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Mathematician's Answers in comic strips.

  • Bloom County has one in its first series about the Presidential election. Trying to find a local candidate, Milo asks the bum Limekiller "How do you stand on nuclear waste?" Limekiller immediately begins balancing awkwardly on one foot, earning Milo's approval.
  • Calvin and Hobbes featured this exchange in a Sunday strip:
    Miss Wormwood: Calvin, pay attention! We're studying geography! Now, what state do you live in?
    Calvin: Denial.
    Miss Wormwood: ...I don't suppose I can argue with THAT.
    • And in a weekday strip:
    [Calvin and Hobbes are sitting under a tree.]
    Calvin: Why are we here?
    Hobbes: Because we walked here.
    Calvin: No, I mean here on Earth.
    Hobbes: Because Earth can support life.
    Calvin: No, why are we anywhere? Why do we exist?
    Hobbes: Because we were born.
    Calvin (angry): Forget it.
    Hobbes (just as angry): I will, thank you.
  • Peanuts:
    • Similar to the Eddie Izzard example: in a 1960s strip, Charlie Brown is trying to teach Sally to count. When shown a picture and asked "How many boats do you see?" she answers "All of them!"
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    • In another strip, Schroeder is injured by a foul ball while playing baseball. When Charlie Brown asks him if he can still play, Schroeder runs home and pounds out a Beethoven sonata on his toy piano while still wearing his catcher's mask.
    Schroeder: It's all right. I can still play.
    Charlie Brown: That isn't exactly what I meant.
    • In another strip, Peppermint Patty has to write a report on Hamlet. Her report begins "A hamlet is a small village with a population of maybe a few hundred and ..."
    • One story has Charlie Brown getting knocked unconscious, then waking up in an unfamiliar neighborhood with two small children he's never seen before staring at him. When Charlie Brown asks where he is, the girl points to where he's sitting and says, "Right there!"
  • Mafalda has Libertad unknowingly doing this to Susanita.
    Susanita: So, what does your dad do?
    Libertad: He doesn't know.
    Susanita: He doesn't know?
    Libertad: "I don't know what I do there" he always says.
    Susanita: "There" where?
    Libertad: "In that stall" he says.
    Susanita: What kind of stall?!
    Libertad: "Awful" he says.
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  • Garfield: The June 8, 2011 strip has this.
    Nermal: I don't understand why you don't like me, Garfield. Is it because I'm cute? Or lovable? Or angelic? Or endearing? Or precious? Or young? Or personable? Or spunky? Or clever?
    Garfield: Yes.
  • In Phoebe and Her Unicorn, this is Phoebe's response when Marigold tells her that although Dakota is a goblin princess, the position is purely ceremonial.
    Phoebe: So Dakota is basically a glorified mascot? I have to tell her!
    Marigold: Out of kindness, or to see her pained, startled expression?
    Phoebe: Yes.


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