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Manga / Mato Seihei No Slave

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From Left to Right Yuuki Wakura, Kyouka Uzen, Nei Ookamura, Himari Azuma, Shushu Suruga.
In 2020, "gender equality" no longer exists. After super-powered beasts from an alternate dimension, Mato, began flooding into the world, killing all they come across, the only counter-measure, "Peaches" which can only be utilized by women, gain their own super-powers, and take to the fight on the front lines. As a result, men become second class citizens. The story begins with Yuuki Wakura finding himself being dragged into Mato, and being rescued by Kyouka Uzen, at the price of literally becoming her slave.

Associated tropes.

  • 20 Minutes into the Future: Or Next Sunday A.D., depending on who you ask. The story takes place in an alternate Earth in the year 2020, with the series debuting in the year 2019. The only real difference between the story and the modern day is the inclusion of the Mato pocket dimension, and all that comes out of it. note 
  • Aluminum Christmas Trees: Tokyo metros are indeed as crowded as shown, and there are "women's only" cabs, which tend to be far less crowded, but it's not because of gender discrimination.
  • Always Chaotic Evil: At best, the natives of Mato are mindless beasts.
  • Amazon Brigade: Since women are the only ones who can gain the super-powers needed to defend the Earth from Mato, the soldiers are organized this way, by default.
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  • Applied Phlebotinum: "Peaches" harvested from the wasteland known as Mato are the source of the super-powers that the Amazon Brigade armies use to fight back.
  • Battle Harem: Yuuki is the caretaker to the troops under Kyouka. Each and every one of them is a One-Woman Army.
  • Be Careful What You Wish For: Yuuki wished for not only an exciting life but to be popular with women. He winds up in Mato, surrounded by monsters, and the price of being rescued is becoming Kyouka's literal slave, and then winding up at the HQ of her Amazon Brigade, as their caretaker. Yeah, he's popular with them, alright, because they work him to the bone making him do the household chores.
  • Blessed with Suck: Both Kyouka and Himari apply. Kyouka's power requires her to "enslave" a surrogate, and then "reward" said slave based on what she sees as the fruit of its efforts. Himari's power is copying the super-powers of others, including all the downsides. The more compatible with her, the better. She's most compatible with Kyouka.
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  • Casual Kink: Yuuki isn't just a Kyouka's slave in the fact that he has to follow her orders, but he's also her "slave" in the BDSM manner.
  • Crapsack World: Both in Mato and on Earth. On Earth, there is no such thing as "gender equality," with men having to cater to the whims of women, without question, and gates to Mato being in fixed locations, and still showing up in random places without warning, mindless, murderous beasts swarming out. Mato, not only is the place swarming with mindless beasts, the land is all but entirely uninhabitable, and the forward bases have to have all their supplies shipped in from Earth through the mentioned gates, a magical barrier required just to exist.
  • Cursed with Awesome: Yuuki... Yes, he's enslaved in chapter 1, but he's surrounded by a very attractive Battle Harem, which "rewards" his efforts on their behalf with all sorts of erotic acts, and all of them genuinely treasure his very talented House Husband status.
  • Eldritch Location: Mato. An alternate pocket dimension the size of Tokyo, even broken into eight districts. Shuuki spawn out of the ground at random intervals. The landscape is filled with all sorts of Alien Geometries. The rocks can produce "peaches" that give women super-powers, but won't affect men, and there's usually no sun, moon, stars or skyline to speak of, the cover page as seen in the page image is one of the rare exceptions. The only reason humans can inhabit the place at all, is that the air is breathable, and plants can grow in a shelter behind a magic barrier. There is also no mention of how there's a light source that allows people to see anything.
  • Evil Evolves: The shuuki menace used to be just a swarm of mindless beasts that could be dealt with by using a bit of ingenuity and sufficient firepower. As of chapter 6, there's now "humanoid shuuki" that can use reason, strategies, and tactics, and are immensely powerful to boot.
  • Gender-Restricted Ability: Only women can consume Mato "peaches" which is what gives them the super-power(s) they need to fight off the monsters threatening Earth.
  • Happiness in Slavery: A unique mix of all four types. Yuuki is simultaneously a beloved servant, cringing boot-licker, literally licking Kyouka's boots on occasion, and his fate is clearly the lesser evil. Lastly, since men are seen as second-class citizens already, his fate as Kyouka's slave is frequently an improvement over his previous life.
  • Power at a Price: Kyouka's ability works like this in both directions. Her "slave" gains enormous power and ability, in exchange for having to follow her will, without question. In exchange, Kyouka must reward her slave, based on his efforts and performance, in an equivalent manner, based on said slave's inherent desires. She's clearly not amused to "reward" Yuuki with erotic acts.
  • Super Power Lottery: Women can only eat one Mato "peach" and nobody knows what power she's going to get until she eats it.
  • With Great Power Comes Great Insanity: The more power one gets from Mato, the crazier she is. In about the mid-half, Yuuki encounters a woman who somehow ate three "peaches" and she's entirely psychotic.
  • World of Action Girls: Since a Mato disaster can occur anywhere on the planet, and only women can eat the Mato peaches to get super-powers, this is the inevitable result.

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