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"What on earth was that!?"
  • I told you... NOT! TO! TOUCH IT!!!!!!!!!!!Explanation 
  • Also, if it counts, using the Arthur Comic Creator game on the PBS website and making completely innocent stories with it has become popular with 4chan users and other forums.
  • Oh, are you having cake?
  • This is spinach...and I! HATE! SPINACH!!!!!!Explanation 
  • Buster: "You really think someone would do that — just go on the Internet and tell lies?"Explanation 
  • The Ass Was Fat.
  • "He does it for free"Explanation 
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  • WWE fans have noticed the resemblance of hairstyles between AJ Styles and Molly MacDonald. This has led to fans bringing in signs like these.
  • In mid-2016, Arthur screenshots became a popular source of memes, many of which are NSFW like this one. Arthur was even declared the meme of the year by top ten list-YouTube channel WatchMojo.
    • The Arthur's angry fist clench reaction image was the most widespread Arthur meme of the craze. It's pretty much exactly what it sounds like [1]
  • This scene from the Season 17 episode "Binky's Music Madness", where Binky listens to a band called Bang On A Can All Stars and has an...unusual reaction to it has seen several remixes where Binky listens to other music/songs and has the same reaction, similar to a previous Peppa Pig trend.
    • Arthur wearing a set of headphones before that scene.
  • "Dear Sue Ellen: I’m sorry I upset you, I didn’t mean to. It was really just a joke. I thought you could take a joke. But I guess I was wrong. I’ve been teased before about wearing glasses but I never felt I had to tell the teacher about it and get someone else in trouble. Maybe you’re just over-reacting? I don’t understand why you’re so upset about such a small thing. I thought we were friends."Explanation 
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  • Matt Damon's Ink-Suit Actor character from "The Making of Arthur" has become something of a Memetic Badass/Recurring Extra gag character in YouTube Poop, especially those made by Schaffrillas Productions in which Damon will show up almost Once an Episode.
  • "That sign can't stop me because I can't read!" Explanation 
  • "I HATE Martin Spivak!"Explanation 
  • "Mom! There's a singing moose in front of the house!" Explanation 
  • This exchange:
    "I can't believe I'd say this about my best friend, but you're a richist!"
    "A what?"
    "A richist! Someone who's prejudiced against rich people!" Explanation 
    • From the same special, the scene where DW thinks she sees Santa in the bathroom but sees Arthur peeing instead, causing him to scream.note 
  • A bear and chicken kissing each other with D.W. staring at them. Explanation 
  • "Having fun isn't hard, when you've got a library card!" Explanation 
  • "I said banana! Banana was MY idea! Without me, THERE IS NO BANANA!"Explanation 
  • "Arthur says the n word" Explanation: 
  • Gay rat wedding Explanation 
  • A-A-R-D-V-A-R-K
  • "Where do you get square balloons?" "Blow square breaths!"

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