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Niibanme no Alpha (2番目のα, translated as "The Second Alpha") is an Omegaverse Yaoi manga by Yofune Shibue.

Morita is an Alpha man who, when getting to his new job, meets Matsumoto, a senior employee charged with picking him up. Morita immediately realizes that Matsumoto is an omega and his fated pair, but despite being sure of it, Matsumoto refuses Morita's advances, and it seems he is already taken.

The manga was released in 2019 on the magazine Be x Boy Omegaverse, from Libre Publisher.



  • Entertainingly Wrong: Seeing as Matsumoto is still wearing a wedding band in his finger, Morita assumes he is married. However, because of Matsumoto's melancholic disposition and how he often eats convenience store food rather than having home cooked meals, he assumes Matsumoto's partner is either abusive or neglectful. Near the end it is revealed that his former husband is dead, and Matsumoto has simply not moved on.
    • When Morita first goes to Matsumoto's place, he meets a short girl there. He immediately assumes she is his partner, when she is actually his sister.
  • Mr. Seahorse: As standard of Omegaverse fiction, male omegas can become pregnant. An epilogue shows that Matsumoto and Morita has a kid together.
  • Second Love: Matsumoto is already in a relationship with someone he seems to think highly of. His husband, as it turns out, died from an illness a while before the story. He eventually moves on with Morita.
  • Romancing the Widow: Matsumoto was married and bonded to another man named Haruma and never exactly moved on from it. Morita assumes Matsumoto is actually in an abusive relationship, and doesn't really realizes this up until later. The two still eventually end up together.


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