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"Hanmi told a lie on the first day of her new school just to get Lee Gun to notice her. But her shallow plan backfired and now everyone thinks she's dating Junhyuk...her actual cousin!"
From left to right,top to bottom: Juri, Yuen, Lee Gun, Lee Hanmi, and Oh Junhyuk.

My Secret Brother is an ongoing romance Manwha by Willow. It is also known by it's alternative title "Unstoppable Siblings". This work can be read in it's original form here on Lezhin Comics. The authors twitter account for My Secret Brother can be found here as well.

Hanmi and Junhyuk have just transferred to a new high school where Hanmi meets an odd boy named Gun who helps her with a drink from the vending machine. Hanmi gets an instant crush but is dismayed when it turns out Gun is kinda dense when it comes to his surrounding so much so that he didn't even remember her afterwards even though he set behind her in class. Hanmi wanting to make him jealous lied to everyone that Junhyuk whom people saw Hanmi come with on a bike on their first day is her boyfriend and so begins their tale of this odd mess trying to fix it. It then only gets harder as Hanmi and Junhyuk find their dark past catching up with them in the wrong way.


My Secret Brother contains examples of:

  • Action Girl: We quickly find out that Hanmi is not one to be messed with...
  • Adults Are Useless: We find out how many students suffered at Hanmi previous school and the teacher are revealed to know about it and choose to ignore it.
  • Big, Screwed-Up Family: As more of Junhyuk's and Hanmi's past are revealed we see it is like this.
  • Bully Hunter: Played for drama. It's actually hunters to be exact. Alot of the students in Hanmi's previous school were this because it was apart of the "system" and it was a good way to make money.
  • Delinquents: All three main characters have had to deal with a lot of them in the past and currently.
  • Dodge Ball Is Hell: Hanmi while dealing with her frustration turns soccer into dodgeball much to the opponents dismay in one chapter.
  • Girl Posse: Poor Hanmi has to deal with this on her first week of school. Not that she can't handle it but still...
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  • High School: The story take place in a high school setting.
  • Kissing Cousins: With the way Hanmi and Junhyuk act around each other, the people who know that they are blood-related are quick to notice that it seems that there is something going on between them, or at least deeper feelings involved. It seems that Junhyuk is aware of this much to Hanmi's dismay when he tries to fix things...
  • Love Triangle: Hanmi likes Gun who thinks she likes Junhyuk who actually don't like each other that way. Or so it seems at first...
  • Love Dodecahedron: Its a funny mess.
  • School Girl Lesbians: One of the plots for two of the side characters.
  • School for Scheming: The previous school Hanmi and Junhyuk went to had a major problem with this involving a sort of bully system and money. Unfortunately Hanmi was lured into it as well and paid the price which is why she and Jun transferred to a new school at the beginning of the series to start a new. It didn't work...
  • Sibling Team: Hanmi and Junhyuk. Although they are actually cousins.

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