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Steve: Here's a page on inside jokes from this film.
Tony: No, they're called memes.

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  • The meme. Explanation 
    • Further mutations and successor memes, if any.

  • It's become commonplace to caption images of Tony and Cap with mundane/petty arguments (often involving Fandom Rivalries or Broken Bases), followed by this movie's logo.Note 
    • Do you trust me?; I do(n't)Explanation 
  • When Chris Evans commented that he actually agreed with the idea of the Sokovia Accords, someone posted the standard Civil War meme with Tony saying "We need limits," Cap answers "I agree," and the Civil War logo replaced with the Doctor Strange logo.
  • Your Bucky. Note 
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  • When it was announced that Martin Freeman would be joining the cast, captioned images have popped up showing Freeman as Bilbo Baggins from The Hobbit trilogy being recruited to join "a team" by Nick Fury, instead of "an adventure" by Gandalf.
  • This image of Bucky and the Falcon running alongside each other proved to be very ripe for edits the moment it hit the web. Then Reddit got involved.
  • Due to Peter Parker/Spider-Man's involvement in the film, and his conspicious absence from promotional material, it has been commonplace to have J. K. Simmons' JJ Jameson asking for pictures of Spider-Man ever since Spider-Man was slated to be in the film. The lack of Spider-Man in the (first) trailer naturally brought this back in full force.
  • Due to the short gap between the release of Jessica Jones (2015)' episodes and this movie's first trailer, fans joke that Marvel only released the trailer because Kilgrave (the Big Bad of Jessica Jones who has Compelling Voice ability) told them to do so.
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  • "Did you see Ant-Man? He was in every scene!"note 
  • "Your mom's name is Sarah." This line from the trailer, coupled with lots of Steve and Bucky's Ho Yay/Heterosexual Life-Partners traits, causes fans to jokingly remind Bucky that he's not in How I Met Your Mother. There has also been a slew of Your Mom jokes due to this line being the first thing Bucky says to Steve after he asks if Bucky remembers him.
    • After the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, in which the titular heroes' mothers sharing the same name is used as a plot point, many similar jokes were made about Iron Man and Cap putting aside their differences since their mothers have somewhat similar sounding names, or that both their best friends are named James.
    • Becomes somewhat Harsher in Hindsight considering that the plot of that movie is resolved because both heroes' mothers have the same name, but in this film, The Reveal that one hero is responsible for killing the other hero's mother angers the hero, and everything goes to hell from that moment forward.
  • Thor's absence has been the subject of jokes about how he's deliberately laying low in order to avoid getting drawn into the fight. Chris Hemsworth even released a video where he complained that he and the Hulk never got an invite to join either team. Thor's absence is sometimes explained with the fact that he's busy with another war, Winter's War. Hemsworth and Mark Ruffalo later filmed a Mockumentary about what Thor and Banner were doing during Civil War, with the joking explanation being that nobody could reach Thor because he doesn't own a phone.
  • Some of Black Panther's scenes led to call backs to earlier memes and jokes:
    • The scene of Black Panther kicking Bucky in the face led to references to the infamous Chappelle's Show sketch where Charlie Murphy kicked Rick James. It's also a popular response gif for internet discussions regarding racism.
    • The scene where Black Panther outruns Cap has been used as a joking response to the "On your left!" scene from The Winter Soldier.
    • The scene of him casually shrugging off a hail of bullets has led to jokes referencing Quicksilver's death during a similar scene in Avengers: Age of Ultron.
    • General jokes about Black Panther bullying Bucky since most of his scenes are of him beating Bucky up or chasing after him, egged on by the Russo brothers and Sebastian Stan. It even spawned the Crack Pairing of Bucky/T'Challa, dubbed T'Chucky. To virtually everyone's surprise both joke and ship turned out far less cracky than expected. T'Challa spends most of the movie hell-bent on killing Bucky, holding him responsible for the death of his father. Upon learning Bucky's innocent T'Challa becomes a staunch ally, hiding Bucky in Wakanda and swearing to protect him and cure his brainwashing.
    • Disney Prince T'Challa (as Marvel is owned by Disney theoretically they could include Marvel characters in its Disney Royalty line-up.)
    • Do you have a moment to learn about our Lord and Savior King T'Challa?Explanation 
    • T'Challa doesn't care.Explanation 
  • "# Team [x]" became popular fairly quickly. The actual marketing, of course, gave us "# Team Iron Man" and "# Team Captain America" and the fans took the phrase and ran with it, applying it to their favorite MCU characters or to Marvel characters they wish were making an appearance. The most popular seem to be "# Team Ant-Man," "# Team Black Panther," and "# Team Spider-Man." Seemingly acknowledged in the 2016 Super Bowl TV Spot where several character names are shown at the end with "# Team" in front of them.
  • General jokes about Captain America getting overshadowed in his own movie by Black Panther and Spider-Man.
  • "UNDEROOS!"Explanation 
  • "BACKPACK CLIP"Explanation 
  • "Woohoo! Superhero landing!"Explanation 
  • Videos are popping up comparing Spidey's entrance to Spider-Man (Japan), dubbing in his Toku self's catch-phrase.
  • Civil War: best anime ever!Explanation 
  • Bucky just wanted to buy some plums.Explanation 
  • Zemo just wanted Mission Report, December 16, 1991.Explanation  Relatedly, people asking for "Mission Report, December 16, 1991," or Snowcloneing in the dates of infamous real-world events is becoming a meme unto itself.
  • Spoilers for Civil War: The Union defeats The Confederacy, Lee surrenders, Lincoln dies.Explanation Also: The Protectorate is established, Cromwell becomes Lord protector, and Charles I is executed. Another variation is bringing up spoilers from the original comic event which weren't adapted, such as Crossbones killing Captain America, Punisher killing Stilt Man, and Tony recruiting villains to help fight Cap.
  • Sam and Bucky's bickering relationship has become a meme on Tumblr, mostly involving text posts of Sam passive-aggressively trolling Bucky (or vice versa).
  • Among Asian fans, jokes and puzzlement about Bucky looking overweight or Off-Model (insofar as it can apply to a real life person) during the airport scene, with this shot in particular inspiring a lot of parody fanart drawing Bucky as an over-the-top Gonk or chubby cat. Received a bit of Meme Acknowledgement when Sebastian Stan was asked about it, with the response that Bucky used his newfound freedom to binge on junk food.
  • Bucky with the good hairExplanation 
  • "Okay, tiny dude is big now. He's big now." Explanation 

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