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Memes on the Game Show front:

Please add entries in the following format:
  • The name of the show.
    • Meme name: description of meme and how it's used.
      • Source of meme and fandom it relates to in the form of a labelnote.
      • Further mutations and successor memes, if any.

  • Family Feud: Richard Karn wants you to know that because he feels like a meme, he's going to DOUBLE THE POINTS!!!!!!!! Explanation 
    • But not before you've DRAWN FIRST BLOOD. Explanation 
    • Good answer! Good answer! Explanation 
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    • Survey said... Explanation 
    • NEKKID GRANDMA!! Explanation 
    • IS IT UP THERE? Explanation 
  • But if you do, chances are you'll hear Patrick Wayne tell you that "YOUUUUUUUUUUUU WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN!" If not, that's okay, "Just cause you're divorced doesn't mean you can't have fun, riiiiiiiiiiiight?" Explanation 
    • Oh yeah, and Jim Caldwell wants to add that those red boxes are special categories, he'll be sure to explain them when we get to them. Explanation 
  • Big bucks, no Whammys...STOP! Explanation 
    • Stop at a Flokati Rug! Explanation 
    • The title format of Whammy All New Press Your Luck became a meme in and of itself. Explanation 
  • 21 was RRRRRRRRRRRIGGED! Explanation 
  • WHEEL! OF! FORTUNE!!!!! Explanation 
    • What? You didn't know any of this? I bet you didn't know that Woolery left Wheel.Explanation 
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    • A group of pill-pushers? Explanation 
    • "Who said anything about a horse?!?"Explanation 
    • I'd like to buy a vowel. Explanation 
    • "Top dollar value on the Wheel for the first round is $500. But look out for this black space, Bankrupt, because if you hit it, you lose all your cash, but not your merchandise, because once you buy a prize, it's yours to keep." Explanation 
    • RSTLN E Explanation 
    • The ceramic dalmatian. Explanation 
    • Megaword. Explanation 
  • Good internet game show forum etiquette: DON'T ask how Hot Potato was played. Explanation 
    • ...or ask what game shows [dead celebrity]'s corpse will host. Explanation 
    • ...or proclaim that a cancelled game show is NEW! NEW! NEW! Explanation 
  • "Is that your final answer?" Explanation 
    • "Can I phone a friend?" Explanation 
  • The Generation Game spawned an entire generation's worth of memes, many of which were catch phrases of Bruce Forsyth:
    • "Nice to see you, to see you..." "NICE!" Explanation 
    • "Didn't he do well?" Explanation 
    • "Good game, good game!" Explanation 
    • "Let's have a look at the old scoreboard." Explanation 
    • "...a cuddly toy!" [audience cheers] Explanation 
  • Play Your Cards Right, the British version of Card Sharks, also presented by Bruce Forsyth:
    • "What do points make?" "PRIZES!" Explanation 
    • "Higher! Higher!" "Lower! Lower!" Explanation 
  • That dating show from the 1990s is actually called FREAKIN' STUDS. Explanation 
  • This... is... Jeopardy! Explanation 
    • Sorry, you didn't phrase that in the form of a question. Explanation 
    • Who are three people that have never been in my kitchen? Explanation 
    • What is Toronto? Explanation 
    • I'll take over-used memes for $800, Alex. Explanation 
    • Eleventy billion dollars! Explanation 
    • Liederkranz. Explanation 
    • The "form of a question" format is so pervasive that contestants on non-Jeopardy! shows will unconsciously phrase answers "What is X?" (or similar), as if they were on Jeopardy!, usually to the amusement and/or annoyance of the other show's host. It was something of a Berserk Button on Win Ben Stein's Money, where offending contestants were forced to wear a Dunce Cap as penance.
    • Dankey Kang. Explanation 
  • Joker...Joker...First Ladies! Explanation 
    • Jack, I'll go off the board and take Baseball. Explanation 
    • As we know, The Joker's Wild is a game of definitions.Explanation 
  • I'll take [celebrity's name] for the win, please. Explanation 
    • YOU FOOL! Explanation 
    • Circle/X gets the square! Explanation 
  • "The password is..." Explanation 
  • Deal or No Deal? Explanation 
  • Is it bigger than a breadbox? Explanation 
  • I'll take a P, Bob.
    • Saucy female students: "I'll have U, Bob."
    • "I'll take an E, Bob." Explanation 
  • BRING ON THE WALL! Explanation 
  • In Ireland, "Stop the lights!" Explanation 
  • "You are The Weakest Link... goodbye." Explanation 
  • That's Numberwang!
    • Let's rotate the board! Explanation 
  • I have a question for Bachelor #2... Explanation 
  • "Tell me specifically, where is the weirdest place you've ever gotten the urge to make whoopee?" Explanation 
  • "Dumb Dora was so dumb..." "HOW DUMB WAS SHE?" Explanation 
    • "Slide it, Earl!" Explanation 
    • Old Man Periwinkle Explanation 
  • "...The choice is yours, and yours alone." Explanation 
    • "...Through the SHRIIIIINE OF THE SILVEEEEEER MONKEEEEEY." Explanation 
  • "I can name that tune in five notes." "Four notes." "Three notes." "Name that tune." Explanation 
  • "Not a match; the board goes back." Explanation 
    • "Oh, swell." Explanation 
    • ...IS RIGHT! Explanation 
  • "DO IT, ROCKAPELLA!" Explanation 
    • Greg, go away. Explanation 
  • Is it behind Door #1, Door #2, or Door #3? Explanation 
  • "Your starter for ten..." Explanation 
  • "For $10/$25/$50/$100, is your first subject. Go!" Explanation 
    • "Threefourfifty...$500!" Explanation 
  • "Lower/Higher than a...?" Explanation 
    • "All of it, higher/lower!" Explanation 
  • "Will the real X please stand up?" Explanation 
  • "I would like to introduce you to ten of the most (alliterative two-word phrase, usually with negative meaning) that ever stood between an (occupation) and his/her money, and here...they...are!" Explanation 
    • LONGSHOT! (screeeeeeeeeeech...CRASH!) Explanation 
  • If you'd like to be a contestant on Hit Man, forget it! Explanation 
  • Bowling for X. Explanation 
  • All-Star Blitz, hobba hum hobba heeba humba. Explanation 
  • "We'll be back in two and two."Explanation 

The Price Is Right has so many that it gets its own page.

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