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Aw, man!note 

Tired of looking for that rare ore that you can't find? Were you looking forward to PvPing only for your friends to not appear? Or did you get killed by a Creeper while you were distracted mining or creating something?

Do not worry. Here at TV Tropes, you're safe from everything. Sit down, grab some popcorn, and treat yourself to some memes before you go back to your world.

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  • The meme. [[labelnote:Explanation]]The explanation behind the meme.[[/labelnote]] Example 

  • Wake up on an island. Punch trees. Get wood. Explanation 
  • Creepers-
    • Don't want to kill you, they just want to be held.
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    • Creepers also happen to go oink. Explanation 
    • That'sssss a very nice everything you have there. It would be a ssssshame if something happened to it... Explanation 
    • See man wake up on island. Ruin his life.
    • AWW MAN Explanation 
    • I'm Mining Explanation 
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    • Around the early 2010s, it was popular to draw girls wearing hoodies with the pattern of a Creeper, which is known as "Creeparka". These drawings are usually Animesque or Moe.
  • Everything related to Rana. Explanation 
  • Thomas the Sheep. Explanation 
  • From the game over screen: Game Over! Score: &e0 Explanation 
  • Herobrine Explanation 
  • Testificle: A mutation based on the odd placeholder name of the villagers in Minecraft, "TESTIFICATE." Cue people misreading it as "testicle" and running with it.
  • A YouTube meme related to Minecraft goes like this: after a person shows off their amazing superstructure...
  • "You broke the rules!"
  • In-universe: One of the title screen splash messages says "Absolutely no memes!"
  • Rule #1: Don't dig straight down. Rule #2: Don't dig straight up. Explanation 
  • "Minecraft YouTubers" Explanation 
  • Grotesque Steve/Creepy Steve Explanation 
  • Well, anything about Grandayy.
    • Speaking of Grandayy, Note blocksExplanation 
    • Changing the sounds of the (most common) mobs with memes, including Will Smith's voice clip from the 2018 Youtube Rewind.
    • Recreating the new Sonic Movie trailer in Minecraft.
    • Crafting a working Air-pods.
    • Inserting PewDiePie into Minecraft.
    • ...and many more.
  • Cursed Minecraft Explanation 
  • Who made this game? Explanation 
  • Fortnite Bad, Minecraft Good Explanation 
  • (events of video here) in Minecraft Explanation 
  • Cave update Explanation 
  • The snow is snowier than before. Explanation 
  • Wholesome Parrots Dancing became a meme for its sugary randomness.
  • Prior to version 1.0.0, the player would make a deep masculine "Oof!" sound when taking damage.note  Fans like adding this sound to videos of people being injured in some capacity, often with the standard HUD added in post.
  • "So, I did some mining off camera..."note 
  • Broken cobblestone generatorsnote 
  • Aether Portals of Disappointmentnote 
  • Steve for Smash.Explanation 
    • Steve broke the Internet. Explanation 
  • "hey shitass" Explanation 
  • Jeb's board game collection.Explanation 
  • "... in Minecraft."Explanation 
  • Minecraft Guy Explanation 
  • It's a moss block with lichen on top. Explanation 

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