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Memes / Beyond Despairís Bounds

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  • From the NSFW chat, eel titties, or rather, tiddies
  • Eliot and his various ships.
    • Also Eliot and Ryuu going full homo
  • Kaigara, just all of him. Explanation 
  • bria (: Explanation 
  • Kill[character name]2015
    • Protect[character name] 2015
  • :3c
  • X is a furry
    • Cas confirmed furry.
  • Masami's crocs. Explanation 
    • Destroy them Explanation(Spoilers!) 
  • The fact Masami's fate was sealed by Taj, their roleplayer's previous character.
  • Sloop woop! Explanation 
  • Character quizzes. Explanation 

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