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Candy Flurry (アメノフル, Ame no Furu) is a 19 chapter manga series which was serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump from April 18 to September 12, 2021, written by Ippon Takegushi and illustrated by Santa Mitarashi.

Cyndy ToyToy one day sold 100 pieces of limited candy with different flavors, with none having the same flavor. They turned out to give those who consumed one the power to create confections out of thin air who are called "Sweets Users" who none have the same confection. One of those sweets users was a lollipop user who used their power to decimate Tokyo.

It has been five years, ToyToy Candy has since been restricted yet there has been a rise of crime perpetrated by Sweets Users. The "Sweets Police" (Recette) was formed in response to stop them, especially to apprehend the infamous lollipop user.

Tsumugi Minase is a lollipop Sweets User who, on that day Tokyo was decimated, was a witness who saw the culprit lollipop user despite there shouldn't be duplicate powers. Ever since then, she tries to hide her powers and live a normal life least she be falsely accused and arrested. This is the tale of how it all unwraps and she gets into the assortment of the conflict.

Tropes in the series

  • The Conspiracy: Chapter 16 reveals through a flashback that before the decimation of Tokyo, there were Mad Scientists who were Playing with Syringes to create the ToyToy Candies and the Criminal Sweets Users were Unwitting Test Subjects who Escaped from the Lab.
  • Cut Short: The manga was ultimately axed after barely five months of serialization.
  • Evil Counterpart: Amato to Tsumugi, her fellow lollipop user and the culprit who destroyed Tokyo five years before the manga's main story.
  • Fork Fencing: The weapons of Recette Agents are modeled after dinning utensils and are named Cutlery.
  • Power of Creation: All Sweets Users can create their own confection.
  • Power-Up Food: In the series, certain edibles can empower people.
    • The 100 limited ToyToy Candies that began the story turns those who ate them into Sweets Users who can create and control their own confection.
    • The Recette Agents use Confeito which can temporarily enhance their strength. It is said there are at least two types, a generic version for lower ranked agents and another for higher ranked agents.
  • Swiss-Army Superpower: The Sweets Users application of their powers of their individual confection often is this which sometimes borders on Semantic Superpower.
    • A doughnut user can use his powers to restrain others, use doughnuts as wheels and use the expansion properties to grow gigantic in size since it's a fried food sweet that expands when cooked.
    • Lollipop user Tsumugi not only can control the size and shape of the edible candy portion of the lollipop but also can extend and shrink the inedible stick.