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Gorilla Monsoon was one of the most quotable, and most frequently quoted, wrestlers of all time, and many of his regular lines have endured through time. A sampling:

  • "Lower Occipital Protuberance"

  • "Conspicuous by his/her absence..."

  • (Regarding two opponents who visibly hate each other) "No love lost between these two"

  • "second turnbuckle on the inside"

  • "singing soprano in the Vienna Boys' Choir"

  • "doesn't know a wristlock from a wristwatch."

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  • "Gimme a break!"


  • "Oh, please!"note 

  • "What a miscarriage of justice!"

  • "The crowd is going bananas!"

  • "...went to the well once too often."

  • (Regarding a fat heel): "This guy hasn't missed too many meals."

  • "Doesn't have both oars in the water"

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