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Manhua / Bloodline

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"This is the story of Lilo Ai. She is the last of the vampire on the plant"
Bloodline introduction

Bloodline (血族) a Manhua made and first released in 2009. A huge dark fantasy story involving battles between vampires and Church forces.

Lilo I is the last descendant of the Dark Elder vampire clans with the power of Bloodline, the special power that turns humans into other Royal Vampires. Humans can easily gain such powers by writing an envelope with three large 6's and final wish inside. But it's important to not abuse them or otherwise the deal is off and the dealers would be eaten instead. They are hunted by the Church Militant organization known as the Holy Land (圣地 or "Shengdi").


In the prequel novel of "Daybreak Fantasy", Lilo had a dream of living a human life one birthday after living for nearly 500 years and her father, Last, hoped to make such a thing happen. Too bad such a dream is becoming hard to realize. Especially when the Holy Land intervene and Last disappears along with her friends and servants.

For three years, Lilo wanders alone with her companions missing. She encounters the young vampire hunter wannabe Ron and Cute Ghost Girl Rae, who suffer a fatal encounter with the Holy Land forces. Lilo saves and recruits Ron as a Royal Vampire, who joins him in an effort to see his older sister again. Tired of running and determined to find her father and her place in society, she and her new allies take the fight to the Holy Land.

The series is written by Ai Ou (artist/author of Infinity Game) and drawn by Su


A link for information (in Mandarin) is here.

In July 2014, a phone app game for the series, localized in America as Bloodline: The Last Royal Vampire was released.

Troper Disclosure: All of the works are in Chinese. Tropes may be missing or inaccurate.

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