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Ingoshima is a 2018 action horror survival manga written by TENKAFEM and illustrated by Tanaka Yoshiki, the story follows second-year students from the Yoshinomiya Municipal High School who embarked on an educational journey but their ship was hit by an unexpected storm and crashed on a strange island. The survivors are trying to understand what happened but are soon attacked by the locals.

Half of them are captured by the islanders and the rest manage to escape. Keita Toudo is one of them, but his childhood friend Aoi Miyahara is one of the kidnapped people, he learns that the islanders have a primitive society and are savages who kill and enslave outsiders. After joining up with other survivors, He is determined to rescue their classmates and escape the island.


Ingoshima contains examples of:

  • Action Girl: Akira. She has managed to survive undetected on the island for 2 years, and has military and survival training.
  • All Men Are Perverts: All island men are creepy perverts, even shipwrecked adults begin to fall into temptation after being constantly exposed to aphrodisiac drugs or choose to copy the behavior of the islanders in order to survive.
  • Hot Teacher: Kobayakawa Sensei.

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