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After a two year break, the Hetalia holiday tradition of an event made for no reason other than for Fanservice resumes. This is the first event to be held since the hiatus in the midst of the Bloodbath of 2011 and still ongoing.

The plot of this event revolves around some of the nation-tans coming together for a Halloween party in a haunted mansion. The theme of this party is "spirits" and everyone who attends is dressed as a spirit that has a famous story from their respective countries. However, all goes wrong as the nations are trapped within this mansion and have to tell ghost stories based on their costumes to please the evil spirit of the mansion.

Memes related to this event can be found here.


This event shows examples of the following tropes

  • Animeland: Australia's research on Japan and the Japanese people involves watching Naruto.
  • Closed Circle: The few nations that are in the house cannot leave due to the door magically (in the literal sense) not opening for anyone who tries to open it from the inside.
  • Continuity Nod:
    • America and England continue their tradition of trying to scare each other.
    • Also, America employing Russia (and Japan) as his counterattack during said tradition.
    England: I never thought he would use the same trick twice, let alone a stronger version of it.
  • Costume Porn: It's Halloween so naturally!
  • A Day in the Limelight:
    • For several characters such as Canada, Ukraine, Liechtenstein, Iceland, Hong Kong, Netherlands, New Zealand, etc.
    • Invoked in series by France, who says "The day where I truly shine has come!"
  • Double Entendre: In the recurring "Italy touches other Nation's chests" omakes, Ukraine's comments come across as suggestive. It doesn't help that Italy's reaction is exactly what you'd expect in that situation.
  • The End of the Thread as we Know it: By page 60 of the 8th party thread for the event, the thread began to centre all comments and everyone freaked. Turns out once again to be a particular member behind the chaos.
    • Guess what happened again in Thread 13?
  • Fairytale Wedding Dress: France's date is wearing one.
  • Fanservice: That's the entire point of the event.
  • Ghost Story: It's vital to the plot that they all tell a ghost story.
  • Heroic BSoD: It's revealed after several (failed) attempts to open the door that Hungary gets more meek if she's overwhelmed.
  • Idiot Ball: Why don't the nations simply wait at the door and stop the next person from entering the house closing it so that they can get out? Because the plot says so.
  • Little Bit Beastly: The characters are this in the chibi mini-plot.
  • Locked Door: A magically "locked" door.
  • Mood Whiplash: There is a haunted mystery going in the main plot, yet between the updates in the omake and scenes such as Denmark bringing a diplomat's family that includes an adorable little girl, it's hard to resist squeeing when we should be anxious for the plot to continue.
    • YMMV but the omake itself went from really sweet and cute to pretty sad quite quickly before becoming happy again.
  • Muggles: France is shown going to the event with a young French actress, while a Danish diplomat and his family are also seen going with the Nordics. If there's any Masquerade going on, it's likely those people are "in the know."
  • Naked Apron: As an apology for not updating for about two or three days, Himaruya posted pictures of various nations wearing these on his blog.
  • Nightmare Fetishist: Apparently, the story behind Hungary's costume is so disturbing that she doesn't tell it right away.
  • One Scene, Two Monologues: Done between Australia and New Zealand, which then has them saying:
    New Zealand: Would you just listen!
    Australia: No, you listen first!
  • Pimped-Out Dress: Some of the female characters are wearing this as for their costumes. Specually noticeable in the case of Belarus.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: It's revealed that one of the ghosts who turns out to be Germania is on the verge of bailing after getting increasingly impatient.
  • Ship Tease: As per usual for events.
    • Romania trying to strip Bulgaria in the middle of the street. Poland then insists on joining in when he sees them.
  • Shout-Out:
    • Bulgaria is seen cosplaying as Eren from Attack on Titan...or at least trying to.
    • The Nyotalia versions of America, Japan and Russia are shown cosplaying as the pin-up girls from Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3.
    • America's imagine spot involving England looks ripped out from South Park.
  • Thousand-Yard Stare: Iceland when everyone is waiting expectantly for him to tell his ghost story.


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