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Manga / That Wolf Boy Is Mine

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That Wolf-Boy Is Mine! is a 2016 shoujo manga in the vein of Fruits Basket.

It follows Tokyo schoolgirl Kusonoki Komugi in her new life living with her father in Hokkaido. In her new high school, she draws the attention of a classmate, Yuu Ogami, who, upon one of their first encounters, tells her she smells good. This sets the first overtures in this cute, heartwarming and heartbreaking 4-volume series. Following meeting Yuu, Komugi soon meets the three other boys that are his closest (and only) friends, Fushimi Rin- a standoffish Tsundere who seems to hate everyone; Awaji Aoshi- a chipper, outgoing, if somewhat Trollish fellow; and Miyama Senri- a rather sleepy and unmotivated boy....


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