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Mathematician's Answers in webcomics.

  • In this Ozy and Millie strip, Millie gets one of these from her own subconscious.
  • Invoked by Word of God in response to this Drowtales page. When a reader asked if Kiel was referring to the flying daggers, or fire wielding dude when she said 'I want one of those', Drowtales writer Kern stated the correct answer was "Yes"
  • Edmund Finneys Quest To Find The Meaning Of Life has this comic.
  • In The Order of the Stick, the Oracle's first answer to Roy's question "Where is Xykon?" was "In his throne room." Roy persuaded him to follow up with a more useful answer.
    • When Belkar asked the oracle whether he would kill "Miko, Miko's stupid horse, Roy, Vaarsuvius, or you [the oracle]," the oracle replied "Yes."
    • Vaarsuvius does this to Haley in another strip
    • This is generally the sort of answer given when a question is asked about V's gender.
    • When asked where Girard's Gate (the Artifact sealing Girard's Rift) is, a deliberately unhelpful (but compelled to tell the truth) mummy does this. It first answers "in the Desert", then, when asked for ulterior clarification, it says "around Girard's Rift" (which the protagonists and readers know already, since it's sealing it), and finally, when asked where Girard's Rift is, it goes: "Between Girard's Buttcheeks."
    Elan: The tragic loss to the field of ass comedy diminishes us all.
  • On the Gunnerkrigg Court forum, Tom Siddell gives this type of answer to the few questions he doesn't want to answer.
    Fan: What did the Court do with Sivo's body? ... Was Sivo laid to rest somewhere near the Court, or were his remains sent to an Orjak burial ground in the Bovec Mountains or elsewhere?
    Tom Siddell: Eglamore dealt with the matter in the way agreed on between he and his friend.
    Fan: I like how most characters have slightly different skin colors. But because they do, I'm not sure what to make of Zimmy's ashen color. Do you consider it to be in the expected range of variation for Gunnerkrigg characters (it does seem like the Headmaster's is quite similar), or is it intended to suggest something like unhealthiness or unnaturalness or even just griminess?
    Tom Siddell: Yup.
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  • This Irregular Webcomic! strip.
  • Yeah, Something*Positive did it, too.
    "Davan, I'm going to force self-worth into you if I have to do it with a suppository."
    "Be gentle, it'll be my first time."
    "First time to be rectally violated or first time to feel good about yourself?"
    "I honestly, truly hate you."
    "Because I did that to your character, or because I thought to put it in a game before you?"
    • In the "Life according to S*P" comic in which Davan is horrified to realise he's been arguing about Star Trek (2009) on the internet and used a LOLCat, Randy's comment at the bottom of the strip is "If you're wondering if the argument or the LOLCat was stupid, the answer is yes."
  • The Flaky Pastry 100th strip spectacular showed Nitrine giving a slightly more helpful Mathematician's Answer.
  • Sluggy Freelance: Kusari answers with one here.
    Kusari: Dr. Shankraft, you are in trouble. In a permanent sense. We can help.
    Dr. Shankraft: Help me get "into" my permanent trouble, or "out" of it?
    Kusari: Yes.
  • Able And Baker gives one of these here.
    "What's your honest opinion?"
    "The one thing I can never be wrong about."
  • This strip from the "spelling bee" arc in Terror Island:
    York: Stephen, your word is "Camelopard."
    Stephen: Can you use it in a sentence?
    York: Almost certainly.
    Stephen: Sorry, will you use it in a sentence?
    York: Probably not. It isn't a very common word.
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  • xkcd gets one early on here:
    What time is it?
    That's a pretty boring answer.
    Is not. It's the least boring answer imaginable.
  • From Wapsi Square, Shelly gives one when asked where she got her tattoo.
  • In 8-Bit Theater, we have two examples:
    • Having been jumped on multiple times by both Red Mage and Dragoon, Black Mage gives us this exchange:
      Thief: Since when do you care about quests?
      Black Mage: Since it's a convenient excuse to butcher Sir Hopsalot for revenge.
      Dragoon: You mean Red Mage or me?
      Black Mage: YES.
    • Then, we have Red Mage's character sheet. Religion: Okay.
  • The Trenches:
    Manager: Ever been arrested?
    Isaac: Once.
    Manager: What for?
    Isaac: Breaking the law.
  • In Tales of the Questor Quentyn stumbles into his parent's kitchen to find Squidge, the bogey, sitting in the middle of a pie, snarfing it down doublehanded.
    Quentyn: Squidge, what are you doing here?
    Squidge: (looking around) Eatin' pie.
    Quentyn: No, I mean — why are you in my mother's kitchen?
    Squidge: 'Cause that where pie is.
  • Cyanide & Happiness loves these:
    Alien: Thank you for repairing my ship, human. You may ask me one question.
    Man: Can it be about anything?
    Alien: Yes. (disappears)
    • and a variation
    Yellow Shirt What's wrong?
    Green Shirt My Uncle died of a heart attack.
    Yellow Shirt Jeez, I'm sorry, my heart goes out to your family.
    Green Shirt Really could of used that yesterday.
    • and another one
    Cyan Shirt What are you reading?
    Green Shirt A book.
  • Guilded Age:
    Gravedust: How did you sleep last night?
    Frigg: By puttin my head down on a pillow.
  • Subverted in one of the extra strips of Paranatural.
    Max: Mr. Starchman, can I go to the bathroom?
    Mr. Starchman: CAN you go to the bathroom?
    Max: Uh... may I go to the bathroom?
    Mr. Starchman: MAY you go to the bathroom?
    [Cut to the classroom turned into a mess, the teacher screaming while ripping his shirt open and the kids kneeling on the floor with their hands on their heads.]
  • In Dumbing of Age, when Walky gives Dorothy flowers:
    Walky: Do you like them or is this just kinda cheesy?
    Dorothy: Yes.
  • Full Frontal Nerdity has this exchange:
    Frank: Lewis's character [will] become the random misfortune death-god.
    Shawn: Do you pray to him to get that kind of death or to avoid it?
    Lewis: Yes.
  • This Dinosaur Comics strip has the following exchange:
    Dromiceiomimus: What's 11 divided by 34.1?
    T-Rex: Um... a number?
    Utahraptor: Ah, the "not wrong but also not meaningfully correct" route!
    T-Rex: It's technically correct!
    Utahraptor: I believe you'll find someone who takes the risk of being wrong is preferred to someone who is never wrong but never says anything worth saying.
  • JL8:
    Diana: Wait, why are you giving Bruce flirty faces?
    Diana: Because you like him, or you like the fact that he owns horses?
    Karen: Yes.
  • Homestuck:
    DAVE: you might want to get your ass in gear
    DAVE: shits going down on lofaf
    ROSE: Could you elaborate?
    (closeup on Dave's mouth)
    DAVE: theres problems
    ROSE: Then let us bounce.
  • Children of Eldair: An exchange seen here.
    Indri: I like a man who's good at what he does.
    Kian: Being a cad? Or using my muscles for dubious purposes?
    Indri: Yes.
  • From (x, why?), the math teachers employ a little Coffee Logic.
  • Becomes the cause of an attack that causes the death of four people in a Stand Still, Stay Silent flashback.
    "It's the most recent scout report for the site of the attack. It's improperly filled out. And quite vague. The section for area details merely says 'Yes'".
  • Nineteen-Ninety-Something: It was heavily implied that the Duquesnes moved from California to Eden Prairie to keep the police from looking too hard at Kevin for the rape and murder of one of his sister Lindsay's high school rivals. Lindsay (privately) cops to sending Kevin after said rival, but just to scare her, maybe to rough her up a bit. When Lindsay asks Kevin directly if he responsible for the rape/murder, Kevin would simply say "I did what you asked me to."


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