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Manga / Kimochi no Katachi

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Satsuki is a young girl who is trying to deny who she as well as the fact that the she's crushing on her fellow schoolgirl and sempai, Kano. Kano, her sempai is oblivious to Satsuki's feelings as well as her own towards Kano. Mana, Satsuki's best friend keeps trying to get Satsuki to realize her feelings for Kano and to start acting on them. Things start getting a bit complicated when the school's hunk, Kishi starts to date Kano. How will these layers of affections and self-denial ultimately end up?

Kimocho no Kana is a series of Yuri Genre manga stories that was originally a series of doujinshi from the Sakuraike group but eventually ended up being published into a pair of manga volumes. The stories are idealistic but very real characterization is inserted throughout the series.


This manga contains examples of:

  • Indirect Kiss: Mentioned with regards to the borrowed cell phone.


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