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♫ Vocal percussion on a whole 'nother level
Coming from my mind ♫
Being one of, if not the most memetic JoJo part, it's bound to have more than one meme as listed below.

For Jojo memes based on other parts, see here.

Please add entries in the following format if possible:

  • The meme. [[labelnote:Explanation]]The explanation behind the meme, if necessary.[[/labelnote]] Explanation 
    • Further mutations and successor memes, if any.

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    Memes derived from Part 5 as a whole/Unsorted 
  • I, Giorno Giovanna, have a dream. note 
    • By the by, in Italian that would be "Io, Giorno Giovanna, ho un sogno."
    • I, Giorno Giovanna... Explanation 
  • This fan animation of Haruno Shiobana undergoing a "Magical Girl" transformation into Giorno Giovanna has become rather popular.
  • "This taste... is the taste of someone who's LYING! Giorno Giovanna!" Explanation 
  • Banana Doppio.Explanation 
  • It's basically Chowder but with gay gangsters.Explanation 
    • Also Mista is sometimes compared to Caesar Zeppeli, due to caesar and insalata mista both being types of salad (though likely unintentional in Caesar's case.)
  • "Giorno does X" Shut the fuck up, Giorno! note 
  • Cheese Boi is mouldy.Explanation 
    • Strawberry FugoExplanation 
    • Do not weep for cheese boy. Explanation 
  • "Wait, Narancia's a boy?"Explanation 
    • "Lesbian of the day: Narancia from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure!"Explanation 
    • Narancia is best girl.note 
  • Narancia is baby.note 
  • Mista is Kira in disguise.Explanation 
  • Narancia did 9/11Explanation 
    • Related to that, people treating the song as Polnareff's Leitmotif. Explanations(Spoilers) 
  • Giorno Drinks "Tea". Explanation 
    • "What the hell? That's disgusting!" "You have no right to say that, Mr. Piss." Explanation 
  • "That's bullshit, but I believe it"Explanation 
  • M0:00DY BLUES. Explanation 
  • Polnareff, there's no such thing as a Mirror World. note 
  • People being confused about how King Crimson works will often result in everyone saying no one knows how it works.Explanation 
    • IT JUST WORKS Explanation 
    • Ping Crimson Explanation 
    • Todd Howard is King Crimson.Explanation 
  • RING RING RING RING RING. Boss is that you?Explanation (Spoilers) 
  • And Giorno lied...Explanation 
  • After DioYouMeme released a series of "leaked" episodes of the anime (which were just an abridged parody of the manga's plot with static artwork and text-to-speech), several lines, especially Giorno's catchphrase "I like-a piss" (courtesy of an Italian text-to-speech program used for Giorno) and Bruno's "Nice.", have become in-jokes within the JoJo community.
  • "They killed Mario/Luigi!"Explanation 
  • Spread SodaExplanation 
    • Later, Mista is seen drinking another Sprite parody called "Spalite".
  • The torture dance. Explanation 
    • The meme has also become associated with several other songs, such as Spider-Man 2's Pizza Theme and "You reposted in the wrong neighborhood" (the latter having been a widespread choice of music for the dance long before Part 5 got animated).
    • The meme becomes even funnier when it was discovered the dance syncs almost too well to other songs, such as "Backstreet's Back", as seen here.
  • Fuck this window. Explanation 
  • Mista is best dad.Explanation 
    • "Was I supposed to be feeding mine too?"Explanation 
    • Stands can have little a salamiExplanation 
  • Pineapple ManExplanation 
  • Poking Giorno's tiddiesExplanation 
  • "This isn't so ba-OH MY GOD THEY SPELLED TRASH BACKWARDS"Explanation 
    • "There's no such thing as a world inside a mirror"Explanation 
  • Bruno's having Hawaiian pizza tonightExplanation 
  • TURTLE TOILETExplanation 
  • Giorno turning his hand into a piranha in the battle against Baby Face has had fans joking about Kars' similar ability, even suggesting that "his grandpa would be proud" (in a loose, non-biological way, given Kars created the Stone Mask that turned Dio into a vampire).
  • DI MOLTOExplanation 
  • "Nah, Giorno's just waving." Explanation 
    • "Fugo, is something wrong?" Explanation 
  • RIP, yet another of Giorno's snakesExplanation 
  • "WHERE IS MY SUPER SUIT?"Explanation 
  • Ghiaccio is Digi-neé. Explanation 
  • Ghiacciopostingnote 
  • A rather disturbing meme has popped up on Instagram replacing Giorno's eyes and mouth with his hair loops (warning: Body Horror incoming). The meme has crossed over to several other characters, most especially Kakyoin.
  • King Crimson is Daylight Savings TimeExplanation 
  • Narancia is AquamanExplanation 
    • Some have suggested he is actually a mermaid.
    • On a related note, lots of fans have suggested that Fugo not joining into the betrayal was not because he had conflicted loyalties or was being pragmatic, he simply didn't know how to swim.
  • "Fugone" Explanation (spoilers) 
  • Abbacchio joins in the beatdownExplanation 
    • Many are pointing out the similarity between Clash and a Syfy B-movie called "Ghost Shark", where the titular shark can manifest out of any source of water, even in bathtubs, pools, and a glass.
  • Gay Shark Boy and Gay Tongue BoyExplanation 
    • Some have joked that Squalo and Tiziano's very homoerotic relationship was Araki's way of apologizing about Sorbet and Gelato, who gained much fan attention due to being canonically gay but being killed off before their relationship could be explored.
    • And of course the the mass outpouring of grief from the fandom when Tiziano sacrifices himself to protect Squalo and dies in his arms.
  • Carne's entire introduction has became a common source for meme images. Many compare him to Moto Moto the hippo from Madagascar 2 (due the way he slowly approaches the gang at the airport, just like Moto Moto does in his debut scene towards Gloria), or poke fun of him receiving a message from the Boss saying "Your mission: DIE".
    • There's also a section of the fandom finding the small "baby form" of Notorious BIG rather Ugly Cute.
  • "Trish is me!"Explanation 
  • Polnareff the turtle. Explanation (spoilers)  Memes comparing Polnareff to other famous turtles of pop culture such as Squirtle or the Ninja Turtles also abound.
  • The Olive Garden.Explanation 
  • Zipper Mom.Explanation 
    • Zipper Mom is tired.Explanation 
    • "Bruno, this is becoming a problem..."Explanation 
    • Abbacchio is the Dad of the team by default because he's older than Bruno / Abbacchio is another one of Mama Bruno's kidsExplanation 
    • After Episode 31 aired, in which Bruno swings around on a pole while fighting Secco, the fandom started making jokes about him being a Single Mom Stripper.
  • DON'T WORRY DOPPIO I'M ON MY WAY! Explanation (spoilers) 
  • 7 PAGE MUDAExplanation 
  • "He would say things like that every day."Explanation 
  • Good! Good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good... Explanation 
  • Viviamo in una società Explanation 
  • Secco is anime Pink Guy.Explanation 
  • "Hello officer? There's a naked man swimming in dirt in the yard."Explanation 
  • Doppio's lost. Explanation 
    • "Please be patient, I have schizophrenia."Explanation 
  • "Man, I never expected the gang to betray Bruno and join the Boss!"Explanation 
  • Bruno switching bodies with Diavolo spawned memes saying that Bruno wanted to be Trish's dad so much that he tried to become both her biological dad and the dad she deserved to have.
  • With the body-swapping aspect of the Chariot Requiem arc many fans have expressed disappointment that Leone Abbacchio died before the arc, with many joking about what would happen if he had swapped bodies with Giorno Giovanna and the hilarity that would ensue.
  • Mista wielding a gun while stuck in Trish's body have drawn plenty of memes from fans, ranging from the part where he/she shoots a cop, to the "DELET THIS" meme.
  • Trans Acceptance Diavolo Explanation (spoilers) 
  • Diavolo's reveal.Explanation (spoilers) 
    • "Great, now taking your shirt off is now officially a Jojo reference."
    • Diavolo accidentally skipping his own monologue. Explanation 
    • Diavolo being the alternate form of Doppio also drew comparisons to Pokémon with fans jokingly referring to Diavolo as Doppio's Mega Evolution.
  • Fans have joked that Diavolo looks hotter when Bruno is inhabiting his body, saying that "a beautiful soul makes the body more beautiful".
  • Sex Pistols Requiem.Explanation (spoilers) 
    • The very concept of Requiem Stands has also drawn lots of jokes from the fandom, such as King Crimson Requiem having an infinite number of smaller faces on Epitaph, or Purple Haze Requiem being a global pandemic, or Aerosmith Requiem, which would be a full-sized plane.
  • DONUT BEAMExplanation 
  • Diavolo is inevitable. Explanation 
  • Look at me! Think about who's truly worthy! Explanation 
  • Due to them sharing a criss-crossed red and white striped color scheme, some fans have joked that King Crimson is Mista's true Stand. This becomes Hilarious in Hindsight with Trish and Diavolo (Stands included) ending up in Mista's body during the climax.
  • Diavolo's infinite death.
    • Many are wondering how the little girl in the death sequence managed to kill Diavolo, leading to suggestions ranging from the girl's parents shooting Diavolo (possibly mistaking him for a pedophile) to the little girl herself being a Killer Rabbit.
    • Fans are also joking about the many ways Diavolo could die, suggesting that he could end up reliving other character deaths in the show like getting run over by an ambulance in Morioh.
    • As long as Diavolo dies, it's canon! Explanation (Spoilers) 
    • The scene where Diavolo crawls out of the water has drawn comparisons to the Little Mermaid, with some jokes about "the new Disney remake looks great!" coupled with a gif of Diavolo climbing out of the canal and stroking the ground.
  • Diorno DiovannaExplanation 
  • "Humans would taste gross since we eat lots of meat!"Explanation 
  • This image of Polpo photoshopped to look like Giorno.
    "I, Giorno Giovanna, ate the dream."
  • An error in a tie-in book mistakenly stated Risotto Nero's height as 185 cm, instead of his canon 195 cm. This led to many jokes comparing him to other characters, such as Jonathan or Illuso, while some others joke that his extra 10com of height is just his jester-like hat.
  • Mista shooting himself/"MEEESTAAAAAA"note 
  • Bruno Bucciarati is Having TwinsExplanation 
  • Coronavirus is Purple Haze Requiem.Explanation 
  • Pesci is Ferb.Explanation 
  • Bruno Bucciarati is Mimiyuuuh. Explanation 
  • Giorno is Jesus. Explanation 
  • Even Kakyoin has standards. Explanation 

    Memes that are unique to the anime 
  • I, Giorno Giovanna, have a piano. Explanation 
    • In a similar vein, The End of Golden Wind has gotten a sudden increase in use being played over images to indicate a triumphant victory, or a crushing defeat to something evil — specifically the part starting around 1:40.
  • Make it blue!Explanation 
  • Mista Debuts in Episode 4.Explanation 
  • Where did the budget go?/"Slender Giorno"Explanation 
  • In awe at the size of this lad, ABSOLUTE UNITExplanation 
  • They sure hate standing out, gangsters dress normally
  • RIP Anime Only. Explanation 
  • Doppio's appearance in the new opening has been wildly memed by fans, some poking fun at his purple color scheme and others squeeing how adorable his baby-like face is. And the endearingly frightened and innocent-looking expression to go with it.
    • I don't feel so horny anymorenote 
  • "PHF CONFIRMED"Explanation 
  • Should we tell them about the fence?Explanation (spoilers) 
    • New Cheese Boy.Explanation (spoilers) 
  • Infinite Great Days. Explanation (spoilers) 
  • Quality Experience Requiem. Explanation (spoilers) 
    • Some fans have compared GER's wide-eyed expression to a pop-eyed fancy goldfish.
  • Off-Model King Crimson.Explanation 
  • KUWA KUWA KUWAExplanation 
    • Memes have also compared Diavolo to Crash Bandicoot going "WOAH!", or to Waluigi's infamous "WAAAH!" meme.
    • Some fans use part 2 as an Interrupting Meme, breaking the "Wha-" chain by responding with "-mmu!" instead, cuing the Pillar Men theme.
    • Now that the dub is out, expect his "What the—" chain interrupted with an unrelated "—fuck?".
  • Fighting Gold, but Coda...Explanation 
  • Diavolo has no nipples!Explanation 
  • Farting Gold Explanation 
  • A lot of remixes in Youtube depict "Traitor's Requiem, but in MS Paint", showing the OP in really poor-quality hand-drawn animation with a lot of surreal and random easter eggs thrown in.

    Memes that are unique to other adaptations or localizations of Part 5 
  • "____ Man" Explanation 
  • wh7o Explanation 
  • Notorious ChaseExplanation 
  • Green TeaExplanation 
  • JoJo's Basket Explanation 
  • Narancia sounds too manly.Explanation 
  • "Melone would never say that!"Explanation 
  • "Moody Jazz! Let's jam!" Explanation 
  • Passione 24 Hours. Explanation 
    • Bald Bruno. Explanation 
      • The Bald Theme. Explanation 

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