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Manga / Negative-kun to Positive-kun

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Jun Fujiwara is a grumpy, overly pessimistic worrywart. Shin Tachibana is a carefree, cheerful ball of unflappable optimism. The two aren't just unlikely friends—they're a couple.

Negative-kun to Postive-kun is a light-hearted look into Jun and Shin's lives together. The tone is mellow, the hardships never too tough to bear, and heartwarming moments abound.

Negative-kun to Postive-kun provides examples of:

  • Cuddle Bug: Shin loves to hug Jun, and Jun loves being hugged by Shin.
  • Incompatible Orientation: Sort of—a girl named Hatoko has a crush on Shin, who's implied to be bisexual and thus could hypothetically be attracted to her...if he wasn't so completely in love with Jun.
  • Innocently Insensitive: A bit of an issue with Shin—in the very first chapter he mistakenly believes that Hatoko is interested in Jun and rather disturbingly cheerfully asks Jun if he'd be into it. Jun is quick to remind Shin that they're boyfriends and that he's not interested in dating someone else instead.
  • Oblivious to Love: Shin's not aware of Hatoko's crush on him. In the very first chapter, he seems to mistake her for being in love with Jun (though she does agree with Shin on Jun's attractive qualities, he's not the one she likes), and being ever the optimist, Shin asks Jun if he'd be up for it. Jun is somewhat rightfully offended, and Shin immediately realizes that he messed up.
    Jun: You idiot! Why would I want her when I already have you?
  • Shipper on Deck: Shin and Jun's relationship is common knowledge among their classmates and everyone seems to either love it or just let them be. Very few people seem to disapprove.
  • Sickeningly Sweethearts: Even with Jun's pessimism, he and Shin are definitely this. And it's adorable.
  • Wham Line: Well, it's attempted—the fact that Jun and Shin are boyfriends is already kind of obvious from the get-go, and there's a sort of prologue omake that has Shin casually tell Jun that he loves him, but the first chapter still seems to be trying to surprise us with a line towards the end—and to their credit, without that omake, the nature of Shin and Jun's relationship isn't immediately obvious...
    Jun: (after Shin ponders the idea of Jun dating Hatoko) You idiot! Why would I want her when I already have you?