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Being a long-lasting and popular site for artists, Deviantart has started and helped spur many memes throughout the years.

Art Memes

  • The "Draw this again! Meme" is where artists show off their Art Evolution.
  • The site helped popularize Japanese art memes from Pixiv such as the one where characters have different hairstyles or the one where couples kiss in various ways.
  • The "Age Meme" shows a character at various ages.


  • Deviantart has an unsightly reputation for attracting immature users, subpar artists, and furries, among other groups. It's become a joke used by its detractors and its fans.
  • One April Fools' joke involved changing everyone's icons into a gif of the Pokémon character Mudkip. The gif continued to be popular for years afterwards and the event helped make the Mudkip even more popular.
  • The site's reputation for having some... unusual... fetish art means that whenever a show uses tropes like Balloon Belly or Inflating Body Gag in a non-fetish context, you can bet someone somewhere is yelling "DEEVIANTAAAAART!" in an accusatory tone.

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