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  • In Airmaster, Mina is the main offender, though Maki has some moments as well, thanks to Mina and Renge.
  • Invoked by Irina in Assassination Classroom. When Nagisa refuses to give her his notes on Koro-Sensei after helping her earlier she reels him in and threatens to suffocate him.
    Nagisa: Stop it, Professor Bitch! I can't breathe over your enormous ta-tas!
  • Leone in Akame ga Kill! loves to do this. The primary victims are Tatsumi and Akame herself.
    • Esdeath also put Tatsumi through this when they were stranded on an island together.
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  • In Axis Powers Hetalia, there's a strip where Hungary and Chibitalia share a bath and Hungary hugs "her" to her chest.
  • Azumanga Daioh has a sort-of example with any scene where Sakaki hugs Maya (for those unaware, Maya is a cat).
  • In episode 4 of the second season of Baka and Test: Summon the Beasts, Shouko does this to Yuuji to confirm once and for all whether or not he really doesn't find her attractive. Though Yuuji feebly denies he is enjoying it, his Summon leaping for joy (the upgraded Summons speak and reveal their summoners' thoughts and repressed feelings) reveals that Shouko's physical charms are not lost on him.
  • Berserk managed to play on this trope in a horrific and squicky manner. During the Eclipse, Band of the Hawk member Corkus managed to outrun the demons and was steadily losing himself, convincing himself that it's All Just a Dream. He found a naked woman nearby and promptly puts his head inbetween her ample breasts... only for the woman to shortly reveal that it's a nasty demon that has breasts and proceeds to devour him. Said demon is the very same demon that Guts kills in the very first scene of the manga.
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  • Ciel twice in Ciel in Wonderland, a one-shot anime seemingly disconnected from the Black Butler anime. First by Paula, then Lan Mao, whom is a mushroom and her breast milk makes you grow or shrink depending on the size. Both incidents cause Ciel to squick.
  • Bleach
    • Rangiku will use her boobs as a weapon to cheer people up. She will regularly thrust her boobs into the chest-height Toushirou's face by way of greeting. It's also how they first met. In anime filler, she squashes Shouta into her chest as a punishment for being rude about her age. She also cradles a crying Orihime to her bosom while naked to comfort her.
    • When Nel thinks she has defeated Nnoitra to save Ichigo, she gives Ichigo a big hug. He ends up squirming in pain from his massive injuries, the strength of her tight squeeze and the fact his face is suffocatingly buried in her massive bosom.
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    • Flashbacks to a century before the current timeline, reveal Byakuya is then a young boy who comes up to Yoruichi's chest. Yoruichi used to greet Byakuya by thrusting her boobs into his face. This used to amuse Byakuya about as much as Rangiku doing the same thing to Toushirou amuses him.
    • When Nemu is ordered to pin down Uryuu so that Mayuri can administer experimental "medicine" to him, Nemu pins him down with her breasts. His screaming comes more from the invasion of his personal space than any thought of what Mayuri is planning to do. She does the same thing, for the same reason, to Ichigo in anime filler.
    • When Ichigo is utterly distraught by Tsukishima brainwashing his family and friends, he ends up at Ikumi's house. Her reaction to his distress is to grab his head and push it into her large chest with an dramatic declaration that she'll look after him in a motherly way.
  • In Blue Dragon, Stalker with a Crush Bouquet does this to Shu, which rather upsets Tsundere non-girlfriend Kluke.
  • During a flashback in chapter 78 of Blue Exorcist, Shura takes her (minimal) top off and shoves her breasts in Shiro's face after he tells her to have more respect for herself and to stop throwing herself at men. This is also an attempted seduction as Shura has been nursing a crush on him since she was little but Shiro turns it around into a heartwarming moment.
  • Twice in Cage of Eden to Akira, the main male character. One from her childhood friends Rion and another from Oomori, a Sexy Stewardess (both are the most buxom characters of the manga with Oomori the queen in absolute).
  • The huggee doesn't even need to be human to invoke this trope. Sphinx, Index's pet kitty in A Certain Magical Index, gets to know Index's new friend Hyouka in a very close, soft kind of way. Sphinx seems taken aback by the whole thing, apparently preferring the flatness of his owner.
  • In Change 123, the main character (characters? it's confusing, the main character has 4 well, 5 personalities) is told that she cannot be a warrior because of the awkward mounds of flesh on her chest. She proceeds to attempt to smother the offender with them in an attempt to prove that they can be used as weapons.
  • Chrono Crusade
    • This happens with Chrono and Satella. In the manga, she does it on purpose, because of her paedophilia complex and the fact that she was drunk at the time — Luckily, Chrono is Really 700 Years Old. In the anime, he accidentally faints from a fever and lands right into Satella's cleavage. Since in the anime Satella doesn't like little boys in that way, he gets punched in the face for his trouble. Later in the episode, Rosette faints into Satella's breasts, as well.
    • Also in the manga, Azmaria bursts into tears and falls into Rosette's breasts while they're taking a shower together. Azmaria didn't mean this to be titillating in any way, but there's a good chance that Moriyama, the mangaka, did.
  • A downplayed example in Claymore; at one point Clare tells Raki to grab onto her as tight as he can. The height differential meant that this put Raki's face directly into her not ungenerous cleavage. Raki is embarrassed by this, but Clare just yells at him to hurry up because she's a bit more concerned with escaping the Axe-Crazy Claymore trying to kill them both.
  • Creo the Crimson Crises: Suou ends up with Creo's breast pressed to her face since the taller Creo Sleeps in the Nude and is sleeping with Suou in her bed.
  • Kimihito Kurusu from Daily Life with Monster Girl frequently suffers from this, especially by Miia and Centorea. More unique than other examples as his girls are not exactly human.
    • Taken Up To Eleven in Chapter 29, when he found himself drowning between Cerea and her mother's breasts while they were making up after their duel.
    • Twice with Tio, the ogre, who has boobs so massive that they make Centorea's look normal by comparison, and once almost literally broke his neck from the weight.
  • Mamoru Onodera of Deadline Summonner also suffers the same curse. It probably would have been enjoyable if he hadn't broken every single bone in his body, was in a full-body cast, and that his Battle Harem started one hell of a battle royale soon after.
  • In Dennou Coil, Tamako hugs Haraken to her boobs, in order to calm him on his guilty feelings for Kanna's death.
  • Detective Conan has multiple examples.
    "H-how can I be scared, she's been hugging me so close all the time!"
    • And it happens AGAIN when he, Kazuha and Heiji are taking a ride in the Osakan subway during one of the OAV's. While Heiji signs some autographs, two VERY boobielicious schoolgirls are so taken with Conan's adorable looks that they decide to take selfies with him and he ends up rather... comfy between them. Unlike the other times, Conan is... well, happier than before.
  • Heartwarming moment in hentai Discipline: The Record of the Crusade in which Saori Otokawa, the heroine, hugs the protagonist Takuro to comfort him after she failed to protect him from getting raped by various girls under Leona. Takuro is more than happy for her affection.
  • Although Kitagawa from Doki Doki School Hours usually makes sure she doesn't smother her beloved teacher Mika, she can't always help it since she's so well-endowed and the object of her affection is so small.
  • During an episode in the Majin Buu saga of Dragon Ball Kai, Master Roshi finds himself face-first in Android 18's cleavage when the aircraft they're riding in gets jostled. Android 18 is NOT amused and smacks him across the cabin of the plane.
  • Dragon Crisis! has Eriko do this to her cousin Ryuuji in the very first episode.
  • Densuke in Eiken suffers this almost constantly. Sometimes by accident, and sometimes Kirika sticks his head under her sweater so he cant get out.
  • Excel Saga: This makes an appearance in the manga version, in Professor Shiouji's reunion with his mother.
    Miwa: Why, other than your windpipe being blocked, don't you say, "Mom, I'm dying for your love"?
    Shiouji: I... I'm dying...
    • She has done it to Umi and "Teriha" too. Neither time has it been innocent.
  • In Eyeshield 21, Mamori thinks Sena has been beaten to unconsciousness and clutches him protectively to her chest, consequently smushing his face right between her breasts. Surprisingly, for this trope and this genre of manga, it's quite understated and nothing ever comes of it (largely because Sena and Mamori are Like Brother and Sister, although at this early stage she acts more like an overprotective mother).
  • Fairy Tail: Action Girl and Team Mom Erza has a habit of clutching her friends and teammates to her bosom whenever she's relieved at their safety or proud of their accomplishments. Unfortunately for them, she wears a steel breastplate with her normal outfit, which serves as a Running Gag. She finally gives Natsu and Gray a proper one in Chapter 507—nine-tenths into the series' run—as part of a Cooldown Hug when they're locked in a Duel to the Death.
  • In one Fate/stay night doujin (Heaven's Failure), a genderflipped Shirou in Ilya's body (thus having her dubbed Emilya von Einzbern) is hugged by a tearful Sakura in this manner.
  • Done in Flame of Recca. Made worse by the fact that the one doing the hugging was a being made of extremely hot fire.
  • Once in Gintama, Gintoki accidentally gets some "puff puff action" from Tsukuyo. It doesn't end well...
  • In Girls Bravo this is one of Lisa's favorite tactics when trying to seduce Yukinari — despite the latter's severe girl allergy.
    • Maharu also does this to Yukinari, unintentionally causing him to pass out.
  • When a student appears to be contemplating suicide by jumping off the school roof in Gokusen, Fujiyama-sensei offers to catch him if he really wants to jump. She says while she may not survive his landing, her boobs will probably save him. Other students unsuccessfully try to take her up on that offer. While it sounds amusing enough, the scene is played almost completely seriously, as Fujiyama-sensei had up to now been portrayed as just a pair of giant boobs on legs with a lusty eye on her students, and this episode had fleshed out her backstory by revealing a student had once attempted suicide on her watch before.
    • Again with Fujiyama-sensei when Uchi attempts to run off during the class trip, she grabs him and pulls him tight. And he promptly passes out.
  • In Gravion, Mizuki does this to Kouga from behind during a picnic. She was, however, somewhat inebriated at the time.
  • In a variation that can only be described as... odd, the final episode of Gravitation's anime features Sakano calling in a gang of sumo wrestlers to smother an especially depressed Shuichi.
  • In Grenadier, Rushuna uses this to hide Yajiro from enemy soldiers while in a hot spring (like Negi, he almost drowns, but unlike Negi, he's old enough to enjoy it). It's also her patented approach to negotiation, though sometimes she just goes for a regular hug.
  • In Gulliver Boy, Child Prodigy Edison's adoptive mother always hugged him to her very ample chest. After parting ways with her, Edison constantly hugs Misty and buries his face on her also huge breasts, and while she's confused at first but doesn't push him away, when she learns the reason why she decides that she doesn't mind.
  • Hanaukyō Maid Tai
    • Episode 1. Two of Taro's personal maids sandwich him between their chests when they reveal that they're in the bath with Taro. Seconds later, when a large group of maids all charge at Taro in the bath while they're all naked, one hugs him to her breasts against his will.
    • Episode 12. Taro's three personal maids Glomp him while he's taking a bath. Like the above example, they're all naked.
    • Episode 14. Konoe doesn't notice her breasts bouncing against Taro's face while she's pressed behind him while teaching him martial arts moves.
    • In Episode 12 of La Verite, one of Taro's personal maids does this to him after he accidentally grabs one of her breasts when trying to turn off the alarm clock. The two other maids get jealous and want to join in on it as well.
  • In Happy Lesson, Mama Satsuki does this with her special move she reserved just for Chitose, "The Booby Trap". Mama Kisaragi copied this with the rest of Satsuki's personality when a failed experiment caused a Body Swap. Oddly, when the technique is performed the breasts of the user inflate to properly conceal around the victim's head, while the victim is facing away from the suffocating tits. It's that powerful of a move. Did I mention she's the Gym Teacher From Hell?
  • Subverted and played straight in the Haunted Junction manga. When Kazumi and other guys are beaten up and brainwashed by the villainess Blue Spot Girl, Haruto summons the female ghost Toilet Hanako and she snaps Kazumi out of it when he accidentally buries his face on her chest. The subversion comes right afterwards, as the Marshmallow Hell debrainwashing only works on Kazumi, who's been infatuated with Hanako for a long time; she notes how her and Blue Spot's supernatural abilities are different, therefore she cannot do anything against her. It takes Red Mantle taking his mask off to rescue the rest.
  • Hayate the Combat Butler has Saki do this to her charge Wataru. He makes it clear that he is of age to be thinking of things like that and protests. Saki realizes what he's objecting to and releases him to berate him about watching adult videos (they live in the video rental store he owns).
  • In Heavy Object Qwenthur ends up in a tug-of-war between Frolaytia and Farolito, two busty women. This leads to a rare double-marshmallow hell with Qwenthur's head "disappearing" as both women press against him.
  • Happens regularly to Issei in High School Dx D, much to his delight. While never exactly innocent, the reasons for it run the gamut from fluffy (it's just how Rias hugs him; she's tall, busty, affectionate, and has romantic feelings that lead her to indulge him a bit) to sultry (Akeno has designs to be The Mistress and gets a kick out of anything scandalous, and also has the largest recorded breast size in the series).
    • Up to Eleven in the Season 2 OVA where a pervy monster strip the girls and, manipulating their bras, make them surround Issei to stop his attack. He end in a sandwitch with all his harem; so much that the monster, now jealous, decides to absorb the girls instead.
  • In one of the manga arcs of Higurashi: When They Cry, Mion and Rena like doing this to Keiichi. Usually while yelling "Squish Attack!" This doesn't seem completely innocent.
  • In episode 9 of Is This a Zombie?, Ayumu goes to see Naegleria Nebiros, a famous warrior, for help. However, she's also taller and quite stacked, not too mention currently an overworked doujinshi artist. When she answers the door, she falls asleep standing up, and consequently falls chest-first into Ayumu, who has to force himself not to be distracted.
  • Kaede from Iketeru Futari got it so bad from his mother when he was a baby that it gave him a phobia of large breasts. Needless to say this kinda complicates things with his potential love interest, Yuki.
  • In episode 5 of Ikki Tousen Great Guardians, this happens to Koukin.
  • In Jungle de Ikou!, Mii turns into a giantess and does this to Ongo's monster form to get him to stop his rampage and change back.
  • Haré+Guu: Guu gets this in episode three, but not in the traditional sense. Don't read unless you have Brain Bleach at hand: She gets a face full of the elder's Funny Afro chest hair.
  • Kanokon probably breaks the record for the fastest time, when Chizuru smushes Kouta within five minutes (counting the Op).
  • Katekyō Hitman Reborn!: In Chapter 362 Adelheid does this to Enma in a heartwarming moment. Skull later asks Adelheid to do this to him too.
  • Kyo Kara Maoh!
    • Cheri does this to Yuuri all the time...and at times to Wolfram as well, who just happens to be her son.
    • Plus in episode 5 when Yuuri is assaulted by five different women's breasts. All at once.
  • Taken Up to Eleven by Sister Gigant from Looking Up To Magical Girls. Being a Sizeshifter, she could grow into a Giant Woman, and was in the process of crushing Baiser and Leopolt to death, forcing Leo to chuck explosives at themselves just to break free from her.
  • This has happened to Lupin of Lupin III several times, being the pervert he is most of the time he enjoys it, one of the exceptions was when Fujiko's overweight aunt hugged him and pressed him into her breasts he struggled to escape.
    • Lupin III: Crisis in Tokyo: Zenigata is accidentally pushed into a bystander's bustline while chasing Lupin on the train. He gets punished for his insolence.
  • Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's
  • Done often in Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi, between Sashi and miss Mune-Mune. Unfortunately, she's his grandmother.
  • Magic Knight Rayearth: Hikaru Shidou ends up getting this often with Cool Big Sis Caldina's enthusiastic displays of affection.
  • In Mahoromatic Shikijo also rests her Gag Boobs on Mahoro's head when they go to a public bath together. However, she does this more to taunt her small-breasted rival than any thing else.
  • Mahou Sensei Negima!
    • Aside from the aforementioned scene, Chizuru, the class member with the most ample bosom, gets to inflict this quite a lot. The trope naming scene occurred when a swimming Negi got caught in her bikini top somehow, and when a semi-feral Inuyasha Homage showed up in her room, she marshmallow hell-brainwashed him. She has since more or less adopted the lucky dog, who wishes she wouldn't marshmallow hell him in public while his male friend is watching.
    • The picture above is also from the manga, with Ayaka doing it to Negi for what may be less than innocent reasons...note 
    • Oddly enough, Negi found one benefit from a situation like this. After a minor marshmallow incident with the amply endowed Shizuna-sensei, he inadvertently tricks one of his students (Kazumi, disguised as Shizuna) into revealing herself by noting that her breasts seemed smaller (whereupon the "teacher" protested that she had the "fourth largest in the class").
    • In the English version of the manga, Negi wins for getting wedged between Shizuna's boobs, and looking up with the request: "May I have a cookie?"
    • Makie pulls this on Negi in a chapter, despite being somewhat on the sugar-free side of the scale, so to speak.
    • Also pulled by Anya on Asuna, when she hugs her out of relief when Asuna's week-long Heroic BSoD is over.
  • Mai-HiME:
    • Inverted: Mikoto, who's rather short by anyone's standards, likes to bury herself between Mai's bosom whenever she goes in for a hug.
    • In the Mai-Otome manga, Erstin likes to hug Manshiro this way, and it's called "Bust Impact" and described the same way as one might describe an attack from a typical Shounen. It's even given variants like "Bust Impact Returns" and "Bust Impact Forever". note 
    • In Mai-Otome Zwei, after Mahya rips off Arika's top when she tries to slip out of the bath to look for Mashiro, a drunken Anh Lu gets up and offers to help Arika cover her exposed breasts, pulling her down onto her chair and putting her face into her breasts.
  • Midori Days goes to a higher level when a drunken Lucy Winnlad stumbles into Seiji's room with barely anything on and sleeps with him, causing Midori, who is Seiji's right hand, to struggle with breasts bigger than her.
    • Early on in the series, Midori inflicts Marshmallow Hell on herself, when she and Seiji visit her normal body, which has been in a deep sleep ever since she appeared on Seiji's arm. Seiji wants to try if contact between the Midori on his arm and her real body could somehow get her back in her own body, but quickly finds out that the actual Midori is sleeping naked. Not allowed to watch, he ends up repeatedly poking Midori in her own breast.
  • In Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid, Poor(?) Shouta ends up receiving this from Lucoa's Gag Boobs while sharing a bed in episode 8. The first two times cause Shouta to dream that he's being crushed by a giant ball, then suffocated by a bear's paw. The third time has him dream about fighting a sumo wrestler, indirectly feeling up Lucoa.
  • Subverted(or is that Inverted?) in Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team, where Shiro ends up with Kiki's ass on his face when they end up in a fight with her in his cockpit.
  • In Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ, Chara Soon does this to Judau several times, despite the fact that they belong to opposing militaries. She actually enjoys it a lot more than him, since she's got a few screws loose and likes younger boys in general and Judau in specific.
  • In Mobile Suit Victory Gundam, Usso Evin repeatedly goes through Marshmallow Hell, specially thanks to the Shrike Team girls. He even has to bite his way out of that sort of situation once (against Lupe Cineau, if you wonder).
  • Tsunade on Konohamaru in Naruto, although he seemed to enjoy that a little too much considering his age, most likely due to the fact he had been 'taught' by Naruto. Hey, he's only human. He only recoiled in embarrassment after he realized that he's hugging Tsunade "marshmallows" and that it could end in getting his ass kicked.
  • When he was a kid and was a popular psychic, Abe from Occult Academy was on a show displaying his abilities when a woman dressed in a bikini hugged him. This occured.
  • An episode of Ojisan And Marshmallow has Higi-san and Wakabayashi caught between subway cars when it resumes movement. She ends up face-planting in his chest, and doesn't try to move for the entire ride. When Wakabayashi gets home, she tries to recreate the scene with several rolled-up blankets, to her brother's confusion.
    "What are you doing?"
  • The Unwanted Harem in Omamori Himari love to do this to Yuuto.
  • One Piece
    • Sanji was once rescued from drowning by a mermaid who carried him to the surface with his face pressed to her bosom; it gave him a nosebleed that lead her to think Sanji must be dying from the pressure change. Although it's kind of a subversion because in Sanji's case, it was more like Marshmallow Heaven.
    • Also, when Nami and Usopp first reunite after the Time Skip, Nami's greeting involves grabbing his face and jamming it into her breasts. Usopp is actually taller than Nami contrary to the trope description (they're about the same height when Nami is wearing high heels), so in this case, the Marshmallow Hell was totally consciously done on Nami's behalf.
  • In the infamous Hot Springs Episode of Outlaw Star, Jim Hawkings is subject to this. From multiple women in bikinis at the same time. There is even a close up on his face as he speaks while a boob is pressing right into it. Lucky, lucky bastard.
  • In Pandora Hearts, Charlotte/Lotti does this to Oz.
  • In the Pokémon episode Hypno's Naptime, Ash gets hugged by a woman who mistakes him for her missing son, and he gets a faceful of bosom as the woman gleefully hugs him before he can explain she's got the wrong person. In the filler arc episode Pokémon Double Trouble, it happens to him again, for the exact same reason.
    • More recently, in XY & Z's Episode 22, Ash (who's sick as a dog) accidentally stutters and falls forward against Serena this way (to her embarrassed shock).
  • In Prison School, Chiyo cradles Kiyoshi's head to protect him from Meiko and ends up pressing his head against her breasts. She lets go after she realizes what she's doing. Later Kiyoshi notes how wonderful the experience was.
  • Poemi of Puni Puni Poemi is frequently subjected to a variation on this where Shii Aasu rests her ridiculously enormous breasts on Poemi's head. Poemi's reaction is to panic and act like she's being quite literally crushed under their prodigious weight. Although the mechanics are a bit different and both parties are female, it's close enough that it was probably intended as a parody of or reference to this trope. (It is made clearer, at least in the dub, when another Aasu sister reminds Shii "what happened to the cat").
    Poemi: Why are there huge boob like things on Kobayashi's head? note 
  • Queen's Blade
    • A subversion of this happens to Rana quite often, as his Action Mom Cattleya fights while holding him with the other arm. So often times when she loses balance Rana gets a face and hand full. The subversion is that there's no perversion factor, Rana just loves to be around his mom.
    • Played straight in an episode of the anime, where Echnida yanks him close while she's taunting Ymir. Rana is not thrilled about being buried in her chest and flails until she releases him.
  • Ranma ½
    Akane: (dreaming) Oh, P-Chan! Where have you been?
  • In Rebuild of Evangelion 2.0, Shinji is introduced to Mari this way when she parachutes onto him. It is one of the times this trope looks seriously painful. He was lucky not to have a concussion despite the "padding".
    • This isn't the first time for Shinji. There's also the lift scene in Episode 8 of the original anime. Large party, very small lift, awkward re-introductions, and poor Shinji's face is nestled in Misato's bosom. Ironically, Misato is too angry over what she thinks is Kaji groping her to even notice.
  • Rental Magica started one such scene with Kuroha trying to comfort Itsuki, her breast swaying right before his blushing face. But then, she's a ghost. As in, not fully corporeal. So this was played a little... farther than usual.
  • Rosario + Vampire:
    • This is basically a Running Gag; Kurumu Kurono, the resident member of the Unwanted Harem with Gag Boobs loves doing this to Tsukune, though she often nearly suffocates him because she forgets to let go. For his part, it's initially pleasant, but the frequent passing out part kinda blunts any potential perversion factor for him. The only time he really objects to it is in Chapter 21 of the first season: Kurumu glomps him after he has received a series of wounds across his neck and chest, and her "twin peaks" are in direct contact with him.
      • Her mother, Ageha, does this as well. According to Tsukune, she's even softer.
      • Weaponized when a doppelganger who can't stand women in Season II takes Tsukune's form. He waits for Kurumu to get close enough to kill... and lets her get too close. The impostor starts bleeding at the nose on contact.
      Tsukune (watching via shikigami): I will never complain about Kurumu's smothering hugs again!
      • Mizore finds out firsthand how unpleasant that is when Kurumu gives her the 'accidental' version; Kurumu glomps her in thanks for bringing them to the Land of the Snow Fairies, not realizing that she's suffocating Mizore just like she always suffocates Tsukune. This, combined with the onscreen kiss after Kurumu saves her from suicide, and the resulting omake between the two, is one of the biggest reasons that this particular Les Yay has become a Fan-Preferred Couple.
  • In Saber Marionette J, Bloodberry gives these to Otaru on occasion.
  • Shizuno subjects Moroha to this in Seiken Tsukai No World Break, right in front of Ranjou no less.
  • Chizuru Akaba from Seitokai no Ichizon deserves to be mention here as she occasionally uses this technique on the protagonist Ken Sugizaki and the resident "Aka-chan" Kurimu Sakurano in an attempt to calm/brainwash them.
  • In Sekirei, Minato is an occasional victim of this, thanks to his incredibly well-endowed harem. Competition between Musubi and Tsukiumi often involves him being squished dangerously between their breasts. Kazehana takes the cake, though, having the largest chest in the entire series and a tendency to shove his face into her cleavage when excited.
  • The Seven Deadly Sins has Meliodas taking advantage of this with Elizabeth every chance he gets, and Diane is overjoyed when she provides him with a Funbag Airbag.
    • And Diane, being a Giant, is able to couple this with Victoria's Secret Compartment for her companions - Elizabeth when she's shrunken down, and later King when she's trying to protect him from a fight.
  • In one episode of Sgt. Frog, Aki Hinata does a milder version of this (referred to by the Narrator as "Mama Hinata's Secret Technique: A Mother's Loving Embrace") to her son Fuyuki to snap him out of a case of "spring fever".
  • In the SHUFFLE! OVA (OVA because most of the fandom rejected Memories), a shrunk down Rin Tsuchimi tries to get Sia's attention. By leaping from a wooden plank and landing smack in her cleavage. The other girls were not amused.
  • In episode 20 of Slayers, Amelia sees a Not What It Looks Like situation involving Gourry and Sylphielnote  and tries to stop Lina from seeing it, so she grabs Lina's shoulders and raises herself up to block Lina's view with her chest. Lina is annoyed by this, both because she can't breathe and because Amelia's breasts are larger than hers.
  • In Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie, Tails ends up here after a snowball he was riding in crashes into Sarah. Knuckles is disgusted (or maybe just jealous).
  • Blair does this to Soul in Soul Eater on occasion.
    • In episode 40 of the anime Arachne did it to Asura. It comes across as unusually romantic.
  • Steel Angel Kurumi
    • The title character does this to the male lead as a running gag.
    • And in Steel Angel Kurumi 2 her successor does it with the girl who happens to activate her.
  • In Strawberry 100% Junpei is subjected to / blessed with this at regular intervals. Often from Satsuki. Lampshaded by Sotomura after that Manaka is almost suffocated:
    Satsuki breast is a lethal weapon
  • In Strike Witches Lynne does this to Yoshika after they successfully took down their first Neurois.
    • Shirley does this to Yoshika in multiple episodes. Once while she was unconscious!
  • In episode 6 of Tantei Opera Milky Holmes, Sheryl actually gets stuck in Henriette's breasts and tries to struggle to get out, for about 20 seconds.
  • In one volume of Tenchi Muyo!, Ryoko is holding some kid, and then accidentally brings him a little close...
  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
    • When Kamina and Simon are ambushed by Kittan and his three sisters in Episode 4, eldest sister Kiyoh (who let's just say could give Power Girl a run for "bustiest blonde in media") uses this on Simon. Particularly hilarious, since she points out that Simon is the perfect height for it.
    • There's also the very first episode where Simon gets a face full of Yoko boobage after crash landing the Lagann — twice. While the first one probably counts as a Funbag Airbag, the second is gratuitous Marshmallow Hell as Yoko was trying to get him to duck, but looks like she's going out of her way to make sure her boobs were right in his face.
    • Heck, Boota takes the cake. Every time Yoko is present in her usual Stripperific outfit, Boota immediately leaps over and makes himself comfortable in her cleavage. She's only mildly surprised the first time (prompting Kamina to remark "Say... which one do you think is tastier?") and completely ignores it afterwards.
    • In the High School A.U. of Gurren Gakuenhen, Yoko (in a Sailor Fuku) does this to Simon... and forgets about him as plot happens. He finally surfaces three pages later.
  • Impa does it to Link in the manga version of The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons. For reference, this incarnation of Impa is NOT the woman from Ocarina of Time, but a very large old woman.
  • Rito in To Love-Ru is subjected to this so much that it probably isn't a far stretch to say that his hands and head are breast magnets.
    • After one of Lala's machines accidentally shrinks Rito to about 5 inches tall, she hides him by carrying him around in her cleavage all day. Naturally, she's not wearing a bra. He nearly gets suffocated and/or squashed multiple times.
    • This incident exhibits the other end of the spectrum.
    • In the sequel Darkness, when Momo (who like does this to Rito) and Nemesis challenge for him, he end always in a sandwitch between the two girls (with Nemesis take advantage of her shapeshifting powers).
  • Kûgen Tenkou does this to Noboru Nakagami in the third episode of Wagaya No Oinarisama when Noboru relents to her wanting to be shown around his school.
  • Happens twice to Ken Hidaka in one episode of Weiß Kreuz — and made even more awkward as the woman in question is considerably older than him, used to be a nun, and reminds him of his mother.
  • In the Card Battle Game anime Weiß Survive: Shizzle to the "Chosen One Takeshi". Michi does not approve.
  • In an unusually dramatic/non-comedic example, Yayoi in White Album does this to Touji, first making a speech about how he should forget all the others and if he can't do that "Then at least do this!" and pushes his face into her bust. Unusual both because the tone is rather tragic, and because she doesn't have Gag Boobs.
  • In WORKING!!, Souta's oldest sister Kazue can't withstand Popura's Cuteness Proximity and gives her this treatment, much to Popura's confusion.
  • Something of a meme in a corner of the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX fandom, taken from the end of the third season when Juudai falls, unconscious, against Yubel's chest. A poorly-drawn set of in-between frames gives the impression that he faceplanted directly on the one breast she's got.
  • This is parodied in a Zombie Powder omake with Wolfina and Elwood, where Elwood gets mushed into her H-cup breasts so many times that he gets whiplash.
  • Happens momentarily to Kaneda pushing his way through a crowd in AKIRA.


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