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One of the most obscure works from Rumiko Takahashi of Ranma ½ fame, the Laughing Target is a 1983 horror one shot that was later adapted into an OVA in 1987.While using some popular tropes from Takahashi, it takes a darker turn by playing them for drama. It also features one of the first examples of a modern Yandere.

The story goes as follows: Yusaruu Shiga is the last descendant of a branch of the Shiga family. As the family is an ancient clan that is about to disappear, the parents agree that the best course of action for the clan is to get him married with her cousin, Asuza. Time marches on, and Asuza's parents die, while Yuusaru is now living a normal life as the lead of the school's archery team not paying much attention to the arrangement, and also has a girlfriend called Satomi. And then Asuza comes back to seal the deal, and chaos ensues due Asuza trying to murder Satomi and having demonic powers out of the clan being cursed


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