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Manga / Koishi Tagari no Blue

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Fifteen-year-old Ao Mizushima has always made the wrong choices. On her first day of high school, she decides to change things but ends up getting lost on her way to school and literally stumbles into a boy named Riku Hariya. He had just gotten into a fight with a friend, and when Ao comforts him, he asks her to be his fake girlfriend.

Ao refuses and runs off to school, where she sees a girl sitting by herself in her homeroom. Her name is Kiyono Soratani, and a girl wards Ao from befriending her, as rumors go that Kiyono snatches boyfriends. Ao befriends Kyono anyway and learns that Kyono was confessed to by a guy who already had a girlfriend and rejected him—thus starting the rumors that it was her who made a move on someone else's boyfriend.

Ao then meets Kai Midou, a popular boy in her class, who is the "friend" that Riku has been fighting with. Riku explains to Ao that Kai accidentally saw a photo of Riku, Kai, and Kai's girlfriend and assumed Riku likes Kai's girlfriend, and he broke up with said girlfriend shortly after. Riku wants to make amends and the only way he can think of doing so is by showing that he already has a "girlfriend"—aka Aoi. Aoi then decides to pretend to be Riku's girlfriend in order to help him fix his friendship with Kai.


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