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Mathematician's Answers in comic books.

  • From X-Statix: "He's... "connecting" in some way to what he's lost." "Is that a good or bad thing?" "Yes."
  • Lucky Luke's horse can speak, but seeing as it's a horse, even Lucky Luke is baffled when he sees it on the riverbank, fishing.
    Lucky Luke: How did you get the bait on the hook?
    Jolly Jumper: With disgust, just like everybody else.
  • In one Big Bang Comics story, the Quizmaster is trying to get the Knight Watchman to reveal his secret identity — by having him play 20 questions while hooked up to a lie detector, and killing his sidekick Kid Galahad if he lies! For his first question, he asks the Watchman whom he would be if he weren't wearing his costume. The Watchman replies "I can truthfully say that I would still be myself!"
    • The Watchman tries to give a similar answer to the question "Who is Kid Galahad, in reality?"; he manages to avoid the answer the Quizmaster wanted, but is forced to give away some information: "In all earnestness I'll have to tell you that he's really my nephew!" He had a similar smartass answer for the question "What are your secret identities?", but Kid Galahad escaped and took the Quizmaster out of commission before he could give it.
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  • From Deadpool Vol. 2 #34:
    Deadpool: I just figured out how to kill this "Id" thing.
    Kak: How?
    Deadpool: With my brain. Duh.
  • In the Civil War issues of Amazing Spider-Man, Iron Man gives Spider-Man a lecture about using this kind of answer when dealing with lawyers, government entities, and other officials.
  • Suicide Squad #16
    Vixen: Where's the Colonel?
    Bronze Tiger: With Shade.
    Vixen: Where's Shade?
    Bronze Tiger: With the Colonel.
    Vixen: How zen.
  • In Part 7 of Sonic the Hedgehog/Mega Man: Worlds Collide, Orbot informs Drs. Eggman and Wily that they've lost Shadow Man:
    Dr. Eggman: Wait, my Shadow Man [the roboticized version of Shadow the Hedgehog] or your Shadow Man [the Mega Man 3 boss]?
    Orbot: Yes.
    (Dr. Eggman slaps Orbot)
  • In The Avengers and The Infinity Gauntlet, after The Mighty Thor points out how Hawkeye's arrows would be nothing more than an annoying trifle to the android that copied his Asgardian strength, Hawkeye tells Scarlet Witch to prepare a hex attack. When Wanda asks if he wanted her to attack the android or Thor, Hawkeye simply says "Yes."
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  • In an issue of the Animaniacs Comic-Book Adaptation, Yakko takes things in this direction when he and his sibs are being interviewed on a TV talk show.
    Reporter: Can I talk to you first, Yakko?
    Yakko: I don't know, can you?
    Reporter: Uh, tell us about some of your outrageous exploits.
    Yakko: I don't have any ex-ploits. All of my ploits are still ploits!
    Reporter: No, no! Tell us what you've been doing.
  • In issue 3 of Loki: Agent of Asgard, when the title character appears at a speed-date dressed like their usual self, the woman sitting across from them asks if they're dressed for a con(vention). Their response? "There's always a con going on somewhere."
    • Issue 5 has the Loki of a possible future answer this to a question regarding what happens to Midgard: "T'was governed most perfectly. By my reckoning." Later it turned out that they are ruling Earth in that timeline. They also happened to kill off every living being on the planet just to spite Thor. Well, no incarnation of Loki was ever humble.
    • This trope is pretty much Loki's most benign setting; at least he isn't in a manipulating mood (yet).
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  • In The Sandman, when Gilbert is asked whether that is his first or last name, he replies "Indubitably. I could not have put it better myself." His full name is eventually revealed to be Fiddler's Green.
  • In issue #1 of Rick and Morty, Rick invents a device that guarantees them infinite amounts of money in the stock market. Morty is unsure of whether or not it's legal, to which Rick responds with: "I'm completely aware of how legal it is, Morty!"
  • The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers: While driving through Mexico, Franklin is asked where they are. He replies "Directly above the centre of the earth."


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