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Given their personalities and social media presence, is not surprising that BTS are a Fountain of Memes.

NOTE: Some of these memes are already Discredited (and indicated as such in their explanations). This list is in a roughly chronological order to facilitate this distinction.

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Songs and music videos

  • CAUGHT IN A LIEEEE~ Explanation 
    • "Where's the lie, though?" "In the Wings album", is a very common retaliation amongst ARMYs.
  • "Spring Day" never fails to reappear and climb up the Korean charts whenever there's a new BTS album, getting to the point of actually interrupting all-kills. It's therefore become a common joke that "Spring Day" is always waiting behind a corner for a new release in order to steal the spotlight, with some fans exasperatedly yelling at it to go away.
  • [verb] Yourself Explanation 
  • "WHY YOU SAD?!" "I don't know, nan molla" Explanation 
    • "SO SHOW ME" "I'LL SHOW YOU" Explanation 
  • The #BASELINECHALLENGE Explanation 
  • Alright, she dropped the cheesecake...Explanation 
  • "I'm so fine you're so fine askjdnakfajnfkajfakfaksjbksbakbfkfabkn" Explanation 
  • (whispers) suga Explanation 
  • CRAZY FOR MYSELF Explanation 
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  • 7 Explanation 
  • Comparing the last scene of the cinematic version of the "ON" music video to The Lion King (1994), and the shell Jungkook uses to the Magic Conch.
    • Jungkook Jesus Explanation 
    • "I can't understand what people are saying" Explanation 
    • Michael told me in the closet/I got some chicken I'm so sad Explanation 
  • "shining through the city with a little funk and soul" Explanation 
    • editing, making wild excuses for, or outright denying Yoongi's failure to get the ball through the hoop in the "Dynamite" B-side video.
  • "Like an echo in the forest/On my pillow, on my table" Explanation 
  • "Get it, let it roll" Explanation 

From Run BTS!

Run! BTS has been the source of many, many memes. For example:
  • The Tomato song.
    • Jungkook and J-Hope's disgruntled expressions after waking up from a 30-minute nap.
    • Jimin's frustrated yell at getting the song wrong yet again.
  • Suga and Jin's failed pictures in a "take pictures while jumping in front of a camera high above" game, used as a reaction to an Epic Fail.
  • Jungkook dancing and twerking while wearing glasses.
    • Jin doing a slut drop, from the same episode.
  • J-Hope's soul leaving his body - complete with a Windows-shutting-down sound effect - in an amusement park ride.
  • The Funny Background Event of V aka. Taehyung happily dancing (while Jin freaks out blindly trying to guess what's inside of a box) has become a reaction image towards enjoying drama involving other people/fandoms (or representing BTS or BigHit watching fans after dropping a teaser or announcement).
  • After the members' serious debate over mint chocolate in an episode, mint chocolate has become to the fandom what pineapple is for pizza enthusiasts on social media, with people hotly debating whether it's actually good. A coffee shop in Korea that offers discounts for official ARMY fanclub members for the ARMYPEDIA event also has mint chocolate on the special menu.
  • la chi mo la la Explanation 

Specific - other

  • "Jimin, you got no jams." Explanation 
    • "no jams" (as a noun or adjective) Explanation 
    • "Oh... my heart is... my heart is oh my god."Explanation 
  • A picture of the group making weird/cute/funny poses with the caption: "Apparently, their image is 'bad boys'." Explanation 
  • "BTS BROUGHT ME HERE!" or any variation of that. Explanation 
  • "Jungshook." Explanation 
    • "Jungkook.exe has stopped working."
  • "I'll sue you, Min Yoongi!" Explanation 
  • Namjoon's IQ of 148. Frequently brought up during seeming lapses in intelligence.
  • Jin has acquired a number of nicknames due to his good looks attracting attention from non-fans
    • Car Door Guy. Explanation 
    • The Third One from the Left. Explanation 
    • Worldwide Handsome. Explanation 
  • The Prince of Busan. Explanation 
    • The Blonde Guy With The Silver Jacket. Explanation 
    • The Guy in the Red Suit/Red Suit Guy. Explanation 
  • Jay. Explanation 
  • 12-am-KST-phobia. Explanation 
  • "I know X, but I don't know X name". Explanation 
    • Usually accompanied with this image from that moment in the interview.
  • "karma is an ARMY." Explanation 
    • "What Yoongi wants, Yoongi gets." Explanation 
      • "Minstradamus".
  • "armeries"/"armchairs"/"armpits" Explanation 
  • "Namjoon and I have been living together for __ years" Explanation 
  • Suga's tendency to hold hands with other members - and instances of Suga's attempts to hold hands being ignored - have led fans to joke about him constantly looking for someone to hold his hand, with fans clamoring for someone to please just give him what he wants.
    • RM's unfortunate streak of trying and failing at shaking hands and giving high-fives because of people misunderstanding or not noticing him - including interviewers, fellow members, and an instance in Bon Voyage of RM reaching for something, only for Suga to misread the gesture and shake his hand instead -, have led to a similar clamoring for someone to just notice his attempts (or the logical conclusion of having him and Suga shake hands).
  • The "Go Away" cat.Explanation 
  • Thread: BTS as _______ Explanation 
  • #Hello_We_Are_Beardtan. Explanation 
  • "but namjoon" Explanation 
  • Hoseok and bananas. Explanation 
    • "Just take it, you bastard!"
  • Park Jamal. Explanation 
  • President Namjoon. Explanation 
  • "i miss joon"Explanation 
  • "Lil Meow Meow" Explanation 
    • Portraying Suga as much tinier than he actually is (sometimes combined with the above).
  • Mocking problematic tweets by antis and fansnote  by replacing the names of the group or member(s) involved with the names of BT21 characters or V's dog.
    • In the same vein, mocking fanwars and arguments from other fandoms by faking Fandom Rivalries over songs, aka. "Paradise" stans vs. "Love Maze" stans, "Make It Right" stans vs. "HOME" stans, etc.
  • Chaotic Jin. Explanation 
    • JinHit Entertainment. Explanation 
    • "BE GAY! DRINK VODKA! DO CRIMES!" Explanation 
  • This clip of Jimin appearing onstage from an ascending platform crouching with a goofy grin and then proudly posing dramatically, from the DVD of an early-2018 fan-meeting in Japan, is often used in reference to something or someone's glorious return.
  • jincult Explanation 
  • The 2018 Mnet Music Awards gave us 2 memes:
    • Namjoon cheering for Tiger JK, only to belatedly notice the camera. Has been combined with the "Meryl Streep cheering" meme.
    • This edit of Jungkook walking through a runway (from the intro to "Airplane pt. 2") to Beyoncé's "Partition".
      • (subject) on (subject's) way to (x) Explanation 
  • From the 2018 year-end KBS Festival, Jin dancing and waving his lightsticks in a rather... peculiar way quickly became a reaction gif.
  • This video of V dancing (tweeted for his birthday in 2018). Often reposted with different music.
  • Happy birthday, motherfucker! Explanation 
  • ain't no fish inside Explanation 
    • thats not me fellas. don't look at me Explanation 
  • The fact that Dispatch doesn't have anything on BTS is a meme itself. Following the reveal by Dispatch of Blackpink's Jennie and EXO Kai's romantic relationship at the start of 2019, a lot of memes popped up about how Dispatch will try to dig up dirt on BTS but have nothing to use against them - with the Dispatch employee finding members taking pictures of squirrels in the park, getting trapped in a hand-holding session with Suga, finding themselves be instead consoled by RM about their life issues, and so on.
  • Seokjin gay Explanation 
  • A clip of RM saying "organic!" has become a common reaction video in talks about BTS' success and records.
  • A recurring fandom joke is that there's a very simple way to prove that BTS don't do lipsyncing in live performances: because - as seen in music videos -, they're just really, really, bad at doing that.
    • Similarly, wondering what cool hand gestures RM will pull in the next music video to cover his mouth to disguise his really bad lipsyncing.
  • HEY ARMY! LOST THIS? Explanation 
  • This edit of Jungkook waving his arms along with a song, set to instrumentals of Michael Jackson's "Rock With You".
  • "Rebuilding America isn't gonna get rid of the BTs." Explanation 
    • "HOW TO KILL BTS" Explanation 
  • The reveal of SM Entertainment's SuperM project (a new "supergroup" composed of members of several existing SM groups) and hype around them as the "Avengers of K-pop" has been the source of many jokes about BTS being Thanos (who, in a twist of fate, just so happens to be purple), an invincible, inevitable enemy that has everyone else teaming up to defeat him.
  • namjooning Explanation 
  • Blaming every minor inconvenience or issue that happens on Supreme Boi, a BigHit producer.
  • Being "armyphobic", a term used when fans are acting up and causing drama within the fandom.
  • The BTSMVAs Explanation 
  • While serious and worrying, the JTBC incident in early December 2019 was so ridiculous in how it went down note  that ARMYs coped with the news with humor, having a field day on Twitter making jokes about JTBC finding random members of BTS or TXT in the hallway, BigHit calling the members and/or their parents in the middle of the night to ask if they were making a lawsuit, or joking that JTBC could taken their chance to leak anything better than a made-up lawsuit, such as the next album's tracklist.
  • ARMYs making fun of themselves thinking that the album following MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA, was going to be titled "Shadow" or "Ego", following the theme of Jungian archetypes. It was at the same time both and neither, with the album being titled MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 but having two comeback trailers titled "Shadow" and "Ego".
  • "For every Yoongi pic there is a cat pic" Explanation 
  • You'll never catch Jin slipping Explanation 
  • The part of Jungkook's Golden Closet Film in Helsinki where among the nice shots and scenery there's a random scene of Jin and Jimin mock-fighting while j-hope cheerfully throws a thumbs-up to the camera has become a popular image template.
  • delete this Ami [purple heart] / Ami? delete [purple heart] Explanation 
  • ARMYbotsExplanation 
  • The announcement of BTS' third docu-series Break The Silence (following Burn the Stage and Bring The Soul) was followed by many jokes and tongue-in-cheek suggestions for the title of the next BTS documentary.
  • SUGA 93 hoodies Explanation 
  • "I don't know what he said, but let's laugh" Explanation 
    • "You're a joker guy" Explanation 
    • The guy in the middle Explanation 
    • Papa Mochi Explantion 
  • ARMYs bragging about BTS earning their first #1 Billboard hit with Dynamite in every possible.
    • And later doing the same thing when BTS becomes the first k-pop group nominated for a Grammy.
  • #JIMIM Explanation 
  • Ohmmmmmmyyyyyyyyggghghhhhhhhgggggggggdhdhsjsixudbslsogbdsisgshdbxidjdbdidhdifjfiri Explanation 
  • JIN JIN JIN JIN JJINIYAAAAAA (thumbs up)Explanation 
  • Jungkook as Howl Pendragon. Explanation 
  • Five Jungkooks or five-year-old Jungkook? Explanation 
  • Taechwita Explanation 
  • The eight member of BTS. Explanation 


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