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Memes / Dwarf Fortress

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  • X cancels Y, interrupted by Z. Explanation 
    • X cancels Clean Self: Too insane.Explanation 
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  • LMAO! 2CAT!!!1 Explanation 
    • This meme can also be done in the way "Welcome to fucking X, hope you like Y"
  • In some versions of the game, some creatures briefly ended up too overpowered, with carp and giant sponge (see below) being the most prominent example.
    • "Without a nervous system, all they can feel is ANGER." explanation 
  • Magma has achieved memetic status as an all-solving force on the Bay12 forums. Any question and any problem may be solved by magma.
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  • This is a wiki edit. All craftstropership is of the highest quality. This object is adorned with bands of fancruft and menaces with spikes of flame. Explanation 
  • "You look like a mighty warrior." "I'm FOUR!"Explanation 
  • Footkerchief is the search engine.Explanation 
  • "It was inevitable."Explanation 
  • Losing is Fun.Explanation 
    • This has extended to the word "fun" itself, which is used as a Deadly Euphemism for something that will probably cause mayhem for the player.
  • Despite not having any real preference for clothing, it's become common wisdom that Dwarves will go through ANYTHING to pick up a sock. Goblin sieges, undead, literal Hell? Yup.
  • Just about everything worth doing or reading on the forums will, inevitably, be surrounded by !!double exclamation points!! at some point. This is how the game indicates things which are on fire.
    • Sometimes the quality or wear markers will be used, as in +quality marker+ or xXwear markerXx.
  • The canonical generic dwarven name, Urist McProfession (Urist McMiner, Urist McMarksdwarf, Urist McRavingLoony...) is well-known on the forums.
    • This has extended to Urists being used as a generic unit for certain game-specific measurements: temperature measurements are in degrees Urist, and the length dimension of one tile being one Urist.
  • Microcline seems to have become some sort of memetic mineral, due to being obscure in geology terms, rather useless aside from basic rock uses, weirdly abundant in separate pockets that make sure you get the announcement multiple times, and the exact same color as Adamantine, which saves decoration-minded fort overseers a lot of pain.
    You have struck Microcline!