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Manga / Kaji Ryuusuke No Gi

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Ryuuske Kaiji: A politician seeking benefits of a mere region is not the way for politicians... I have no intention to be elected if I have to lie to earn their trust.

Kaji Ryuusuke No Gi (Ryuuske Kaji's Agenda) is a manga series by Naoki Inose. It's one of the few examples of a Government Procedural in Japanese media.

Ryuuske Kaiji is a high-achieving salaryman, whose world is rocked by the sudden death of his father, a powerful government minister, and his brother, the intended successor. They take many secrets to their grave, but before he dies, the brother begs Ryuuske to run for the Diet. Now, the ideal young business leader must learn to navigate the political system and his deeply conservative district of the Diet.


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