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We need more details Allan!

The Hitman series is a Stealth-Based Game franchise that's full of memes and in-jokes, here's a list of them.

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  • The meme. [[labelnote:Explanation]]The explanation behind the meme, if necessary.[[/labelnote]] Explanation 
    • Further mutations and successor memes, if any.

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    Codename 47 
  • "HE'S PACKING!"Explanation 
    • "This guy is LOADED!" Explanation 
  • I need to use the bathroom!Explanation 
  • "Hola, honcho! Say hello to my little friend!" Explanation 

    Silent Assassin 
  • "Stop it! STOP IT!"Explanation 
    • "What? A gaijin here?" Explanation 

  • "You know the procedure. I now feel your flesh."Explanation 
  • "Getting tired of this place..."Explanation 
  • "I AM IMMORTAL!"Explanation 

    Blood Money 
  • Allan, Please add details.Explanation 
  • "Lots of Hummus".Explanation 
  • "Get lost, chumley!"Explanation 
  • "This is a very large casino."Explanation 

  • "Yee-ha! Lemme tell ya, I don't ordinarily yee-ha. But that was a fuckin' yee-ha! Fuckin' Christmas!"Explanation 

    Hitman (2016) 
  • Gloves (or rather, the lack of them)Explanation 
  • "THAT is (target name), (optional snide comment).Explanation 
  • Look for some kind of quarantine unit.Explanation 
  • Jack Please.Explanation 
  • "You made it! Most Impressive 47!".Explanation 
  • Much of the random NPC dialog you hear in a level comes off as this due to sheer repetition:
    • ROCCO! Explanation 
    • CARPETS! Explanation 
    • No, but he is capitalism! Explanation 
    • Massage expert, Konny Engstrom, report to the reception desk. Explanation 
    • MR. JASON PORTMANExplanation 
    • So you're the Curator's research aide, right?Explanation 
  • Corrupting the phrase "Hitman: Enter a World of Assassination" into portmanteaus to make other sentences like "Hi World" or IT Man.
  • Gelato lady. Explanation 

    Hitman 2 
  • Anything the Ghost Mode announcer said.Explanation 
  • The Slow Homing briefcaseExplanation 
  • IT'S ORSON! OR-SON!Explanation 
  • "The Signature MKII Look"Explanation 
  • Fanart of Dawood Rangan.Explanation 
  • Taking the Sawed-Off Shotgun in the Primary Slot.Explanation 
  • "This is one of the Mumbai Chawls 47."Explanation 
  • This gif of 47 in a Miami food vendor outfit using a shotgun and blasting a guard through a pair of double doors.Explanation 

    Hitman 3 
  • Marcus Stuyvesant's outfit.Explanation 
  • A: The Secretary of StateExplanation 
  • The TactleneckExplanation 
  • Lust outfit.Explanation 
  • The reveal of the ICA 19 F/A Stealth "Ducky" Edition pistol lead to Memetic Mutation of duck-related names and puns, such as "Quackshot", "Duckballer" and simply "Ducky Gun".


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