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Mathematician's Answers in web original media.

  • The Frequently Given Answers page makes a serious attempt to inform unsuspecting answer-seekers how to avoid this trope, when asking questions of places frequented mainly by the overly literal.
  • Spoony's take on the changes to Yuna between Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2.
    Spoony: Quite a long way from the traditional kimono she wore before, and her previous characterization as a kind, demure, religious care-giver with a tragic fate. But is this huge change in outfit and characterization because of the radical cultural shift in Spira because of the exposure of Yevon as a maniacal, genocidal cult run by the undead bent on world domination... or just because Japanese perverts want to see some cleavage and her cute ass in boyshorts? Good question... The answer is "Yes".
  • Dragon Ball Z Abridged:
    Butarega: King Vegeta, I have urgent news!
    King Vegeta: Speak, Butarega.
    Butarega: Bardock has gone absolutely mad, Sire!
    Bardock: (off in the distance) FREEZA!!
    King Vegeta: What's all the commotion about?
    Butarega: He's been telling everyone that Freeza plans to destroy Vegeta!
    King Vegeta: Wait, my son, the planet, or me?
    Butarega: ...Yes.
    (Butarega is blasted by King Vegeta)
    King Vegeta: Freakin' smartass.
    • King Vegeta does it again in Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan Abridged when Paragus begs him to try to spare Broly's life and he falls into the same trap Butarega did.
  • The main character of Ask a Ninja loves to do this, especially during the "Omnibus" episodes.
    Question: What is integral theory?
    Ninja: Complicated.
    Question: Of all the ninja skills in the world, which is the deadliest?
    Ninja: The one that kills you.
  • In Episode 9 of RedLetterMedia's Best of the Worst, the group's initial enjoyment of The Amazing Bulk, as Mike explains, is quickly extinguished by the question of whether the movie is a sincere attempt to make a visually stylized film in the vein of Sin City, an intentionally So Bad, It's Good movie in an effort to rival the popularity of Birdemic or The Room, or the straight mockbuster it appears to be.
    Jay: The answer is yes.
    Mike: Which one?
    Jay: Mmhmm.
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  • Geoff from Achievement Hunter is fond of these, from time to time. For instance, in a heated game of Halo 4:
    Ray: (after Geoff kills him) "What?!"
    Geoff: "Uh, that was me killing you."
    Ray: "Yeah, thanks, but with what?"
    Geoff: "With a gun."
    Ray: "Thanks man."
  • Not Always Right:
    • This exchange:
      Customer: I need a tire for a 2010 Honda Accord.
      Me: What do you have on there now?
      Customer: A flat tire.
    • This customer.
    • This one too. What does your camera take? Pictures!
  • Ask That Guy with the Glasses sometimes gives these answers.
    Q: Are there any "dead" celebrities that you think are actually still alive?
    A: Yes.
  • During Linkara's "That Guy With The Hat" sketch (parodying Ask That Guy with the Glasses (mentioned above), "Can you tell me how to get back onto the freeway?" is answered "NO."
  • Skippy's List offers the following.
    Skippy's Roommate: Is that a squid in our shower?
    Skippy: Yep.
    Skippy's Roommate: What's it doing in there?
    Skippy: Thawing.
    Skippy's Roommate: Goodnight.
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  • Ultra Fast Pony. "Sister Angst" opens with Rarity's parents paying her house an unscheduled visit. At the episode's end, she finds they're still in her kitchen:
    Rarity: What are you two still doing here?
    Magnum: Sitting down?
    Rarity: Get out of my house.
  • In Q&A With Matt #3 by Matt Santoro, Matt is asked by a fan where he gets his fancy shirts from, and he says the store.
  • Terry Pratchett, explaining the Johnny Maxwell Trilogy on
    So: is what happens in the books real? Yes. Does it all happen in Johnny's head? Yes. Are the Dead a metaphor? Yes. Are they real? Yes. Not just waving, but particalling."
  • Don't Hug Me I'm Scared has one of these in the fourth episode. When Collin asks the puppets where they live, Duck Guy answers "My house".
  • Rogal Dorn from If the Emperor Had a Text-to-Speech Device runs on this trope.
    Emperor: You carry knowledge about the history of your sons, the Imperial Fists, yes?
    Dorn: Yes.
    Emperor: Can you bring unto me this knowledge?
    Dorn: Yes.
    Emperor: ...Can you do it now?
    Dorn: Yes.
    Emperor: ...Fucking do it then.
  • The Most Popular Girls in School: In Episode 3:
    Shay: I heard that you're going around calling me a fucking liar!
    Mackenzie: Where did you hear that?
    Shay: Uh, I don't know, like... thirty-five seconds ago?
    Mackenzie: I said "where", not "when", you idiot!
    Shay: Shut up! You know I'm partially deaf in my right ear after Matthew Derringer hit me in the head with that fucking hacky sack in the third grade!
  • Game Grumps: While playing Kirby's Epic Yarn, Dan claims his dad is the king of these.
    Danny: So do you want pizza or sushi for dinner?
    Avi: YES!
    Danny: Okay. Piz-sushi it is.


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