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No ordinary manga

Short Cuts is a manga series by Usamaru Furuya about random events occurring in the day to day activities in this ordinary high school. The manga typically follows a Gag per day formula with most jokes being a page or two long. The jokes range from Black Comedy to Sex Comedy and everything in-between. The manga was published shortly in Young Sunday Magazine but was taken out shortly after. Currently, only two volumes have been released.

See Cromartie High School or The Ping-Pong Club for a similar series.

Definitely not for kids.


This Manga provides examples of:

  • All Men Are Perverts: Provided with some Panty Shots.
    • Subverted in one strip, where a creepy-looking man asks a girl out, and when she refuses, seems to be stalking her... until suddenly he begs her to leave him alone.
  • Genki Girl: Played with in the strips involving Cutie Miyuki, the cutest assassin you'll never see coming. Also, she's the daughter of Golgo 13.
  • Gyaru Girl: An entire village of women embracing the Kogal lifestyle. Even the grannies.
  • Make Way for the Princess: The Princess complains when the girls don't talk about useless subjects for at least 2 hours.


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