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Memes / Friday Night Funkin'

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"Makin' memes on a Friday night, yeah!"

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  • The meme. [[labelnote:Explanation]]The explanation behind the meme, if necessary.[[/labelnote]] Explanation 
    • Further mutations and successor memes, if any.

  • Fans ran with the idea that Girlfriend's favorite drink is Dr. Pepper Cherry, and it shows up in a lot of fanart as a result.
  • *Raps in Animal Crossing*Explanation 
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  • When the Week 6 update came out, many people took to editing Senpai and Boyfriend's dialogue boxes to make them say silly things, or translating Boyfriend's beeps and boops as hilariously obscene insults.
  • Boyfriend's short chibi stature has fans calling him a manlet or a midget.
  • Boyfriend's "big Hulk hands" compared to Girlfriend's is also a source of memes, with some joking about A Date with Rosie Palms.
  • SENPAI IS REAL!Explanation 
  • "Big ol' bunny"Explanation 
    • Pico's lyrics are also misheard as "demolishing the mannequin".
    • In "Pico", the beginning verse is often misheard as "Go, Pico! Yeah! Yeah! Go, Pico! Yeah!"
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  • Daddy Dearest is often compared to Dracula from Hotel Transylvania.
  • Likewise, Spirit is often compared to Giygas from Earthbound.
  • "Or maybe turn her into bruh" Explanation 
  • Mr. Krabs in Friday Night Funkin'. Explanation 
  • Cheese ManExplanation 
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  • Lemon Demon wants to kill himself for not having an iPhone.Explanation 
  • Ritz vs. TankmanExplanation 
  • Neil Cicierega and Monster are the same person.Explanation 
  • "obligatory last song transformation" / The Whitty Syndrome Explanation 
  • The second half of "Guns" Explanation 
  • "Ugh" covers/"Ugh" except [x] sings it.Explanation 
    • [x] song but [y] character sings it. Explanation 
    • Can he beat Whitty tho?Explanation 
  • Fuck Daddy Dearest, all my homies hate himExplanation 
  • Louka SéguinExplanation 
  • Monster is a pedophile.Explanation 
  • [x] got me like (Where X is the name of a song)Explanation 
  • "omg is that [x] from friday night funkin?!?!?!?" / "I swear if I hear people saying [x] character is from FNF" (where X is a Game Mod or Crossover character) Explanation 
  • [x] song but funni Explanation 
  • On platforms like TikTok, a common soundbite used features Boyfriend singing a faster version of "Blammed" with many notes, after which Monster utters a confused "What?"


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