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Manga / Fetus Collection

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A one-shot about women collecting "ghosts" of aborted fetuses and using them as a form of "art."

The woman that has the most aborted fetuses is the most wretched human being.

Fetus Collection contains examples of:

  • Body Horror:
    • When the Fetuses are used as decoration, some of the decorators will add modifications to their fetuses.
    • Also the final panel of the final chapter.
  • Black Comedy: Technically they are unborn babies, but the comedy aspect applies.
  • Exactly What It Says on the Tin
  • Fetus Terrible: Though they are just creepy and not malevolent.
  • I See Dead People: The main character sees "ghosts" of aborted fetuses clinging on their would be mothers' heads. Then she joins a club of women who arranges them into various shapes as a form of art.