in a way that actually draws an interesting parallel to that episode of SpongeBob.
    • "Turf wars... at night!"Explanation 
    • And then they had an official SpongeBob Splatfest.
  • Aside from the above as well as the obvious Ika Musume references on the Miiverse, Cthulhu and Ultros occasionally pop up in some Miiverse posts in a rarer capacity. Octodad references are also fairly common.
  • Squidbillies is another squid-related work that gets referenced a bit.
  • Despite having virtually nothing to do with squids, Steven Universe-related Miiverse posts crop up a lot for some reason:
    • Just let him be a DJ! Explanation 
    • "If every pork chop were perfect, we wouldn't have hot dogs." Explanation 
    • "Let Pearl say 'fuck'".. Explanation 
    • Pearl's secret rap career isn't so secret anymore. Explanation 
  • Inkay and Malamar are also frequently referenced. Tentacool does as well, but mostly by younger fans who don't know it's actually a jellyfish.
  • "Honto ika!"/"I'm such a squidiot!"
  • "SQUIDS IN HUMAN CLOTHING!" Explanation 
    • This inevitably resulted in the Squid counterparts of Ryuko and Satsuki popping up in fanart.
  • Some fans jokingly compared Splatoon to Platoon, complete with fanart of an Inkling doing the famous pose from the poster.
  • It has become popular to crack jokes about the Splat Roller and the Krakon Roller revolving around JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, mainly revolving around Dio Brando's infamous Steamroller attack on Jotaro from Part III. Here's an example.
    • Even Inkwagon's a-squid! Explanation 
    • AWAKEN, MY SISTERS! Explanation 
    • KARS Vs Planes Explanation 
    • Sheer Auto-bomb has no weaknesses! Explanation 
  • They see me rollin'. They hatin'. Explanation 
  • Due to their similarity to Bayonetta and Jeanne, Callie and Marie tend to be drawn in fashions that invoke a stronger resemblance. This also goes the other way. And then they start making puns about the whole deal.
  • Now we know the true reason humanity became extinct. Explanation (spoilers) 
    • It has become common to crack jokes about Ika Musume's stalker with a crush Sanae, since the squidgirl-loving girl might really lose her self-control if she encountered Inkopolis, home of the cute Inklings.
  • Since Transformers already has a ton of its own memes, many of those started to appear after the theme of the fourth American Splatfest, Autobots vs. Decepticons, was announced.
    • Jokes about the Maximal Squid in the Beast Wars toyline also made the rounds after fans were reminded of his presence.
    • Jokes about how Autobot supporters for the Splatfest should use Rollers and Brushes so they can "transform and roll out" also made the rounds.
  • Touhou Project fans have noticed Splatoon, causing some memetic crossover in the fandoms. Yukkuri have invaded Miiverse, and somewhere out there some fans are jokingly asking if ZUN will add a Squid or Octopus youkai to Touhou next game.
  • Due to some visual similarity, the Squid Sisters have been compared to Panty and Stocking. The jokes got further developed with the reveal of the Transformers Splatfest at the end of August 2015, and even further with the release of the Octo Valley trailer for Splatoon 2 which brought up jokes regarding Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt's infamous stinger.
  • Memetic Juggernaut Metal Gear has gotten mixed up with Splatoon, with snowclones of character quotes and fanmade lyrics to songs like Rules of Nature.
    • It goes further. Fans have compared DJ Octavio with the quirky and eccentric supersoldier enemies from the Metal Gear Universe, imagined the radio chatter with Cap'n Cuttlefish and Agents 1 and 2 as codec calls, and even considered the Great Octoweapon mech bosses as Metal Gears in their own right.
    • Nintendo's "The Chicken or the Egg" Splatfest has Marina going a little too meta after the girls' brains start hurting from arguing their points. The internet did its thing in record time.
  • There's been some crossover art and jokes with Rocket Power because one of the core characters, Sam Dullard was nicknamed "Squid" in the show. He was a kid and a squid before it was cool.
  • Gorillaz has its share of crossover jokes.
  • Hail Hydra!Explanation 
  • Darkest Dungeon memes got crossed over into Splatoon graffiti.
  • Splatwatch Explanation 
    • "Cheers luv, the woomy's here!" Explanation 
      • This became Hilarious in Hindsight when Overwatch released a new skin for Tracer, the Graffiti Skin, in which the weapon included with it looks even more like the Splat Dualies, down to the placement of the magazine.
    • Gremlin Pearl Explanation 
    • Team Pharah vs Team Sombra Explanation 
    • Because of the Splat Brella's ability to shield the player from enemy attack and detached if held too long, some users have compared this weapon to Reinhardt and Symmetra's shield.
    • OH, LET'S BREAK IT DOWN! Explanation 
      • METEOR STRIKE! Explanation 
    • JUSTICE RAINS FROM ABOVE! Explanation 
  • Pearlwise Explanation 
  • IMAGINE DRAGONS Explanation 
  • A great clam and then some. NOW SPLAT!/An Ink Storm is surely brewing. You're up!/A good day for a swell Turf War! And begin!/Here's a real high class splattle! Here goes!/This sounds like Cuphead.Explanation 
  • What's reflected in the Inkling's eye?Explanation 
  • Portal fans soon realized that Agent 8 was exploring abandoned underground lab facilities that bore a strong resemblence to Aperture Science labs. The jokes naturally took.
  • Combining the song "Ink Me Up" with Evanescence's "Bring Me To Life".
  • "Octo Expansion is the Dark Souls of Splatoon."Explanation 
  • Bob/Octo RossExplanation 
  • As a result of a Sanrio Splatfest in Japan, Splatoon fanart featuring Aggretsuko as one of the options started popping up, including ones where Agent 8 and Pearl take a liking to it. Jokes around Pearl's 40-second mixtape that was too crude to be published and Retsuko's similar-sounding style of metal came about, too.
  • Pearl starts a race war.Explanation 
  • Pearl is the Dragonborn Explanation 
  • RIP SiIvaGunner Explanation (Octo Expansion spoilers) 
  • The Splatoween's Hockey Mask has many players inevitably dress up as Jason Voorhees.
  • Dancerush in SplatoonExplanation 
  • Fresh Fish is the Fairy Companion.Explanation 
  • Futaba Sakura also gets brought up quite a bit due to her resemblance to the default female Inkling. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate even lampshaded this resemblance with the default orange Inkling being the Puppet Fighter for Futaba in her Spirit battle.

Fan Work Memes

  • It has become popular to make Inkling shipping fanart, as well as art of adult Inklings. Of particular mention is the artist ermame26, also known as Eromame, who has done several fan-manga of Inkling yuri shipping, as well as one Foe Yay-filled comic starring Agent 3 and an Octoling who has fallen in love with her.
    • We like older Squids Explanation 
  • The ink was actually blood! Explanation 
  • Eleventh Tentacle Explanation 
  • White Ink Explanation 
    • The jokes about white ink only intensified after a Japan Splatfest introduced white (milky-white) and yellow (pale yellow) ink for a Splatfest between Lemon and Milk Tea. The fanart immediately began cracking naughty jokes about the 'milk' and 'tea' and the Squid Sisters. It then saw a resurgence when the first splatfest in Splatoon 2 ended up being Mayo vs. Ketchup, complete with white and red ink.
    • Marie is the lewd Squid Sister. Explanation 
    • Not-so-fresh. Explanation 
  • In the Splat-ZONEExplanation 
  • Splat Tim the Woomy Explanation 
    • Splat Tim: Reloaded Explanation 

Web Video Memes

  • From a PeanutButterGamer video on Splatoon:
    • Hey Jeff, wanna Sploon? Explanation 
    • Sempais noticed me!! Explaination 
  • "Splatoon isn't even that good." Explanation 
  • This being a competitive multiplayer game, it's hardly surprising that there are a number of fans who like to edit their gameplay footage to parody the stereotypical MLG "pro-gamer" footage of other games (like Call of Duty and Battlefield), adding the stereotypcial MLG sound and art clips like the shameless Mountain Dew and Doritos Product Placement, Unreal Tournament announcer samples, air horns, and the soundbites of overly-excited 14-year-old shooter fans freaking out over surprisingly skilled acts. Oh, and they replace all the player names with stereotypical MLG pro-gamer handles complete with [faze] clan designations.

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