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Memes / Model Ronpa

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What would a high-stakes, runway-styled killing game be without its in-jokes and references?

The Memes:

    In-Game Moments 

  • Atsuko, Preston,, and Kagemori get Swords: note 
  • Baby Raketsu: note 
  • Beware the Furniture: note 
    • appears to get the worst of it, having racked up countless injuries just in the Prologue alone (which, in game time, would equate to a couple of hours).
  • Blue Pool: note 
  • Chaotic Lesbian Koharu: note 
  • Cute Team Killstreak: note 
  • Eiji is the Model Dad: note 
    • Preston Dresses Like a Dad: note 
  •'s Banana Outfit: note 
  • Controls HPME's Economy: note 
    •'s Polarizing Luck: note 
  • Huang's Fursonas: note 
    • Mastfurmind: note 
  • "I close the door." "...That worked.": note 
  • Kagemori is Coming For Your Eyelashes: note 
  • Koharu Is A Murder Suspect: note 
  • "No, I do not have laser eyes.": note 
  • "Pour one out for the Cute Team.": note 
  • Preston's Cello: note 
  • Red Presses the Button: note 
  • The Ciphers and Thumbtacks Saga: note 
    • Note 1 (Ice Jar in Freezer): note 
    • Note 2 (Lounge): note 

    OOC Shenanigans 

  • Cows: note 
    • Atsucow: note 
  • Funny Names: note 
  • Hitoshi x Cory: note 
  • Mina deserves a Raise/Vacation!: note 
  • Promise to Give Eiji Your Bones: note 
    • and his Bone Drone: note 
  • Preston's Many Nicknames: note 
  • Raketsu Is Our Favorite Rat: note 
  • Riko's Greatest Asset? Leg: note 
  • Your Mod Team: 'God Nagito Komaeda': note 
    • "God"
    • "naGIto"
    • " CAMaeda"


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