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  • Buying Aggression (usually associated with Viktor) and proceeding to have something horrible happen. It's commonly seen as a noob move, since there are better abilities to buy first and its damage upgrade is pitiful, and is stereotyped to follow up with pissed-off toxic comments about how the team/this game suxxorz. When Aggression was removed in Patch 42, the meme left with it.
  • At the start of open beta, "nerf Skye" was a rallying cry. Skye's ultimate was seen as overpowered Explanation . This led to players chanting the phrase "nerf Skye" nonstop in the forums and livestreams. The meme died when it was nerfed, but debates still rage about whether or not Skye's ultimate is STILL too overpowered.
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  • Fans love to twist the words of an ultimate's Badass Boast into funny phrases.
  • Just like Overwatch, dying mid-ultimate and spamming death screams (in this case, death quotes) is a given.
  • Spamming the "woo hoo!" voice clip, which is literally the announcer giving a stoic "woo hoo!". It died off a little when most characters were given actual "woo hoo!" clips. In the case of some characters however, it picked up. Especially Grohk and his incredibly spammable "WHEEEE!"
  • Since Paladins is free-to-play and has superficial similarities to Overwatch (which normally costs $60), detractors of Paladins have taken to calling it "Overwatch for poor people". Some Paladins fans take it as a compliment.
  • Disparagingly or jokingly referring to Paladins as "Chinese Overwatch", in honor of China's reputation for making Shoddy Knockoff Product video games.note 
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  • Comparing Overwatch and Paladins. It was, at first, played completely straight and gave both fandoms undying amounts of grief, and most of the accusations flooded in at the start of open beta. As time went on, mocking the comparisons made as the furor died down became more popular as open beta went on, usually in the form of "OMG, PALADINS AND OVERWATCH BOTH HAVE [incredibly mundane thing, such as textures/animations/guns], WHAT A RIPOFF".
  • Applying Overwatch memes to characters with similar themes and/or roles, such as Zhin (sword-wielding fast-mobility damage flanker) getting mobility-focused-sword-wielding Genji's "I NEED HEALING" and MADA MADA jokes.
    • VHS VHS VHSExplanation 
    • "I need healing!" in general spread from OW, wherein it's associated with shitty players who demand they have a pocket support or just general spamming.
  • Horrible portmanteaus of the Paladins title getting blended with competitors and/or being referred to by said competitors' names, resulting in things like "I drew Skye from Overborn", "I main Torbjorn" instead of Barik, "Palawatch", "Overdins", "Palabattlewatch", "Team Overbattledins", et cetera.
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  • With Inara's wall building powers, comparisons to Donald Trump were inevitable.
  • Since Paladins has a number of busty female champions and Overwatch has a number of female heroes with nice backsides, jokes about the former being a booby shooter and the latter being a booty shooter get passed around.
  • Players like to think that Maeve, Willo, and sometimes Evie have A-Cup Angst and are jealous of their busty teammates. The jokes relating this meme went into overdrive after Maeve's Demonette skin was released, which is scantily-clad, has an Impossibly-Low Neckline, and far more prominent breasts than Maeve's basic appearance.
  • Back when the game lacked lore, the fanbase was really hungry for any kind of lore and any piece of lore they can find is met with a rallying cry of "LORE!".
  • ThunderBrush and edgy spiky skins.Explanation  Became an Ascended Meme during a preview of the plans for Paladins in 2019.
  • "YOU CHALLENGE MAKOA!?" is a quote that is undergoing this, being put on images showing pissed off turtles (not necessarily Makoa). Or a turtle taking a bite out of some man. Or if there's a new guy coming, it's usually greeted with somewhere along the line of "Oh that's cute, but CAN THEY CHALLENGE MAKOA!?"
    • "Oh wait, he can!" Explanation 
  • Lex and Jenos' ult lines are slowly becoming memetic. Jenos' ult line is usually made into a Mondegreen of "Step into the light... In Paris!", whereas there are simply many many questions as to if somebody can escape the law, only for Lex to confirm that, in fact, "No one escapes the LAW."
  • A very popular joke is to call Pip a Flank champion instead of a Support champion because of his high agility and a power that's used to escape when used right.note  People also like to portray Pip as actually believing he's a flanker, forgetting that he can heal, and being confused when his teammates ask him for healing. The Goddess Lian voice Pack makes reference to this as one of her jokes:
  • Jenos being presented as a damage-focused support with an assault rifle led to a meme about him being Viktor in a mask. However, this meme died shortly after statistics revealed that Jenos could do incredible amounts of healing with his fire-and-forget healing ability.
  • Fans have noticed Viktor tends to die when he shows up in a champion teaser. Even when he doesn't appear, fans assume that the featured champion is going to kill him offscreen. Strix's champion teaser threw people when Viktor appears... and doesn't die at all.
  • Mishearing Buck saying "Up and over!" while leaping as "Bend over!" due to how softly he says "up" while shouting the rest. People take it to mean how screwed enemies are when he hops in.
  • The Prosperous Makoa skin is a goofy plush dog that looks very similar to the Ugandan Knuckles meme. Cue Makoa players asking people if they "know de wey".
  • Torvald's usefulness on maps with Bottomless Pits led to memes about his love for such maps.
  • When HirezChris became the Executive Producer for Paladins and announced the removal of the infamous Cards Unbound update, formerly disgruntled fans started praising him and calling him the Savior of Paladins.
  • "Khan" being used as a pun in place of "can", usually in tandem with the Makoa challenge meme.
    Yes, but Khan he challenges Makoa?
  • Behold, the Dragon’s FURY!Explanation 
  • "Add it to the list, Helvian!" Explanation 

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