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Magikano is a manga series by Takeaki Momose, which was later adapted into an anime series directed by Seiji Kishi and written by Hideki Mitsui.

The story centers on Ayumi Mamiya, a witch cursed to lose her powers, and Haruo Yoshikawa, an apparently Ordinary High-School Student whose three sisters (Maika, Chiaki, & Fuyuno) are witches who use their magical powers to keep him protected and ignorant about the existence of magic. Now Ayumi must wake up Haruo's latent powers to save herself, but his sisters have other ideas.

Their classmates include Hajime Hario and Sora Fujiwara, male members of the "Supernatural Science Club" that seems more interested in selling dubious products; as well as Yuri Kurosu, the student council president. Marin Nijihara (a catholic witch-hunter) and Rika Anju (a meido to the Yoshikawa household) show up later.


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