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Manga / Strings Dolls

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Shirou is a normal teenager until he and his wheel chair bound sister (Koyori) get their hands on Strings Dolls note  a mysterious tablet game, that allows you to control a person's body. At fist they just use it for slight mischief until they discover they can use it to make Koyori walk again. A few days later Shirou takes Koyori on to a boat to celebrate. The day seems perfect until Shirou notices a man trying to kill himself, The Strings Dolls won't work on this man either, so Shirou grabs him and pulls him off the ledge only to find out he wasn't in control of his body. He looks back to see his sister plummeting off the edge and into the water's below, she is rushed to the hospital unconscious. A few days later he discovers a mysterious person named Miyavi is behind his sister's current state and he swears to hunt him down and kill him.