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Mathematician's Answers in fan works.

  • A minor Running Gag of Yuki Nagato in Kyon: Big Damn Hero (examples make much more sense in context):
    (Haruhi, Yuki and Kanae forcibly redress Kyon up into a costume)
    Kyon: Y... Yuki! Kanae-chan! Come on! H... help me- Waaah! Help me out!
    Yuki: I am helping.
    Kyon (upon waking up to find Yuki waking up in his bed): "Um... Good morning?"
    Yuki: "Yes."
    Haruhi: Now keep Kyon off me for a minute!
    (Yuki immobilizes Kyon out of sheer embarrassment by hugging him tightly)
    Haruhi: Done! (turns around, realization hits) Er, er, good work. Um, more emotion next time, Yuki, and then we'll have that sequel down solidly!
    Yuki: Good.
    Haruhi: That means you can let go!
    Yuki: Understood.
    Haruhi: That means let go!
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  • Done nicely in this fanfic of The Dresden Files.
    Murphy: Okay, first case. We have several murders to get to.
    Dresden: Solving or causing?
    Murphy: (growling) Yes.
  • In Families, most of the answers the Keeper gives to Twilight are this. This is partially because she's not allowed to give straightforward answers, and partially because it's fun.
  • Turnabout Storm: After a ridiculously laconic testimony by one of the witnesses, Phoenix struggles to get any useful information out of her. When he asks her about what she was doing near the crime scene in the first place, the prosecution interrupts:
    Trixie: We already know what she was doing there. She was observing the crime.
  • A Posse Ad Esse, after Secret Weapon Dub gets himself in the shit:
    Dolly: Oh god, that's e'en worse. Dub, dae ye e'en remember whit ye are?
    Dub: Yeah, I'm a turtle.
  • Tealove's Steamy Adventure uses this twice.
    • As Tealove wonders what her new traveling companion, Minty, is:
    "But what are you really?", asked Tealove. "Are you a ticket that can turn into a pony, or a pony that can turn into a ticket?"
    "Yes, exactly!"
    • In the cave troll's lair:
    “Oaf? Oh, you mean the cave troll?” the white pony said. “Big Jim isn’t an oaf! He’s a real sweetheart. You just have to try to understand him.”
    “GRUUUUUUUUUH,” Big Jim said. He scratched his armpit.
    “Okay,” Tealove said. “Help us understand him. What did he just say?”
    The white pony thought carefully, then answered, “He said, ‘Gruh.’”
  • When Professor McGonagall finds out that Slender Man (disguised as a human) is Older Than He Looks in Harry By Proxy, she wonders just how old he is.
    Slender Man: And what age do you think I am?
    Professor McGonagall: Perhaps 30. or 35.
    Slender Man: Quite flattering, madame.
    Professor McGonagall: You're older?!
    Slender Man: I'm as old as my tongue and a little older than my teeth.
  • In an untitled Ever After High fic, Bunny and Alistair use this trope to flirt.
    "A kiss?" Alistair responds without a moment’s thought.
    "Was that an answer or a question?" she teases, beaming up at him.
    "Yes," he replies, "Was that a riddle or an invitation?"
    "Yes," she whispers back.
  • Superhero RPF has several, courtesy of Sassgardian aka Loki:
    Kate: It's the horns. You look like you're either going for an evil Satanic sorcerer thing, or you're trying to make a very terrible pun about your current mood.
    Sassgardian: Well. Yes.
    • Or in an anonymous forum where Anon 1 is also presumably him when talking about Asgardia:
    Anon 1: If they can figure out how to get into a city that sits twenty feet above the plain.
    Anon 2: alright. how do you get in then?
    Anon 1: Through the front door.
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  • In Chapter 16 of Harry Potter fanfic "Yet Hope Still Remains", Cornelius Fudge tries to make Harry reveal the whereabouts of Sirius Black and Remus Lupin. Harry answers "Earth". Later in the chapter, Harry gives a more specific answer: Europe.
  • This Bites!: Abundant in the story, and perhaps even more abundant out of it; the three authors, Trolling Creators that they are, have a tendency to use this to answer fans' questions about what's going to happen.
  • In Ninja Wizard Book 2 the Heads of House discover Harry and his friends' secret hideout.
    Snape: Potter, what is the meaning of this?
    Harry: It’s a general term to indicate a thing near to you.
  • In The Spellmaker Harry asks about a loan at Gringotts while shopping for his first-year school supplies, only to be told he doesn't need one.
    Harry: If the school doesn’t think I need a loan, then that means I have money, yes? How do I have money?
    Goblin teller: The bank stores all your valuables and assets, but you may remove and make use of them as you see fit, which makes them in essence your possessions.
  • Missing from Number Four:
    Remus: Where have you been?
    Harry: At school. Ask me another; I'm getting really good at answering these questions without giving any answers.
  • In Chrysalis Visits The Hague, the defense attorney Estermann proposes the idea that the prosecutor is bluffing. His secretary Garibaldi asks if it means she's got an ace up her sleeve or if she's actually running on empty.
    Estermann frowned on the inside. His answer was as cryptic to him as it was to his aide and his client. "...Yes."
  • In A Collection of Harmonious OneShots Hermione, whose appetite is larger than usual due to Rohypnol side-effects, eats an entire 72-ounce steak.
    Harry: How the hell did you eat that?
    Hermione: Well, I cut it into bite-sized pieces, then I put them, one at a time, into my mouth-
  • Mark Me:
    Madame Bones: Did you intentionally prevent Sirius Black from having a trial?
    Dumbledore: Yes.
    Madame Bones: Why?
    Dumbledore: The twenty-fifth letter of the alphabet.
  • Live a Hero has this exchange when Izuku and Kirishima are studying.
    Izuku: Your grades are terrible.
    Kirishima: I know that! [runs his hands through his hair] That’s why I’m here!
    Izuku: ...Hey, Kirishima, I think I found out what your problem is.
    Kirishima: Really? [peers over Izuku's shoulder] What is it? What’s wrong?
    Izuku: [flips the notebook around and points at it with a pencil] All these answers are wrong.
    Kirishima: DAGNABBIT MIDORIYA I KNOW THAT!! [buries his face in his hands] JUST TELL ME HOW TO FIX IT!!
  • How the Light Gets In: After Oliver learns that Edie arranged Laurel's murder, we get this exchange
    Oliver: How do we kill a witch?
    Castiel: (deadpan) With precision.
  • It happens in The Silmarillion fanfic A Boy, a Girl and a Dog: The Leithian Script when a Feanor's partisan starts making questions without explaining what he's talking about.
    Warden of Aglon: [impatient] Well?
    Captain: [shaking his head] This again! Well, what?
    Warden of Aglon: Aren't you going to say anything else?
    Captain: [bemused] Almost certainly. It's rather a habit, I'm afraid.
  • Lincoln's Memories: One of Luan Loud's jokes in "Lincoln's Seventh Birthday" is "What do you call a flamingo at the North Pole? Lost!".
  • In Weakness, Luz finds out Fanfiction Girl is writing a new food fanfiction about a vampire mint chocolate chip ice-cream cone that's in love with a garlic growing in a garden, but can't go outside without melting. When Luz asks if the ice-cream vampire will melt because she's a vampire or because she's ice-cream, Fanfiction Girl merely answers yes.

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