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Bone Collection is a manga by Jun Kirarazaka published in Shonen Jump and localized by Viz Media from April 26, 2020. The manga was finished in August of 2020.

Yokai from the Yokai World invade the Human World. It is up to exorcists, humans with special skills, to defend it. Kazami Jinai is one such exorcist but has no talent for traditional methods. His only talent, to use power from yokai, is banned by other exorcists. One day he meets a girl who is a yokai who wishes to be human and would like for him to use his power to do so and she would help him with his exorcisms.


Tropes in the series

  • Another Dimension: The Yokai World is this in relation to the human world.
  • Dangerous Forbidden Technique: The Yokai Spell, a spell that lets exorcists borrow the power of a Yokai, is considered by many exorcists to be this stating that the use of this has the user's soul becomes that of a Yokai and never become human again. It is the only spell Kazami is good at and he tries to use it only in secret inspite of the ban.
  • Heroic Lineage: One of the ways to be an exorcist is to be descended from one of the five exorcist families. Our protagonist Kazami is of the Jinai exorcist family but he is unable to use most spells except one banned.
  • Random Power Ranking: Yokai are given letter rankings. A Kemora would be an E-rank while a Gashadokuro would be a SSS-Rank.
  • Urban Fantasy: The setting of the story is Yokai and exorcists publicly fighting in the modern times.
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  • Yōkai: They are creatures from another world who crossover to the human world.


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