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Tekken Chinmi, otherwise known as Ironfist Chinmi or Kung Fu Boy, is a long-running martial arts manga authored by Takeshi Maekawa. It stars the titular young boy Chinmi from a restaurant boy into a grand master, world class martial artist... specifically Kung Fu. And this has no relationship to the Tekken video game series.

Chinmi is a young boy gifted in martial arts, and was prophesized to be a master of martial arts training under Dai Rin Temple, so he is scouted there, trains hard under various trainers in the Temple, and developing as a martial artist with a soul. He's later trained in the arts of rod-fighting and gained a friendly rival named Xu Fang. After his rod-fighting, he's sent to train under Master You Sen about fighting outside training grounds. It was one of his greatest experiences, even though You Sen died due to sickness along the way. Chinmi afterwards traveled the world utilizing his martial arts skills to help people, in a rather episodic format for a manga.

Things took a more serious turn when Chinmi got called back to fight a renegade student of You Sen, Oudow, who completely owned Chinmi in the first run, but eventually defeated using the temple's forbidden technique 'Thunder God' Fist. Since Dai Rin temple runs on Thou Shalt Not Kill, after using that, Chinmi left in Heroic BSoD, thinking Oudow is dead, but Oudow lived, had an epiphany and left in peace. Afterwards, Chinmi is promoted into an instructor in the Dai Rin temple and gained many students.

After a bit of an adventure saving the hometown of his rebellious student Gundi, Chinmi is summoned by the Emperor himself to participate in a tournament, and reunite with Xu Fang... except he's Brainwashed and Crazy by an assassin who plotted to kill the Emperor. Chinmi entered the tournament to save both Xu Fang and the Emperor from the assassination plot, while befriending a kick-based martial arts expert Dan Dan. In the end, Chinmi reigned as champion and managed to fulfill the mission.

The second set of the manga, retitled 'Shin Tekken Chinmi' revolves around when Chinmi is being called to investigate an inactive temple in Ka Nan region, only to find it under the tyrannical rule of King Jirai and his general Boru and lieutenant Soubi. Alongside 'Sword Master' Pushin and former princess-turned rebel leader Hojun, Chinmi set out to free the entire region, culminating in a fatal duel with Boru (and of course Chinmi wins).

This continues in another arc whereas after hearing his deeds in Ka Nan, the Emperor sent Chinmi, along with Xu Fang and Dan Dan to infiltrate the navy after hearing reports about possible dissent.

Then there's another single-arc adventure called 'Tekken Chinmi Legends', in which while traveling the world teaching kung fu, Chinmi and Gundi stumbled upon a plot of kidnapping of a foreign land princess named Mito by a group of bandits.

There is an anime adaptation, but it doesn't go as long as the manga.

Tropes associated with Tekken Chinmi:

  • A Child Shall Lead Them: A flashback during Tournament Arc shows that the Emperor rules China since he's merely a teen. Better yet, he's not even a Puppet King, as one would've thought from a child monarch!
  • Absurdly Sharp Blade: Frog Kung Fu user Bi Kei has a REALLY sharp feet that he could cut down trees in one kick.
  • Action Girl: There's only a few, considering this is an older shounen comics. Two characters stand out, though:
    • Koulan, a stage performer who's not really a martial artist, but has a picture perfect memory on her surrounding that she uses to her advantage when dealing with rowdy men that threatened her stage (being a performer, she's familiar with some weapons that she used in her stage plays), encountered as the last ally during Chinmi's wanderings. Additionally, she has Nerves of Steel and excellent breathing technique, which Chinmi learns to better use his stamina and breath.
    • Hojun, the princess of Ka Nan region until her father was deposed by the tyrannical Jirai and she went into hiding, leading a rebellion in secret and learning martial arts along the way. There is one moment that Soubi took her hostage and after throwing her to Chinmi, planned to stab both of them with his sword. Hojun responded by kicking his sword to the air, showing that nope, she's not a Faux Action Girl, her martial arts training wasn't just for show.
  • Adaptation Deviation: While Chinmi is the sole protagonist in the manga, the anime has a Power Trio formed between Chinmi, Jin Tan as Ascended Extra (and renamed Kintan), and Canon Foreigner Raochu. The anime is also short-lived and never got to the part where Chinmi becomes a martial arts teacher in Dairin and has his own set of students.
  • Always Chaotic Evil: The Black Flame/Koku En group is a group of marauding bandits and thieves who delight in committing cruelty towards other people, most commonly pillaging, burning (They'll demand women for fun too, but there's no indication of raping) and murdering. Their ultimate reasoning for this is For the Evulz.
  • Anti-Villain: Jiban from Legends is a notorious underworld enforcer. He went to Dairin to check out whether he can entrust his nephew to the temple, and didn't actually do anything outright evil during the arc. Aside from delivering a well-deserved beatdown to a pompous young man in the restaurant.
  • Armor-Piercing Attack: Chinmi's signature move, Tsuuhaiken (literally 'through-(your) back-fist'), taught by You Sen, is a Ki-imbued palm strike that hits delivers the force directly to the target's body regardless of armor. Notably, it can even hit targets hiding behind walls without actually breaking the walls. Also works a bit like Bruce Lee's one-inch punch too, since Chinmi had to put his palm a bit too close to his target without touching it before striking it.
  • Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy: Encountered many times throughout the manga in any forms, a lot of them serving as antagonists for Chinmi. Their roles either boil down to 'Get humbled by Chinmi and became a better person' or 'Get thoroughly beaten and then died for it' or 'Be the Victim of the Week against the current featured enemy'.
  • Artistic License – Martial Arts: Basically what You Sen taught Chinmi at the core: Before meeting him, all Chinmi has been doing was training regime in a temple with set rules whenever a fight/spar is about to begin. In reality, fighting doesn't always take form of sparring, but a matter of life and death where the enemy can strike anytime, anywhere without any warnings, no rules to obey from both sides, and sometimes, Chinmi has got to deal the finishing blow ASAP (usually in one strike) instead of landing multiple blows that can be shrugged off.
  • Attempted Rape: And just about as early as the 4th volume... well, a loan shark kidnaps Yan because she couldn't pay for her debts (which he manipulates so she couldn't pay) and he decided that she should sell her body to pay for that. And eventually, when Chinmi came to her rescue, she ended up getting inflicted with a total Clothing Damage and the loan shark started groping her and making comments on how much her body would sell for a high price, much to Yan's extreme distress.
  • Awesomeness by Analysis: Boru's greatest strength is the fact that he can figure out a special attack and use it for his own by just seeing it in action himself. He learns both Tsuuhaiken and Thunder God this way.
  • Bears Are Bad News: During one of Chinmi's wandering adventures, he encounters a particularly big grizzly bear with massive strength enough to disfigure a grown man's arm and particularly leaves no room for brute force like Tsuuhaiken, thus he has to use the newly learned, softer skill 'One Finger Strike' to flip the bear off and let its mass break its own neck during the fall.
  • Berserk Button: Chinmi rarely ever gets mad. But that event in the Attempted Rape entry? While it happened, he was fighting the hitman that knew Pressure Point (see below) and the hitman already partially paralyzed Chinmi by poking with both hands instead of just one. The moment he saw Yan being inflicted with such act of indecency, Chinmi was so thoroughly pissed that he started to No-Sell any pokes to his Pressure Point, broke the hitman's fingers with extreme prejudice and could've assaulted the loan shark for a worse beating if it wasn't for him and the hitman finally running away and let Yan go for good.
  • Blind Weaponmaster: Riki, the master of konpo staff. Chinmi learned how to fight with konpo staff from him.
  • Blood Knight: General Boru of Ka Nan Kingdom has always been looking for a challenge. When Jirai recruited him to take over Ka Nan and turn it into an evil kingdom and Boru actually considered him a friend, he never cared about being a tyrant or a psycho (like Soubi), serving an evil king just means he gets to fight a lot of people and especially toppling stronger or cocky ones, like how he has been doing since childhood.
  • Brainwashed and Crazy: Xu Fang in the Tournament Arc.
  • Broken Pedestal: Dai Rin Temple was generally known as a symbol of peace, compassion and justice and it usually shows. When Oudow took over, he blackmailed the temple to generally act like tyrants, demanding and taking supplies from the innocents by force (or else who knows what he'll do to the high priest, currently being ill). Naturally, the townspeople lost faith in Dai Rin and even the students were distressed on how long they're going to have to keep up this reputation-destroying acts just so Oudow doesn't make things worse for the sick high priest. Thankfully, it was temporary; once Oudow was out of the picture, someone spread the words about the blackmail, and the townspeople were understanding enough that the temple became a Rebuilt Pedestal quickly enough.
  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer: The Chinese Emperor is a bit eccentric, he loves training himself as a martial artist, introduces himself to Chinmi shirtless and attacking him to test his might, and the other thing he loves is watching good martial arts tournaments. He is also shown to be a wise ruler ever since he was a child, personally and harshly refusing an offer to boost his army's strength via Brainwashed and Crazy acupuncture (that Xu Fang ended up falling to), give the one offering such method one harsh "The Reason You Suck" Speech and then expelled him. When said offerer returned as an assassin that also brainwashed Xu Fang to exact vengeance, the Emperor revealed another thing: He only expelled the assassin if only so he could learn from his mistake and do better in his second chance rather than executing him on spot, but obviously the assassin squandered it.
  • Damsel in Distress: There are several in this manga:
    • Chinmi's first meeting with Yan culminates in saving her from a loan shark threatening to sell her (and having taken her away after burning her house). The problem is that the loan shark has a hitman who knows how to hit the Pressure Point, serving as Chinmi's obstacle. It's taken care of when the loan shark presses Chinmi's own Berserk Button.
    • Next, Chinmi's big sister, Mei Lin, gets kidnapped by the Black Flame/Koku En gang. Already knowing the Black Flame's massive cruelty, Chinmi goes to save his sister. He succeeds, but that just incurs the wrath of the leaders of the Black Flame, which puts Chinmi in a near-death situation.
      • In the anime adaptation, Mei Lin instead gets kidnapped by the very first enemy of the series, the Zougan/Rockhead Brothers. While they also appear in the manga, they do not do any kidnapping.
    • During the Tournament Arc, the assassin group kidnaps Renka to force Chinmi to lose against a Brainwashed and Crazy Xu Fang, thus making way for them to assassinate the Emperor. Obviously, Chinmi can't mount the rescue, but thankfully, Dan Dan overhears this and volunteers to rescue her in his stead. He succeeds.
    • The plot of Legends kickstarts when Princess Mito is kidnapped by bandits. Though Chinmi and Gundi try to rescue her, things get complicated from there on.
  • Dangerous Forbidden Technique: The Thunder God strike. By poking certain pressure points of one's own body, one could concentrate their own ki into their palms, and then in a short time, the user must strike the enemy with palm strikes on the forehead, chest (both in the same time) and then neck, and said ki would utterly obliterate the target, death is assured at that point. After a younger You Sen used it, causing the brutal deaths of many, he was so horrified at the result that the Dairin Temple decided to forbid the technique to be taught and You Sen just stuck with Tsuuhaiken as his Signature Move for teaching. Thus far, Chinmi was only forced to use this twice, against Oudow and Boru, which went against his and the temple's Thou Shalt Not Kill policy so he usually used it only as a true final resort. Thankfully for him, both of them are powerful enough to even survive that.
  • Deceptive Disciple: Oudow used to be You Sen's apprentice.
  • Defeat Means Friendship: Defeating an enemy may result the enemy pulling a Heel–Face Turn and be on a better standing with Chinmi.
    • Wong antagonizes the Dai Rin temple with the reasoning that Ryuukai murdered his little brother. After it's revealed that it's all one big misunderstanding, he apologizes for his actions. His next (and last) appearance is saving Chinmi from being sliced by one of the Black Flame brothers.
    • The brothers Sai and Soushin of the Iron Palm Kung Fu antagonize Chinmi for making light of their Kung Fu (and in case of Soushin, it's about Chinmi beating his brother). Once Chinmi beat them, Soushin encourages Sai to take their defeats in grace, and they leave on friendly terms with Chinmi.
    • After beating Bi Kei, Chinmi manages to persuade him to train in Dai Rin temple from scratch.
    • Chinmi spares the sadistic martial artist Giou after a brutal battle. The next day, Giou bows his head to apologize for his sadistic attitude and wanders off to learn martial arts with compassion from scratch.
    • After being struck with Thunder God and surviving (and being healed by the high priest), Oudow has a dream of Master Yousen telling him that his lecture about 'sharp sword needing hilt' is true after all. He smiles and agrees with how he is defeated by Chinmi and not outright killed afterwards. He leaves in peace, tidying his room as a sign of his redemption.
  • Determinator: It defines Chinmi, of course, and sometimes he has to learn from nature about it, like that one time he witnessed a cat with crazy determination chasing a mouse and ignoring everything that came between it and the mouse (like tree branches) and succeeding because of that.
  • Distressed Dude:
    • During one of his wanderings, Chinmi has to save Shijun, a young boy with no fighting capabilities whatsoever, from the Hizou brothers, who just snatched him as an extra incentive to make sure his parents give them money.
    • Master Soshu during the Tournament Arc. He was inflicted with poisoned acupuncture and kidnapped after his student Xu Fang was Brainwashed and Crazy.
  • Dramatically Missing the Point: Wong attacks and poisoned Ryuukai with his Venom Fist because he thought Ryuukai murdered his little brother in a spar. After Wong is beaten by Chinmi later, the High Priest explained that his little brother died because of heart attack despite Ryuukai telling him that they should call it a day for his sake. After a brief My God, What Have I Done? moment, thankfully for Wong, Ryuukai survived the Venom Fist and they make amends.
  • Drunken Master: Master You Sen, initially Played for Laughs until Oudow arc reveals that he became a drunken wreck after he's traumatized for using Thunder God Strike to kill his enemies when he was a young man.
  • Dystopia Justifies the Means: Ka Nan under Jirai is a horrific state, where people live in fear of opposing Jirai's rule or else they will be sent to slave labor. Jirai makes it clear that he wants to keep the people under control with fear and distrust, which is why he creates a lot of oppressive rules against the freedom of speech and the 'secret information' system (those who can give good information for the government will be spared). And why does he want to do this? He just wants more slaves to work at his cannon-manufacturing factory so he can smuggle them to other nations and get more money.
  • Eagleland: During the You Sen arc, Chinmi tends to find crude, boorish American sailors who bully the Chinese townspeople just because they're more physically intimidating (Type 2). Both Chinmi and You Sen usually send them packing. It culminates with one particular sailor named Dick Stainer, who also doubles as a boxer, who wants to challenge a Chinese martial artist against his boxing skills (Chinmi gets picked). Stainer proves to be a mix of the two types: While he never chides his fellow Americans for their bullying behavior and silently also looks down on the Chinese, he never actually participates in said bullying, is pretty affable and proves to be a Graceful Loser.
  • Early-Installment Weirdness: The first few chapters are distinctively much more fantastic, compared to the more realistic later ones.
  • Everyone Calls Him "Barkeep": The old man who recruited Chinmi into Dai Rin is just referred as 'Old Man'. Other examples include Dai Rin's High Priest and Emperor of China.
  • Extremity Extremist: Dan Dan and also Bi Kei for feet. For fists, Dick Stainer.
  • Facepalm of Doom: The insta-kill technique for Shockwave Kung Fu involves hitting the opponent in the head with either twin palm-claps or a thrust to the face, allowing the ki waves to pulp the victim's brain. When Chinmi faces off against the master of this style, said master reveals he intends to execute Chinmi in this manner.
  • Frontline General: General Ourin during the Battle of Nazil.
  • Godzilla Threshold:
    • Dan Dan usually held to his Extremity Extremist methods, but in both cases in the tournament arc, he's cornered enough that he decided to use anything else other than his legs, headbutting the fan-favorite champion Bumei and securing his place to the finals of the Weaponless block, and using both arms against Chinmi and became so desperate in victory that he decided to use an attack that would destroy his legs and destroying his capabilities to use his particular kung fu anymore (thankfully, Chinmi prevents that by knocking him out with Tsuuhaiken before the destructive hit lands).
    • Thunder God is Chinmi's own Godzilla Threshold. He'll try to not kill his opponent directly, but if the enemy is too strong and he's really short on time, then he's forced to use it.
  • Gonk: Bi Kei has a frog-like unattractive face, which got him bullied and isolated by children or martial arts schools alike. Because of that, he self-trained himself and created the Frog Kung-Fu (basically taking a crawling position like a frog and uses razor sharp feet to slice the opponent's leg artery and rendered them unable to walk) and took a harmless job of a ferry boat driver until he encounters someone who is a martial artist and/or insults his face. When that happens, when that person got off his boat, Bi Kei ambushes that person and then cut off their artery.
  • Hammerspace: At one point during Journey arc while thinking how to fight a dangerous armed opponent, Chinmi suddenly reveals he's been carrying his staff all this time despite the previous chapters never showed him carrying it, and neither do the next chapters.
  • Handicapped Badass: Chinmi's rod teacher is blind... but still very badass.
  • Healing Hands: The Dai Rin High Priest knows healing techniques by using his hands. He uses it on Oudow so Chinmi can avoid violating the Thou Shalt Not Kill rule.
  • Hopeless Suitor: Renka, General Ourin's daughter, during the Tournament Arc. She becomes smitten with Chinmi and went to great lengths to see him again, including sneaking behind her father's entourage to go to Dairin Temple. Initially she was jealous of Yan's relationship with Chinmi, but changed her attitude as she witnessed their bond during a flood disaster, and she went on to become Chinmi's unofficial biographer.
  • Impaled Palm:
    • To defeat the master of Shockwave Kung Fu, Chinmi puts himself through impromptu Training from Hell whilst awaiting his execution. When the rogue martial artist goes in for his brain-mulching clap to Chinmi's skull, Chinmi impales both of his opponent's palms with his fingers, crippling his ability to use his martial art.
    • Boru could have killed Hojun earlier by impaling her neck from behind. He fails because Hojun instinctively puts her sword pointing backwards and impales Boru's palm instead. Not that it stops Boru, but that certainly lets Hojun live longer and finish her mission.
  • Imperial China: The story takes place in Imperial China, with culture, society, and conflicts generally known in this setting.
  • Joke Character: Shin Tekken Chinmi introduces Pushin, a hapless Boisterous Weakling who learns sword dancing skills only for show instead of martial arts and generally hopeless in just about anything despite boasting that he is a great swordsman, even the Ka Nan soldiers nicknamed him 'Cuttlefish Warrior' due to his silly mustache looking like a cuttlefish. Eventually, this slowly gets subverted, the situation in Ka Nan reaches Godzilla Threshold that the Tagalong Kid decided to ask Pushin for sword instructions for self defense, and even he makes use of his situation for the advantage of the good guys (despite him mentally screaming that he's so screwed).
  • The Juggernaut: Oudou and General Boru from the original and Shin, respectively. Not only both are Lightning Bruiser without equal, but they are also master of Ki techniques with devastating capacity. They are among Chinmi's toughest opponents if not the toughest, and in both times Chinmi has to resort to Thunder God Fist. And even they survived that (Granted, Oudow ended up having to lay down for awhile before waking up and leaving after a Heel Realization because of it)
  • Loyal Animal Companion: Chinmi's pet monkey, Goku.
  • Ki Manipulation: Ki techniques are one of the more advanced fields of martial arts in this series, reaching into the lower tiers of Supernatural Martial Arts. There are no Kamehame Hadoken attacks in Tekken Chinmi, but skilled users of ki can achieve superhuman physical feats.
    • One of the most obvious examples is the Shockwave Kung Fu style, where the user uses palm thrusts and claps to send ricocheting waves of ki into the opponent's body, which inflict internal damage whilst leaving the skin seemingly unharmed. To demonstrate its power, its practitioner pulls a stunt with a watermelon; tossing it into the air, and then catching it between his two clapping palms. Chinmi initially scoffs that the melon is completely unmarred, before the Shockwave Kung Fu practitioner cuts it open and reveals the interior has been reduced to liquid slurry. During their fight, his palm thrusts leave Chinmi writhing in pain and spitting blood, and his plan is to execute Chinmi by clapping his head in the same way he did the melon, with Chinmi having a mental image of blood gushing from his eyes, ears, nose and mouth.
  • Martial Arts Staff: Chinmi's weapon of choice, and fittingly as this is a martial arts-based manga. His teacher in staff-fighting, Riki, is equally powerful with bo staff. And his Friendly Rival Xu Fang is even deadlier with it.
  • No Historical Figures Were Harmed: The Wind Wolves army of horsemen is based on the nomadic Mongolian and Manchurian tribes.
  • One-Hit Kill: This (or rather, One-Hit KO due to Thou Shalt Not Kill policy) is one of You Sen's most important teachings that dominates most of Chinmi's battles before the Oudow arc (because he's too badass to handle in one hit). If the enemies become too powerful, then the lesson can be subverted. He spent a good earlier part of Tournament Arc with Tsuuhaiken until he met a Worthy Opponent in the quarter final where said opponent cancelled Chinmi's Tsuuhaiken mid-way through. (Hitting the wrong weak spot while guessing where it is doesn't really count to the rule, when fighting Bi Kei, Chinmi hit him on the head once and he's unaffected, so Chinmi deduced that head isn't the place to strike for the finisher.)
  • Outlaw Town: The premise of the first arc in Legends. The leader of the town revealed the town's more benevolent motive.
    Please don't go too hard on us. This place exists to protect those who have lost their place in society.
  • Pirate: The Sea Dragon Vessel, consisting of brothers Genba, Genyo and Genkei. Squarely of the "Marauding Brutes" type, they attack and plunder any ships that travel during a storm. They choose stormy weathers as the time to strike because they excel in the Sprawling Wave Kung Fu, which takes advantage of the windy weather making the ships shake and disorienting their foes while they know how to maneuver that (by mostly sitting down on the ship, rolling and attacking with kicks and using submission holds).
  • Poisonous Person: Downplayed with the 'Poison Fist' style, where the practitioners repeatedly punch into sand mixed with a cocktail of venom for hours and hours, stopping every so often to soak that specific hand in a special antidote. At the end of the training, the poison has impregnated the practitioner's skin, allowing them to deliver venom with their touch; even when wrapped in bandages, their touch can make a victim weak and sickly, and being stabbed or cut with a naked "blade hand" strike is almost certain death.
  • Pragmatic Villainy: Oudow orders the Dai Rin temple to take bulls from the local villages as tributes to him. But in truth, he does not use those bulls for personal gains. Their purpose is just to feed his tigers because if he is not keeping the tigers in check, they'll instead attack humans. It comes to the territority if he's about to showcase his way of life.
  • Pressure Point: Chinmi's first 'really serious' opponent is against a hitman who pokes a pressure point to paralyze the surrounding area of the body that got poked. Eventually Chinmi learns around it by hardening his muscle that his pressure points are more resistant, but then he uses both hands to poke, doubling the Pressure Point effects. Unfortunately for him, someone pressed Chinmi's Berserk Button afterwards that he started to No-Sell the pokes with sheer anger.
  • Psycho for Hire: Soubi.
  • Really Royalty Reveal: Hojun at first appears to be a typical female rebel. However, it is quickly revealed that her true identity is Princess Lee, the youngest daughter of the previous king of Ka Nan, who was away mingling with the commonfolk without revealing her identity to better understand them when the rest of her family was murdered by Boru under Jirai's orders.
  • Redemption Demotion: Once Bi Kei becomes a Dai Rin disciple, he stops using his Absurdly Sharp Feet again. He still remembers his Frog Kung-Fu, but he just refrains himself from using it.
  • Sad Clown: Master You Sen was introduced as an alcoholic and eccentric Old Master. But he also literally lives alone in his abandoned and absurdly dirty temple, and several chapters later (after he died) reveal his Dark and Troubled Past where he, as a young man, was traumatized after using Thunder God Strike to kill his enemies.
  • Schoolyard Bully All Grown Up: When Oudow studied in Dai Rin many years before the main story, he was The Bully to Ryukai and many younger students. When he returns, he's become much stronger than any of them, effortlessly beat them down, and scared the rest.
  • Secret Test of Character: Many of Chinmi's martial arts teachers have given him one of these throughout the series. Ryukai, the High Priest, and especially Master You Sen.
  • Shadow Archetype: Oudow was what Chinmi could've become if he wasn't kind-hearted. When Oudow was younger, he studied under Master You Sen who only gave him menial tasks (the same ones You Sen would give to Chinmi until he actually started teaching him) and never really taught him anything. Why? Because Oudow has evil heart and is too arrogant and impatient to learn anything from You Sen. Eventually Oudow mastered Tsuuhaiken by himself without You Sen ever taught him that, left for a lone journey, and eventually returns to Dai Rin as dreaded villain who menaces everyone in the temple.
  • Sink or Swim Mentor: In the second volume, when Chinmi learned under a mountain hermit, he fell into a pit filled with nothing but a horde of venomous snakes. The hermit refused to even give him a hand and just told Chinmi to escape with what he has learned so far. Chinmi ended up being able to get away with it by finally using what was learned: meditating, emptying his mind and diminishing his presence so the snakes just thought of him as a lifeless rock, slithers around him just for sightseeing and then left him alone.
  • Snakes Are Sinister: Snakes are often used as animalistic antagonist. It's noted that there's no one in the manga who ever took a "Snake Kung-Fu" style (even if it's actually a pretty common real life Chinese martial arts style):
    • Right in the 2nd volume, Chinmi falls into a ravine filled with venomous snakes ready to bite him to death for trespassing by accident. Chinmi avoids the gruesome fate by meditating and fooling the whole horde of snakes into thinking that he's just a lump of inanimate rock.
    • You Sen took Chinmi to witness a Snake Versus Mongoose scenario to teach him a lesson. However, this part is downplayed: While the snake is just playing its part in the cycle of nature or the show, it's meant to be the antagonistic loser to the mongoose.
    • In the beginning of Shin Tekken Chinmi, Chinmi avoids being bitten by a snake sent by an assassin while bathing. He ends up cooking it for food on Pushin's suggestion, since if spared, there's no telling if the snake will attack anyone else.
  • Snake Versus Mongoose: As part of his 'training' (especially the One-Hit Kill part), You Sen took Chinmi to witness a fight between a snake and a mongoose. The snake made several attacks and missed all of them, but the one time the mongoose attacks, it hits right on the head (after baiting the snake to attack and dodging it), doesn't let go, and kills the snake in one decisive strike.
  • Sugar-and-Ice Personality: Hojun was really cold, stiff and serious on her whole arc. Once it ends, however, she had one Humanizing Tears moment which shows her gratitude, releasing her pressured emotion.
  • Thou Shalt Not Kill: The principles of Dairin temple, although it mostly boils down to 'Thou Shalt Not Directly Kill', because during his journey after You Sen's death, Chinmi ran into some bad guys evil enough that he couldn't let them live, but for the most part, he always managed to execute indirect killing methods (such as throwing back their weapons at them, deliver an attack that makes them stagger and fall off to a cliff). Techniques like Thunder God Fist, however, means a direct instant death (unless the recipient was too strong that they just barely survived), which was why Chinmi fell into Heroic BSoD after his first time.
  • Trickster Mentor: Master You Sen. To wit:
    "Chinmi, go buy wine."
    proceeds to knock Chinmi out in the middle of darkness of night
    When Chinmi came back battered- "Oh, I was the one who beat you up. *After a What the Hell, Hero?* Lesson One: Detect your enemies even when you cannot see!"
  • The Un-Favourite: Gunte, one of Chinmi's students, was this to his parents and older brothers. Only his younger sister actually cares about him at all.
  • Walking the Earth: After Master You Sen's death, Chinmi travels around the country until he received the news that the High Priest fell ill.
  • The Worf Effect: Seems to be the reason why Ryuukai (Chinmi's first teacher) exists. After his debut and teaching Chinmi about the closest thing you can get for Made of Iron, he proceeds to get owned by Wong (an one-arc villain), then by Oudow. Afterwards, he's just relegated to lead Dai Rin fighters to own Mooks.
  • World of Buxom: From Shin Tekken Chinmi onto Tekken Chinmi Legends, female characters are drawn with considerable bust.
  • You Are Already Dead: Downplayed with the Shockwave Kung Fu style. When hit on actual human being (like Chinmi), the effect does not take place immediately, allowing Chinmi to cockily taunt that the attack has no effect. He is Instantly Proven Wrong when said shockwave already ricochets within his body, causing great damage. It doesn't kill him, but it's seriously painful. However, the watermelon that got clapped from both sides with two hands will result surefire death (after a few seconds of nothing).