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The time: 201X. In the peaceful Hinomoto kingdom, three rookie military officers, Haru, Natsuki and Touma are assigned a very special mission: Protect Princess Amano Terrass! Of course, this is an extremely cushy gig, since Princess Amano hasn't left her room in years!

Of course, Haru can't get over the idea that a real life princess is right past that door... And can't leave well enough alone. He finally gets inside her Fort Knox style room, only to discover the horrible, horrible truth: Princess Terrass is a total Otaku Hikikomori!

What follows is a slapstick combat scene across the entire castle (while equipped with a AK-47... on a Segway... With a Katana backup...), the first time anyone's seen Amano in years — the oldest butler at the castle has to be the one who confirms it. She quickly freaks out and runs back to her room, but the damage is done: The Queen and King found out, and are very interested in how some clueless bodyguard could get their princess to leave her shell, however briefly...

NEET Princess Terrass (Jitaku Keibi-hime Terrass) is the second manga series by Shimomura Tomohiro. The original series, Amanoiwato Hime, a reference to Amano-Iwato, where Amateratsu locked herself in a cave, was renamed after its 6 chapter pilot was picked up (under the title NEET Princess Terrass). The manga ran in Gangan Joker from August to December 2009.

Provides examples of:

  • An Offer You Can't Refuse: The queen gives this kind of offer to Haru: He'll be Princess Amano's personal bodyguard, and find some way to turn her into the kind of trope filled fantasy princess he has in mind — but if he ever leaves her side, she'll kill him.
  • Berserk Button: Do not make fun of the fact that Princess Amano has no friends.
  • The Bus Came Back: Natsuki and Touma returns after Haru uses them to get the princess to be social with others.
  • Demoted to Extra: When the series was revamped as NEET Princess and the author found his stride, Natsuki and Touma basically vanished — they are still standing outside the door, protecting the princess, but since Haru is basically stuck living with her and the story now revolves around their interactions.
  • Hikikomori: Princess Amano. Played for laughs due to the absurdity of her also being, on paper, royalty, but some elements of it are played straight. She is reduced to panic attacks in crowds (which is not helped by the fact that when anyone notices her they crowd and stampede, due to her being famous for never leaving her room), has a ton of geeky interests, no real concept of hygiene, etc.
  • Laser-Guided Amnesia: Haru decides to help Amano clean her room, due to it being a festering pit of half finished projects and geeky toys. Every time Haru finds something embarrassing — a how-to guide on writing short stories, a video game where she had put his name in as a character/love interest, a photo of her as a beautiful student, her collection of half-finished short stories — she smacks him upside the head with a spear, causing him to forget.
  • Laser-Guided Karma: Amano flat out throws Haru out of her room, just in time for an Earthquake to bury her in the remnants of her bed and tons of boxes. Cue Haru blackmailing her into letting him stay...
  • Old Shame: Amano constantly blocks Haru from making any effort in cleaning her room, until he finally gets it done despite her. She then promptly passes out in the middle of everyone to let him dispose of her destroyed bed. Then, after she wakes up, she remembers her old short stories she hid under there...
  • Right Behind Me: Princess Amano accidentally confesses to having Haru try to steal Lt. Commander Juugoya's panties... just in time for the Lt. Commander to be listening with a really big gun.
  • Tsundere: Princess Amano, in spades. Observe Chapter 2, when it's revealed that she has named a video game character — presumably, she plays RPGs or dating sims, naming a character after someone in either game type being a common hint at geeky attraction — after Haru; followed up in Chapter 3 when she thanks him... via a text file... for helping her go downstairs for medicine. Then decides to break him in half cause she's embarrassed that she thanked him.
  • Wrong Genre Savvy: Haru is an absolute master of Princess tropes. Unfortunately, the Princess is... not.