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To put it mildly, Granblue Fantasy is abundant with various memes particularly some commonly-circulated fandom phrases, and that definitively contributed to it becoming well-known towards its related gacha communities on the Japanese and Englsh-speaking sides of the internet.

  • "Turn back. Run while you still can" Explanation 
    • "Remember. You are here forever." Explanation 
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  • "Praise Ghandi" Explanation 
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  • "Lucha Gran" Explanation 
  • The Japanese fandom had an edit field day in Twitter the moment the Anime came out. The common edit at the moment being the scene of Gran finding Lyria.
  • "HRT Tier" Explanation 
  • "Happy End" Explanation 
  • "All Coming" Explanation 
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  • "Legend of Rackam" Explanation 
  • The Sky Compass app's image customizer has been the basis of several jokes as fans arrange character artwork, the event titles and background around to make some kind of meme, like Lunalu fantasizing about Vane and Lancelot having a picnic together.
  • Gran's method of defeating a Clay Golem in the anime by slam-dunking a bomb to the golem's mouth has not gone unnoticed by the community.
  • "One Radish, Please" Explanation 
  • Some players have interpreted the open-mouth pose of the Leviathan Omega summon as mocking them in laughter for getting yet another selfie instead of something that can at least be used to increase skill levels on other weapons.
  • "SOIYA!!!" Explanation 
  • Sky Knights! Prepare for battle! Explanation 
  • In the Japanese fandom, there is a meme about how several characters share the same voice actors. Players tend to create teams of characters voiced by one VA, while fighting a raid boss also voiced by that same actor. One example being this video of Gran and Lancelot battling Sagitarrius... all whom are voiced by Yuki Ono.
    • It also extends to the artworks posted by the Japanese fandom on Twitter, particularly collaboration and cross-over characters. Two or more characters who share the same VA are seen interacting with one another (i.e. Cagliostro and Sakura Kinomoto voiced by Sakura Tange, while Niyon and C.C. eat pizza because they are both voiced by Yukana). In some cases, an artwork of a Granblue character will reference a previous role of the actor from the event (i.e. Quatre/Feower sleeping with a cat in time with the "Persona 5: Thievery in Blue" event, referencing a meme in the Persona 5 fandom where Morgana advises the protagonist, voiced by Jun Fukuyama, to sleep).
  • "Placenta" Explanation 
  • "You'll never see it it coming" Explanation 
    • "I've been waiting for this!" Explanation 
    • "Looking cool, Joker" Explanation 
  • "Check out my character in Granblue Fantasy!" / "I need backup!" Explanation 
  • Summon call combinations result in some amusing combos like combining the White Rabbit with anything results in stuff like "Sword Hop" or "Catastrophe Hop" and Kero will get combo calls like "Death to the Rescue!" or "Lancey to the Rescue". Comboing Kaguya has infamously resulted in "Moon Moon". Interestingly, the Lunalu event summon in "Handsome Gorilla" even adds the "Husbando" internet slang as a keyword to call combinations. Gabriel's summon added "Password Is" and "Pink Hair" to the list. When the Gacha version of Cerberus' Summon was released, it also added "Such Wow".
  • "Walderposting" Explanation 
  • The 4th Anniversary event "What Makes The Sky Blue II: Paradise Lost" circulated specific keywords and nicknames that fans mostly associated with the starring characters, such as "Nonesense" and "Coffee" for Sandalphon, "Head" for Lucifer, and "Climax" for Belial.
  • "I demand Apologems" Explanation 
  • "Vampy is Core!" Explanation 
    • "Cag is Core!" Explanation 
  • "Bully Bea" Explanation 
  • "Sled On, Cagliosled" Explanation 
    "You've been visited by the Cutest Sled of Alchemy. Good rolls and many rupies will come to you but only if you reply Sled On, Cagliosled."
    • Cagliosled had the "cursed ____ that ______ and calls you _____" meme applied, being "Cursed Sled that does alchemy and calls you dumbass" and to boot there was art of The Astolfo bean plushie that made that meme) riding her while drifting Initial D style, leading to a remark of "Multi-meme drifting"
  • "Immunity Lily" Explanation 
    "This is immunity Lily. Immunity Lily will save your gacha from Golem of Bad Rolls. Now that you have seen immunity Lily, your gacha will not be cursed. Because immunity Lily is always with you."
  • "GROUND ZERO!" Explanation 
  • The Gorilla summon. Full stop. It comes from the "Handsome Gorilla" event which gave the context that anyone that drink the "Handsome Gorilla" dietary supplement cause the consumer to see their enemies as Gorillas and also acting almost like one. And there's the combination you get when you chain said summon with other summons available such as "Ooh-Aah Paradise".
  • "Now is the period of arbitration. Henceforth your guilt shall be judged." Explanation 
    • Or in another case a real-life cat with a brass instrument, which led to players even referring to the main animal of Judgement as the "Funk Engine" cat.
  • "What happens after Magnafest ends? Magnafest." Explanation 
    • "The Double AP/EP event has ended!" Explanation 
  • "[Insert series/game here] When?" Explanation 
    • "Bandori When?" Explanation 
  • "Playable [insert character name here] when?" Explanation 
  • "Missing Dogs" Explanation 
  • "How far away the ideal world?" Explanation 
    • "Oracles? Delayed!" Explanation 
  • "Katalina? In Smash?" Explanation 
    • "Remember when they said Katalina will be in Smash?" Explanation 
  • "Sasuga KMR" Explanation 
    • "KMR Laugh" Explanation 
  • "Is Kokkoro Grimnir's kid?"Explanation 
    • "Kokkoro is Grimnir." Explanation 
    • Now that Grimnir has been Promoted to Playable as of April 15 2019, this has died down a bit.
  • Hamsa is no mere duck. Explanation 
  • KENKYUU NO SEIKA DEExplanation 
  • Cat Explanation 
    • Now it also includes party positioning to make it look like the characters are playing with the cat in both the western and eastern hemisphere, like this and this.
  • [Statement 1](6-digit)[Statement 2]Explanation 
  • In the western fanbase at least, Siegfried being seen as a borderline Mr. perfect is meme’d quite a bit due to the prospect of him almost always showing up in Dragon Knights events to solve their problems. The memes often portray him as a Memetic Badass, capable of doing anything should the situation call for it. He’s even been called a Mary Sue by detractors and fans alike.
  • When Pokémon Sword and Shield was announced along with the starters, Granblue Fantasy Players are quick to make jokes of how similar Grookey, the grass starter, looked like to Ranger Sign Bravo's Jade.
  • Sandalphone. Explanation 
  • Luciface or “ルシ顔” in Japanese is a term that now has sprung up a lot in the Granblue community due to the number of characters that look like Lucifer from Rage of Bahamut. People have even joked that it imitates the Saber-face trend from Fate/Grand Order. Albert has been declared an honorary "Luciface" as well due to his appearance looking similar to Lucifer’s in his original art. His 5★ uncap art changes this however, making the two look more distinct due to the art style having evolved.
  • "Sieteface"explanation 
    • "Belialface"explanation 
  • “Cygames said Gay Rights!” Explanation 
  • “000 stands for the number of casualties/deaths that were in these events.” Explanation 
  • "Cygames' new direction is MURDER."Explanation 
  • Depicting the summon stone version of Lucifer as giant has become a meme in the Japanese side of the fanbase due to the fact that summons and bosses of the Primals in particular are Not Drawn to Scale when seen in battle compared to the Chibi sprites of the party characters.
  • ルシフェル・・・・・・? explanation 
  • Drawing the Primarchs, including the male ones, and Lucilius in leotards popped up in the fandom on both sides of the sea due to the Granblues comic #1274 mentioning the uniform of the female Primarchs, as that’s what they’re all shown to be wearing. It sparked a conversation in the fandom as well on whether or not leotards and giving his creations nice legs are Lucilius’ “hobby”. A joke also popped up that Lucifer inherited this “hobby” from Lucilius due to how he made Sandalphon.
  • Along with the other memes that have sprung up from the WMTSB trilogy, the term “Gayngels” is another one due to the amount of ship tease between most if not all of the Primarchs we’ve been shown so far. explanation  Halluel and Malluel are particularly referred to as “Yuri Angels” by the western fandom due to their dynamic.
  • In the JP fanbase, along with some of the western fanbase, the term “Annei” or “安寧” in Japanese has been popping up as a word to describe Sandalphon in reference to Lucifer, or as a nickname for Sandalphon from Lucifer due to his line in JP telling Sandalphon he will eternally be his “安寧” which means “peace” in Japanese.
  • Geo has defeated evil Explanation 
  • Gisla-chanExplanation 
    • It also helped that Yuki Ono (also a hardcore Granblue veteran who has collected a dozen Gisla spears in-game) expressed satisfaction on getting Kolulu and giving her a Perpetuity Ring to the point where he made a Tweet about "Gisla-chan".
  • Albert is a Luciface. Explanation 
  • "That conversation was enough to make any girl jealous."Explanation 
  • Himbo Lucio. Explanation 
  • New punny “nicknames” for Lucio have popped up as of “The Maydays” summer event such as Holy Shit, due to the unfortunate incident that lead to Sandalphon forcing the mutated shark Old Bruce to shit him out after he was eaten. “Poopio”, which is what Azrael calls him ingame but was quickly adopted by the fanbase. The Eastern fanbase has also taken to calling him ”うんちょ“ and different variations of it, which translates to “poop”.
  • In the same vein as Mochichika from the Touken Ranbu official merchandise line, Lucifer’s official Nui has ascended into meme territory far more so than the other Nui’s from the same line, it’s reign most likely starting when official art came out of Sandalphon holding the Nui version of Lucifer in his 5th anniversary art. From then on in the fanbase, Sandalphon is depicted as owning a Lucifer Nui which is in turn is depicted as being sentient and acts as an extension of Lucifer’s consciousness. In a lot of cases it is depicted as being a companion to Sandalphon while Lucifer is away.
  • Bird Explanation 
  • Athena, μ‘s fangirlExplanation 

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