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It is a long-standing tradition in Professional Wrestling for gimmick names to let fans know exactly what they're in for.

  • Kharma, who beats up heel Divas. In other words, Kharma's a bitch, and it comes back to bite you in the ass.
    • One of her signature moves is the "Implant Buster," where she picks a woman up into the air, flips them onto their stomach, and drops them straight down onto their... face. Among other things.
  • Sin Cara means No Face. This has a double meaning; not only does his mask completely hide his face, but due to legal necessity, he left his previous identity as Mistico behind when he signed with WWE — in other words, he is now without the "face" he has wrestled under his entire career.
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  • A man of mystery: Rey Mysterio Jr.. Doubles that in Spanish his name is King Mystery or King of Mystery.
  • Pompous Brit: William Regal
  • Insane woman: Luna
  • Destructive giant from India: The Great Khali [sic]
  • Pain-bringing Wild Samoan warrior: Umaga ("The End")
  • Corrupt taxman: Irwin R. Schyster [sic]
  • Evil dentist (yes, dentist): Isaac Yankem. Who later became jealous, murderous brother Kane.
  • Angry Scotsman: Roddy Piper
  • Japanese silent warrior with facepaint: The Great Kabuki
  • Adult film star: Val Venis (Rhymes with...)
  • Texan cowboy brothers: Billy and Bart Gunn
  • Gothic vampire: Gangrel (They even gave White Wolf credit for the name when licensing it!)
  • Little Richard-style flamboyant rock'n'roller: Johnny B. Badd
  • That said, that heel with all the pizazz was really born Ric (Richard) Fleihr, and the egotistical Ravishing Rick Rude was actually named Richard Rood. (Bobby Roode - no relation, but similar gimmick - also uses his real name.)
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  • Buffed out hero. Hulk Hogan (Licensed from Marvel, even.)
  • Treacherous Brother: Judas Mesias
  • Mexican wrestling legend Dos Caras (Two Faces) was so named because he was one of Lucha's first prominent tweeners; on any given night, he could be a face or a heel. The same can be said for Dos Caras Jr., but without his mask he's almost always a heel.
  • Out of their minds luchadors who will put their bodies on the line: Psicosis and Super Crazy
  • A pair of incredibly beautiful twins of Mexican and Italian ancestry: Bella Twins (bonus points for "bella" meaning beautiful in both Spanish and Italian.)
  • Wani's name referred to a Dragon or Sea Monster from Japanese Mythology though it could also be translated as crocodile.
  • Kind of a coincidence, but John Nord played a Viking and his last name is Nord.
  • African-American woman from New Orleans: Jazz

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