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Memes / MAHOU Project

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This roleplay contains several memes - after all, who says despair doesn't come with hilarity?

The Memes:

    In-Game Moments 

  • Sexy pizza rat. Explanation 
  • Suzaku destroyed _. Explanation 
  • "What's a fursona, Kris?" Explanation 
    • Becomes both an Ascended Meme and Hilarious in Hindsight during the Chapter 3 Event, when Kris gets into a relationship with Mi-Ke. You know, the literal human cat who has art of their own fursona? If there was ever any doubt before, this certainly proves that he's a furry.
  • Reiko killed Kris by falling on him. Explanation 
    • "You really have to stop accidentally killing me." Explanation 
  • Brewing Tea Explanation 
    • Krispy Kris Explanation 
  • Tsukuyomi is Powered By Tears™. Explanation 
  • : D / Knife Mask Explanation 
  • The Labyrinth is a Great Time Explanation 
    • Fun Zone Explanation 
  • Holy and the Minion Hand ™ Explanation 
  • Arenji the owl. Explanation 
  • Youkai are furries of the wizard world/youkai/wizard relations Explanation 
  • 20 kappa uprisings Explanation 
  • Shirtless Lads [ft. Painting Lesbian Miyu] Explanation 
  • Lesbian bullies Explanation 
  • Protective T-Posing Explanation 
  • Shiba is a twunk Explanation 
  • Shiba suplexing Kris Explanation 
  • Pencil Explanation 

    OOC Shenanigans 

  • Am I HOT now, Mr. Krabs? Explanation 
  • The various Mod Faces of despair. Explanation 
    • :3
    • :3c
    • :V
    • 0D
  • “Are You Sure About That?” Explanation 
  • RNG Shenanigans Explanation 
  • Mitsuo is MAHOU’s Komaeda. Explanation 
  • Kris Tenshi is MAHOU’s Onceler. Explanation 
  • Takako “Sans Undertale” Imai Explanation 
  • [Takako does something] “I’m gay now.” Explanation 
  • MAHOU Fandom Discourse Explanation 
  • Let Seiji Ohara rest. Explanation 
  • Werewolf Tsukuyomi Explanation 
  • Mitsou Peeing Explanation 
  • Booby Mc Booberson Explanation 
  • Tiddies Out For Ouryuu Explanation 
  • Genbu is the Cryptid Clan Explanation 
    • Genbu is immortal Explanation 
  • Incel Holy and Chad Tenshi Explanation 
    • The events of Chapter 4 have resulted in "The Incel Tenshi and The Chad Holy" gaining traction: Holy begins a relationship with Shino and they both survive the chapter. Kris, meanwhile, loses Mi-ke to the mistrial execution.
  • Haru had to do it to em Explanation 


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